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The Fifth Card By Brian Caswell

The Fifth Card By Brian Caswell

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Product Demo

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Another killer effect from the incredible mind of Brian Caswell. 

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Customer Reviews

Trevor Bell

An excellent trick, I have been using this card trick (the creepy I was inside your head version) for some time now!! A very easy card trick to perform and remember, especially for an amateur like myself!!

Rob Jacks

I absolutely love this trick. The trailer though is a bit misleading. The box is an obvious bicycle card box. The cards however are not. They are of rather poor quality. I expect from Alakazam to use top quality cards like Bicycle or in this case Phoenix cards. The trick is great though and Peter's teaching is fantastic as usual. I am hoping for a re-issue with Phoenix cards.

Tony Quenten

This is one of the most popular effects I regularly perform at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.....probably the most unique place to perform the 5th card.....So easy to perform you concentrate mainly on the performance and story line, which is open to many adaptions.

Dave Braisby

Bought this when it first came out and use it on nearly all my gigs easy to do instant reset and its a worker highly recommended good demo as usual by Peter.

Jørn Hjulstad

A baffling effect with a spooky narrative. Great instructional DVD, as always from Alakazam. Jørn Hjulstad from Norway.

Mike Kent

This is a stunning trick. It completely fooled me, and has slayed everyone I've shown it to. The method and patter are so clever.. you almost want to give the secret away once you've performed it just to demonstrate how clever it is! A real winner and worth every penny.


This is a brilliant routine. The presentation and story is seriously good! The method is really clever. However, I have started to use it with a certain type of Phoenix deck, which I think opens it up that bit more. In conclusion, if you don't own this, why not?? Brilliant - Erm, did I already say that?? :)

Don Hardy

Picked up Fifth card on Saturday at Blackpool, very very impressed. Great routine, instant reset and a real killer with a bit of spookiness thrown in. Caswell does it again. Thanks Alkazam Don Hardy, Macabre Magic

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