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The Gallery By Marc Spelmann

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Please note that The Gallery packaging shows this named as The Memory Game. The design was made to make this seem like a deck that you could purchase from the High Street.

Marc Spelmann is one of the most sought after Mentalists in the UK. A full time working professional that has read minds for a living for more years then he would care to mention.

In 2018 Marc's Britains Got Talent Performance went viral with over 200 million views across all social media platforms!

The Gallery is a utility deck Marc created over 9 years ago and he has used it to slay audiences worldwide.

The Gallery is the perfect tool for any magician or mind reader, allowing you to create interesting presentations and plots.

The Gallery comes with a streaming video which includes Marc’s prized routines and also cherished ideas by some of Marc’s peers who have been lucky enough to work with the Gallery deck the past few years.

Each Gallery comes complete with

Complete custom designed Gallery deck with multiple hidden features

Custom designed Tuck Case

Full instructional streaming videos

*Buy two Gallery decks to open up even more routine possibilities ! 

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Customer Reviews


Alakazam has done it again, what an amazing gallery of magic tricks, 23 seperate video downloads, all with demos, followed by the tutorials, including seperate videos on how to do the slights, and different ways on how to handle the deck, the video production is great, its very easy to follow, very well explained, great camera angels, as the tricks are shot from different angels, great to see all of the Alakazam Team Involved, in the videos, great interaction, which makes this more enjoyable to watch. This is in the top 4 of my of my card magic list.

Phil Macleod

So anyone that I speak to knows how highly I rate Marc's thinking and presentation style. Why I haven't bought this sooner is beyond me... anyway today I purchased it, the cards themselves have not arrived yet but the downloads have more content than many DVD sets ! Its an Alakazam product - so I have no doubt about the quality of the cards. The video set are great. Highly recommend

Alex Marchant

I ordered the gallery on a Friday afternoon, so did not expect the package to arrive before Monday or Tuesday. However there is the tutorials, which are instantly put into your account. I spent Friday and Saturday evenings watching the tutorials and genuinely felt I had, had my monies worth for this trick and I was still yet to receive the cards. This is an unbelievable utility and if you’re already a competent magician this should get your creative juices flowing. Don’t think about any longer just buy it.

Gogo Requiem

What to say about Alakazam's products? Every time they come with something better and better. Until the "Gallery" my favorite effect ever was The Omen(still in my TOP 3). But believe me when I say that the Gallery is something YOU MUST HAVE! First,cause it's not a deck of playing cards Second,cause you have the cleanest OOTW effect,the best Force ever and so much more. I have more than 300 close up effects ready to perform. The first 10 come from Alakazam. They don't want just to sell,they want you to be happy with it's product.

Dean Humpage

Excellent quality brilliant tutorials great to have something differant , p.s try performing routine poker john mendosa with the gallery awesome for the gallery cards .

Giles Saunders

OMG. Just superb! Went to Marc's lecture at the Blackpool convention and was instantly hooked by this. This is the perfect alternative to using a packet of cards. The effects described in the online instructions are brilliant and I am sure there will be many more added. Possibly the best product I bought at the convention.


What can i say , marc spelman and alakazam what a combination! This deck is brilliant. The pictures are beautifully done there is so much you can do with this. Loads of streaming videos you really are getting your moneys worth here. This inspires you to come up with ideas of your own.

Tom Barnes

Love this, couldn't recommend highly enough, so much you can do and so many routines taught. Spelmann is the man!

Franklin Arbisman

The Gallery is without doubt the very best utility device to have come on the magic market for as long as I can remember. I have been a professional mentalist performing full time for over 40 years and I cannot think of anything as useful as this ever. It really has made my head spin with excitement and the amount of time Marc has put into making the videos to go along with the cards is a real credit to him. To sum it up in a few words "Marc Spelmann's Gallery is nothing short of sensational."

Danny Marsh

Seriously shut the front door.....this is simply genius. 30 notes buys you so much magic, so many opportunities, so many different ways of frying peoples brains you could be mistaken for a Dr. Who villian. This is not a trick. This is a powerful utility that you can take in so many different ways to kill people.

Steve Black

JUST SUPERB !!!!!!!! The deck is beautifully produced and the huge amount of effects supplied is unprecedented . Alakazam really do go the extra mile with their own products.The contributors really do represent some of the best creative talent.I only received my deck today but will be using it tonight. One small gripe that did not affect the rating because I was able to solve the issue was the deck I received was bent too much which made the handling more difficult than it need be .It was almost as if the deck had been too tightly wrapped. A very very small gripe !!

Bart Nijs

My head is spinning with ideas. So will yours. The more than 4 hours video explanations only show the tip of the iceberg of what is possible with this product. Use this to read minds, to predict thoughts, for preshow, for coincidence effects, story telling, cold reading, clairvoyance, OOTW, ... I will order a second set of two decks to have one set set up for one effect. The effects explained in the streaming videos are without exception very practical. You WILL use this.

Richard Groom

I have been waiting with baited breath for this little gem to drop through the letterbox. Excellent quality, thinking and video instruction. You can do so much with this deck beyond the excellent effects taught by Spelmann and Nardi or "Spardi" if you will. You can transpose so many classic card tricks for use with The Gallery and instantly give wonders that don't seem like card tricks. Great to have in your pocket just in case you are asked for something a bit special...using photos always adds an element that connects well with a participant as you can hook into memories, emotions and even do a reading...if that is your thing. Great Project Guys!


Don’t hesitate with buying this deck. Just get yourself a couple at least. They are 100% pure brilliant. The downloads of 4 hours’ worth of material are worth the price. Throw in the decks and you have a serious bargain in my opinion. Don’t pass this deck by. I’m sure you’ll regret it. Highly recommended.

Mark Call

JUST CLICK BUY! actually buy TWO - if these ever go out of print you will regret not having a deck stashed away! Marc and Peter have put together PURE BRILLIANCE here - not only are the photos great the deck is beautiful and with OVER 4 hours of routines, the price of the videos alone are worth more than the price of the deck. You WILL use this deck all the time! BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT!! BRILLIANT!!!

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