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The Gentleman Jack Gimmick

The Gentleman Jack Gimmick

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In 2016 Alakazam Magic purchased the rights to a majority of Roy Roth’s (RAR MAGIC) back catalogue. 

The first item from this amazing range to catch our eye was the amazing Gentleman Jack Gimmick. 

The basis of the gimmick is a Himber switching function  but the wallet is cleverly disguised as a standard looking hip pocket wallet (this is the first time we have seen a Himber in this style and we love it!) But not only that The Gentleman Jack also works as an Add A Number Pad and makes for the perfect hideout for your cribs! (so if you are performing a book test, you never need to remember the words. With this cunning device they are always there for you)

The gentleman Jack Gimmick has been expertly crafted in leather and comes complete with a online tutorial video with routines, handlings or tips for using the wallet.

This amazing wallet is truly a step ahead any other Himber Style wallet we have seen.

Also features routines by Alan White directly in to your account as a PDF's.

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Customer Reviews

Leslie Lawrenson

Great wallet. Mine arrived today (4/7/20), and I have been playing around with it, having watched Dave Loosely give his explanatory presentation. I acquired this shortly after getting the Weiser wallet. They are both Himbers, but work differently. The JC works exactly like the Aleph wallet (which I also own), but without a could of the features that the Aleph possesses. Each of these wallets has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the JC, especially at its price-point. The mechanism is fast and intuitive, allowing for easy, hassle-free switching. Like the Weiser, it is small. It's advantage over the Weiser (for me, at least) is that the JC is flatter and therefore less suspicious. The craftsmanship is superb, and it oozes quality and style. I will definitely be using this. All it needs now, is for someone to compile the definitive book of Himber routines, since there doesn't appear to be anything currently on the market.

Ronald Wood

Just bought this today. I knew I needed this after seeing Peter do a 3 Card Monte routine that blew me away with that ending! I haven’t received it yet but I thought I need to review the customer service! On one of Daves videos he mentioned we can buy it for £30! That is almost half price. Dave also mentioned, because of the price, we will only get the Wallet. No videos, no DVD. I was happy with that. I knew what it was before I ordered! So I ordered! BIG suprise. In my streaming video account I got a lovely explanation from Dave talking me through the wallet. And! There is also a CTW effect that Peters friend Alex made up that Peter explains in detail! This is awesome. I am so glad I purchased this wallet. Thank you Peter, Dave and all at Alakazam.

Dean Humpage

I have bonded with this beautiful gimmick a few month back it is the cleanest switch i use i am so cool when i perform this infact i am awesome when i use jjack we are as fxxk pardon my french .

Steve Sibson

I like my wallet to show a bit of cash as well and there's no where for that , if your not careful you could over fill this wallet as well , which would lead to problems so it just did not do it for me . Just my honest opinion , The quality is good I just like my wallet to look like a wallet and that includes cash .

Colin Stainton

Great advice from Peter again and I'm pleased I bought this wallet. Such a brilliant bit of kit to have. It's thin, light, made of a good quality leather and opens up many possibilities. If you're looking for a himber wallet, I highly recommend you look at this one. Well worth every penny.

Bill Richards

I wasn't actually on the lookout for another wallet ... my favourite by far to date has been the Real Man's Wallet ... I'm sure there are others that do it too, but that was exactly the kind of wallet I wanted to carry around with me, to keep my money in and use on a daily basis and also have there for a really organic card to wallet routine. Then today I saw this puppy advertised. I had actually wanted a himber wallet, but none of them seemed to hit the mark for me, always looking too clunky or not hip-wallet styled etc. I have to say that I bought it on the back of a well placed facebook ad for Alakazam (see guys, advertising does work!) I don't have it yet, but can't wait to get it because it will add heaps to my impromptu routine ... lotto square, cartomancy, will to read. I really can't wait to get it in the post.

Dr. Christopher Faria

I'm always on the lookout for a good wallet. When I saw the "RAR," in the title, I knew something good was up. Having been introduced to one of the first Bendix Bombshell's back in the 70's, I hoped for the best. GJ is nicely packaged, nestled in its own foam surroundings; i.e., it isn't going to get smashed or folded on its way to you. Inside is your card with info for your teaching video(s)- More on the way. Quality of the wallet- It is stiff. What do you expect? It is a new leather wallet. I don't want it flopping around. It is well stitched outside and inside. The "Gimmick"- Again, well done. If you know what you're looking at... you know what you're looking for. I would NOT recommend you carry this in your hip pocket. It will bend the leather and eventually the gimmick. I have a similar notebook style one of these and I wouldn't carry that in my hip pocket either because I don't want it coming out looking like a limp, bent fish. "Style"- Do NOT use this like a magic prop. People do not hand out wallets "for examination" or "please hold my wallet... where I keep my money and credit cards." You take things out and put them back! It is a STYLISH, well made accessory that will last you 10, 20 years if you take care of it. Summary: A WELL-MADE accessory for the Gentleman magician and mentalist at a VERY low price for everything you receive.

Paul Heaney

This wallet is made from top quality leather. It is thin and looks just like a wallet you would keep in your back pocket. I like that is has a locking feature when opened. It is not designed to be used as your everyday wallet but it is very good at the job it is designed for. It is expensive but it is a quality item. If you want a himber style wallet that is small and looks natural then this is the item for you.

Peter Rees

Others have already commented on the excellent quality of this wallet. Looking at all the possibilities for worker effects, the intro lesson by Dave summarizes a number principles and presentation ideas. You can build on and link these into a longer routine and also load up the wallet with other 'slim' effects, like 'Will to Read' and 'Volition' and you have a killer setup. Tip top.

Steve Black

I was not surprised because this is an Alakazam product BUT the quality and design is superb.The switch is slick and easy to perform. Dave teaches the mechanics in a clear and concise way with some clever routines. He also explains that the official launch will bring many new ideas FOC once the product has been registered. Can't wait !!! Highly recommended !!!!

Gary Brown

I have a number of wallets in my collection (not all Himber Wallets), and this one is definitely one of my favourites. The wallet comes well packaged in a very nifty looking box. The quality of the leather is excellent, and the wallet itself is very streamlined. It looks like an everyday wallet that will fly past anyone without difficulty or drawing any attention; this is compounded by the available slots to accommodate cards / notes etc. The initial video that Dave presents is excellent, and whets the appetite with some great ideas; despite their relative simplicity I love the card routines and I am sure they will receive great reactions. Looking forward to the full video when it is compiled. I was happy enough with the price and I am not disappointed in any way by the wallet - another excellent product from Alakazam that offers great potential for multiple effects.

Christian Fisanick

I have a few Himber/Z-style switching wallets, and this is one of the best. It is beautifully made and inconspicuous, as it has slots for license, credit cards, and bank notes. It looks like a hip wallet that any ordinary, everyday Joe would carry and doesn't scream gimmick. (I also really like my Alan Wong Himber wallet that magnetically locks, but it is huge and is only natural looking if you carry it in a jacket pocket.) On the right of each switching side is a nice, flat panel that is perfect for small Post-it notes to do an Add-a-Number effect. For now, there is a short video with Dave Loosley who explains how to do the switch--his method is very slick indeed--and a few routines. But you are only limited by your imagination. I am a wallet collector/junkie, and this is a beauty. Yep, it's expensive, but every serious mentalist should have something of this quality.

Matthias N.

First impression, noble quality but another Himber Wallet. Then I tried the handling and watched the video from David. And at the same time I have noticed that the switching is so smooth and easy. I believe, that this wallet will be one of my favourite items for the next performances.

David Thomas

It was always difficult to find a good looking, compact, 'real wallet' Himber/switching wallet. The Gentleman Jack solves that problem. It's beautifully designed and manufactured. It is expensive, but if you're looking for real quality, then this is for you.

Dr..Mike Highton

Mount Olympus has cast down a mighty wallet!!! Well, at last a normal looking change/ switch/add on type wallet where the 'dirty stuff' just happens almost naturally. Unique in terms of wallets. The possibility of fast and entertaining effects has at last 'come out to play'. I hope the ensuing effects are not long winded and dull in presentation. This wallet deserves novel and imaginative handlings. I can't wait to see a version of 'add a number' for a one to one presentation. That would be a demanding test???

Ross Warnett

Great Wallet. Love the Dave routine with the black cards and how you can switch the card will so little effect and all looks normal. I look forward to more routines

Mark Call

FINALLY a himber 'style' wallet that LOOKS like it belongs in your back pocket! Wowza... this is NOT a cheap wallet... It's a super HIGH QUALITY hip style wallet that will pass straight from your back pocket. The style makes it so it's easy to make the SWITCH right under their nose. And Dave Loosley's video gives even MORE possibilities! I have a feeling that these high quality wallets won't stick around long so ORDER TWO.. like I did.. you will use this ALL the time. PERFECT for the beginner yet stylish and quality for the working pro... you really can't go wrong with this 'Gentleman Jack' wallet! Psst - a perfect wallet to use with effects like Symbol by Steve Cook (just to name one)

Craig Morgan

Very high quality leather. Really like the fact that it looks like a normal wallet compared to other switching designs. Also like the fact that it can be used to switch 2 cards. Think of the twisting routines that could be adapted to this. Highly recommended!

Chris Wild

Gentleman Jack Wallet is a high quality real leather switching wallet. The design of the hip wallet makes the switch very easy and natural looking. You will come up with endless ideas to perform great magic with this wallet.

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