The Gordon Diary Trick Complete Package

The Gordon Diary Trick Complete Package

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The Gordon diary trick is in our opinion the best diary effect ever and the great news is you can perform it with absolutely no memory work at all! 

The Gordon Diary Trick has long been a favourite with the pros. Gaining recognition from some of magic’s great performers

NICK EINHORN "I regularly use the Gordon Diary in my close-up work. It provides one of the strongest reactions to anything I perform. It hits people on an entirely different level to other tricks they see. Highly recommended." 

JAMY IAN SWISS (Genii) "The Gordon Diary Trick is a superb addition to the diary genre!"

PHIL WILLMARTH (The Linking Ring) "The very best diary trick ever!" 

ALAN SHAXON "I use Paul Gordon's Diary Trick on a regular basis. It's wonderful." 

ROGER CROSTHWAITE "Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is excellent. Wonderful magic and wonderful mentalism." 

ALDO COLOMBINI "If ever there was a mentalism startler, Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is it. Bravo!" 

The Gordon Diary Trick is an effect you will perform regularly. It’s easy to do yet, gets amazing reactions!  

Your package comes complete with 

Gorgeous custom printed diary, Full instructional DVD and Custom printed crib card which eliminates all the memory work!

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Customer Reviews

Gary Pearce

This is just amazing , blows peoples minds when you perform it and the teaching is as you expect from Alakazam , clear concise and full of ideas , hope Paul has some more treasures to come as this is top quality

Tony Walker

First an apology. I didn't buy the trick from Alakazam. Ive been using it for over 5 years and bought mines from PG. Great trick and really easy to do. Performance you see is the easiest but if you can force a card this makes it stronger. The Diary looks very good but I got one of those Day of the year diaries from Amazon that has gemstones and horoscopes on everyday. This makes it really great for mentalism/cold reading.That said get the effect its a winner. 5 years and still performing it. Ho many tricks can you say that about. Oh my rsting isn't good its excellent

Steve Black

Another great Alakazam release ! The quality starts with the packaging which is superb !! The DVD is well presented and shot. There are lot's of ideas including different forces. The idea that enables this to be ready to go out of the box is really clever and easy to use. Clearly a great deal of time and effort has gone into selecting the diary. The size/shape are perfect as is the quality . Highly recommended !!!

Steven Justice

what a fantastic trick,used it for the first time last night on my tester (the wife) it went down very well she loved it. the diary is well put together and looks the part. the force peter teaches is awesome.. thanks Alakazam and paul gordon..

Mick Wilson

I’ve had just about every diary trick out there and I have to say this is very possibly the best. As long as you can borrow a deck, all you need is the diary. As for the diary, damn nice, well done for taking the time to make this as compact as possible while maintaining the font size of the info inside, you’ve got to be wearing a welders mask not to see it. The additional info in the diary is very useful too. The stack is easy to learn and will become second nature with time, having said that, the extra item elminates the need for any real work at all. I have the Mnemonica stack firmly embedded in my brain so I use that along with the standard method. Granted, doing it with a different stack means you need to write out a new diary. The dvd content is superb. The force that Pete teaches is absolute awesome, I’ll be using that a great deal. As always thorough, clear, concise and detailed instructions from Peter and Paul with an abundance of tips and bits of business. A very easy 10 out of 10 for this one guys.

Daren Rotherham

Received this today and absolutely love it!!! A gorgeous diary, packs small plays huge on a very personal level, this is something that is going straight into my set!!!!

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