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The Hideout Wallet By Outlaw Effects


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Alakazam Magic Are Proud To Present The Hideout V2 By Outlaw Effects.

We’re back with a second helping of Outlaw Effects goodness.  Once again the master of wallets Tony Curtis took on the task of recreation one of the mentalism communities favourite wallets.  Made to Tony’s super high standards the Hideout V2 is an amazing piece of awesomeness that you will carry with you every day!

Disguised as an everyday bill-fold wallet the Hideout V2 is a powerhouse full of hidden pockets and even has a very sneaky peek built in. 

Here is what the pros are saying

The Hideout is one of the most versatile mentalist wallets I've seen. The creative possibilities for effective 'impromptu' work are endless. High quality work and well thought out "Bob Cassidy”


I have spent a long time savouring the H.O.W. and in my honest opinion I have found it to be THE BEST instant peeking wallet that I have ever used.

The peek is instant and congruent; there is no need to re-open the wallet for 'some reason'. The billet indexing space is more than generous and allows the performer to have a vast amount of 'outs' or better still more than one effect using a billet index.

Best of all this wallet holds money well and in a normal manner, which cannot be said for some wallets on the market.

This is the best mentalism wallet on the market at the moment, and at an amazingly agreeable price. I always have mine - where is yours?" "Paul Brook”

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Customer Reviews


very nice quality... nice routines by peter... very happy with my purchase... for everybody wondering: there is no branding on the filter... I really love that!

Bert Van Dyck

Top quality ! So much pocket space and very good routines by Peter Nardi on the DVD.

Garry Hadley

Had my Hideout today what can I say its it looks great and works great with this in mind don't forget the wallet is a tool what you use. Also big shout out to the team had the wallet a week before I should.

Christian Fisanick

The first thing I noticed about the Hideout Wallet is not only how thin it is but how wide it is. It's a whole half-inch bigger than the Infinity Wallet that I've carried for some time now. I personally love the size and design of the standard billfold Infinity--those PowerBall 60 tickets fit perfectly-- but if you prefer the slimline style, you'll love the Hideout. As for craftsmanship, there is no surprise here because it's Nardi/Alakazam so it's as good as it gets. This is a beautiful looking wallet. I never saw one when Outlaw Effects put them out, but I'd imagine that this Version 2 is even better. When you get right down to the gimmicks, if you are looking for the ultimate index/multiple outs wallet, this is it. No, because of the design, it won't look right if you jam a whole pack of cards in it for Kolossal Killer. But you can stick 10 playing cards in the holdout section without any problem, and it will hold more in the exposed panels. The magnets for the holdout section lock securely. It's nicely constructed. The peek is typical of these kinds of wallets with the added high-tech thing to help a little with angles. By the way, for those of you who have a peek wallet without this feature, a trip to the office supply store is in order. What you need isn't cheap, but I picked up one on the clearance table for $(US)10. Anyway, the peek does work. With your wallet, you get an instructional DVD that basically introduces you to the wallet's gimmicks and shows you how to do three routines. This is really the only disappointing part of the package. While the production and routines are outstanding--again, as you'd expect from Nardi--it runs a little over 30 minutes, a big disappointment compared to the two hours of material that comes with the Stealth Assassin. Here's hoping that Alakazam will soon load the registration area with bonus footage. I like the Hideout Wallet, but I am not parting with my Infinity or Stealth Assassin. For me, the Infinity is a better daily carry size, but I can see the Hideout working too as a back pocket wallet. (The Stealth Assassin, still the best mentalism wallet around, just isn't very practical for me to carry bills, license, and credit cards.) So, in summary, if you are looking for an excellent, slimline, everyday-carry mentalism wallet or the ultimate index/MO wallet, the Hideout is your choice.

Alan Lacey

A really nice quality wallet, looking like a decent everyday wallet without looking suspicious which is the first great thing I noticed. The features of the wallet were not immediately obvious and the DVD that comes with the wallet, although a little short, does give som excellent examples of how the wallet can be used to make use of the features. As others aphave said, this is a tool which will grow over time and can be used for a variety of mentalist and card trick effects. Looking forward to seeing more effects added to the download service over time. Not cheap, but very useable and an investment for existing and future tricks.

Paul Frost

The Hideout Wallet V2 - this will be without doubt a beautiful addition to any mentalist or magician wishing to add a little mental magic to their set. I have been using the Hideout V1 for the past 2 years and love it. When I say Alakazam was releasing V2 I wasn't sure if I should invest in the new version, but after a call to Alakazam I took the plunge and do not regret it. The quality of the wallet is first class and the highlight of V2 for me was the inclusion of the DVD. Anyone who bought the V1 from Outlaw got a page of instructions and a business card so despite the DVD being only 35mins long it's a great introduction to the wallet and possible effects. If you register your purchase you will get any new routines added to your account automatically. I can't recommend this enough 10/10

Dr.Mike Highton

The whole package oozes quality, practicality and 'wow' magic. The production values in the manufacture are of the highest quality; and the DVD provides a good spread and variety of effects. Sufficient to get you started or even be sufficient for a long period of usage. The wallet replicates the Tardis in appearance in that you can, with care, manage to put four or five effects inside all of which appear undetectable at first sight. I have all the effects that I could perform with this wallet made up in advance and stored in an empty card box. A sort of 'pick n mix' dependent on mood or circumstance. Don't over stuff the wallet, be prudent and selective and change the contents when the need arises. Well worth the outlay......real quality.

Richard Groom

Excellent quality wallet that does everything excellently and will last a lifetime. The DVD teaches a handful of effects very well - you can see mentalism is Peter's "thing" as he explains with an eye for the real world details. This small collection of effects does feel like the first step on a journey and I think products like this would benefit from their own secure forum to discuss handling and routines. I hope one day, Peter publishes a book of collected routines and wisdom around mentalism with these kinds of wallets.

Paul Buey

The quality of this wallet is excellent and as with all Alakazam products, a lot of thought has clearly gone into the design. If you are looking for an ordinary looking wallet that can offer Peeking, Indexing and Switching, then this is for you. As someone who performs for friends and family, I was looking for something that would allow me to perform a wide range of different effects. I already own the Oasis Book Test and one of the routines, provides an excellent alternative way to present this. While this is a significant investment, the Hideout Wallet is extremely well made and does exactly what it says on the tin. While you could give it to a spectator to hold and even open to take something out, it is not closely examinable and I would probably avoid giving it to a spectator, just in case. The DVD is of the usual high quality we expect from Alakazam and everything is clearly explained and demonstrated. Well done guys!

Steve Black

This is a beautifully made wallet. The quality is superb ! The DVD teaches some excellent routines but as Peter says this is tool for the magician/mentalist to explore and come up with effects to suit. As with all Alakazam products you are issued with a registration code that will allow new ideas to be posted free of charge. Peter has a well earned reputation for selling wallets of superior quality. This is no exception. The space to hold billets/ cards is more than ample and the peek very clever ( with a secret something to help!), the switch is simplicity itself. This represents an investment but is highly recommended !!!!

Paul Heaney

I received my hideout wallet today and I am very impressed with the quality. The leather is top rate and will last a lifetime. The dvd that comes with the wallet is short (just over 30 mins) but there are some good ideas on the dvd. It is a shame there were not some more routines on the dvd however as with other alakazam products if your register it you will get updates on handlings when they are available for free. It's a well made wallet and it will be a good utility tool for many routines and I am sure it will spark some creative ideas with those who have it. I would recommend this if you looking for an everyday wallet that you want to use for multiple outs, switches and peeking information.

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