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The Infinity Wallet Kensington Edition


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The Infinity wallet Kensington Edition is the second wallet to be given the Luxurious London Collection treatment from Alakazam.

Using a high grade brown leather the London collection take the usual black magic wallets to new heights of style and fashion.

The new Infinity Kensington Edition will allow you to perform both magic and mentalism miracles with what appears to be a normal (stylish) everyday bill fold wallet.

Card To Wallet, Multi Out, Peek and Switch and Index System

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The Infinity Is Fast Becoming the Wallet of Choice for the Working Pro!!

Following the worldwide success of the Stealth Assassin, we have had countless requests for a peek wallet that incorporates a good card to wallet, a peek and will fit in the back pocket.

With over two years of development, after much design and numerous prototypes The Infinity Wallet is finally available. This clever all-in-one wallet is the answer to a working magicians dream…

 What can The Infinity Wallet do for me?

-         Card to wallet

-         Peek device

-         Multiple-outs

-         Switching wallet

-         Index system

What does the Infinity wallet (Kensington Edition) look like?

All of the above features are cleverly built into with a stylish, natural looking bill-fold wallet that fits neatly into your back pocket and has been designed and crafted from the ground up in quality Brown leather.

How do I learn what to do with the Infinity Wallet?

On the accompanying DVD Peter Nardi goes through each section of the wallet explaining its specific function in full detail before moving on to discuss specific routine ideas.

We have made every effort to combine the best principles of multiple wallets to create this "Swiss army” wallet that will satisfy the needs of those of you that want to incorporate mentalism, card magic and the superb principles of the Shogun (Heirloom) wallet into one neat and modern device.

A few of the routines included on the DVD include:

The Wager

A deck of cards are dealt face up on to the table by the spectator. 

They stop dealing at any point and you remove a single note from your wallet. 

Written on the back of the note is the name of the selected card!!


Your spectators driving license is placed in an envelope and given to them to hold.

After a little by-play you ask them to open the envelope and sitting inside is now your license!!!

You remove your wallet and sealed within a closed pocket is your spectators’ license!  This routine comes with handlings for both the envelope version and a totally impromptu version

Serial Shogun

Three notes/bills of different denominations are borrowed from 3 separate spectators.

A forth spectator has a totally free choice of which note he/she chooses and you are able to reveal the serial number!!!

This is a great effect you can perform in almost any setting!!!

There is also a wealth of other ideas, routine suggestions and handling tips on the DVD and you will be inventing and working on your own in no time!

The possibilities of the Infinity Wallet are vast, making it an ideal "carry everywhere” tool that means you will always be prepared to mystify!     

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Customer Reviews

Ian Tudor

I have lost count how many wallets I have owned and like us all I’m always looking for the ultimate one, I think I have finally found it. I bought the Kensington edition as it matches my Mayfair SAW and it’s the most versatile wallet I have ever has the pleasure of owning, it has so many features and the quality is amazing. If you want a brilliant all round wallet then don’t hesitate to buy this. Many thanks to Peter and the team at Alakazam for the fantastic service and excellent products.

Mark Call

WOW! Nardi has done it AGAIN! Taking something already GREAT and bringing it into the realm of AWESOME! The Infinity wallet is already a diabolical TOOL with so many utility uses you can have an entire show in your back pocket! The KENSINGTON EDITION ads that TOUCH OF CLASS that your spectators will LOVE and you will be PROUD TO SHOW OFF! This WILL BE A COLLECTOR ITEM FOR SURE!

Mick Wilson

More preview than review, but this will all make sense, I hope!. The original Infinity Wallet is an awesome piece of kit and is perfect for use as an everyday wallet for any magician/mentalist. I know this as that’s exactly what I did and wore it out through performance as well as day to day use. I’m so pleased I’ve waited to replace it as this Kensington Edition will go hand in hand with my Mayfair Edition Stealth Assassin, of which the quality is astounding. Baring that in standard of quality in mind, I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new edition Infity as the high quality coupled with the well established features of the Infinity will be nothing less than SUPERRRRB!

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