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The Manchurian Approach DVD

The Manchurian Approach DVD

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The Manchurian Approach is a new genre of performance that blends magic, mentalism & hypnosis into a powerful performance tool.
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Customer Reviews

Alan Lycett

Thank you for quick dispatch of my order. Having always been intrigued by hypnosis finally my curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the DVD. I do have Fraser Parkers True Mysteries and there are a few excellent effects taught where you can influence someone to do something just with scripted speech and these work very well, so I was quite confident I would be able to apply real hypnosis. Had the DVD about a month now and finally tried it out and was over the moon when it worked, bit scary as you may imagine at the time but if you follow the instructions to the letter all will be fine. Not difficult to do in fact quite simple really, just have to have the confidence to try and keep talking. For me this is perfect to just occasionally bring it into play while performing close up table magic to a group and I am sure there will always be someone in that group who will be willing to participate. Absolutely Brilliant P.S. Andy Sleep, you will now send me a few hundred pounds of effects buckshee Yes master.

David Williams

Simply brilliant visual learning. Brings the content of Reality Is Plastic to life. Gets it all to make sense

Bill Richards

I studied hypnotic technique about twenty years ago, when Paul McKenna had his Thursday night show. It was a giggle, we had some fun. I chanced across this DVD set here at Alakazam accidentally. It re-ignited my interest. Immediately upon finishing watching all of the discs, a skeptic visited my house. It was only a matter of minutes before they were in a deep "trance". I discussed this with a work colleague; a week or so later we found a quiet room at work and I spent an hour and a half just putting him into a trance and bringing him out. In between inductions, we discussed at length what he was experiencing. Thanks to the information and guidance provided within this set, I did a lot of things I'd never done before during those ninety minutes: I induced someone at work I induced someone whilst they were standing up I induced someone instantly using the pattern interrupt method I induced someone using the hand to eye method Brilliant, it just takes confidence which itself engenders belief and complete compliance from your "subject".

Guy Bedard

This is Jedi power! I've been hypnotizing for years and still use hypnosis for stage shows but have not really used hypnosis in bar/street environment, that is about to change with what I have learned in 'The Manchurian Approach! This is a great update/upgrade to any hypnotists arsenal! Anthony and the crew do a very good job of explaining and demonstrating!

Lee WellZy

Il keep this short and sweet as everyone else has already gone into great detail. This along with the trilby connection is the greatest hypnosis DVDs on the market. I owe a lot of my gigs to this collection.


this is great it goes into so much depth and has so many different things you can do with it thet you would never have thought of. it has been presented great there are loads of preformances and teaches so much i would get this and add it 2 your cart

Bobby Mckenzie

i recken this is alot better then the other dvds of hypnosis like richard gonnard n others theres ent to bad but dont show u alot of demininstrations at all .my best intrests is covert hypnosis

Andrew Webb

This is honestly one of the best purchases I have made for a LONG time. The DVD's are extremely well produced.. clear.. and covers everything over the 4 DVD's.. additional live performances help show exactly how to put it into practice..rnrnMy first subject after watching the DVD was 100% successful, and I felt completely comfortable in the approach after watching the DVD'srnrnIf you have the b&w DVD that accompanied Reality is Plastic, rest assured that this is completely different and a lot more in depth.. rnrnAnthony and alakazam should be extremely proud this product.. worth every single penny.. if not more!!!rnrn

Raymond Doetjes

This DVD set is superb! I am a hypnotist for 10 years and I have been using pre-show hypnosis for 6 years and I still got some great new ideas from this DVD set.rnrnThe set is very well build up! When you never hypnotized anyone before you will learn to do that in 1.5 hours with Anthony's unique pragmatic method.rnYou can quickly move into the (as I call it HypnoMentalism) part.rnAs an established hypnotist you may enjoy some of the things that Ant has come up with to fit into our perfromance.rnrnWhen you are starting with hypnosis this is a 5 star DVD when you are an accomplished in this field it is still a 4 star DVD which is great fun to watch. Especially because of Chris his reactions.rnrnExcellent value for money! Simply buy it and you will agree it is an excellent piece of work.

Paul Sharp

Hypnotism for Magicians and Mentalists !rnCould I really be able to hypnotise after studying this DVD ? I believe the answer is YES. I guess it is like everything in life, if you have the dedication and conviction to do something, you will succeed. The 4 disc DVD is an excellent set that will give you the tools for the job. Anthony Jacquin explains all the aspects of the techniques in great detail, using a language that is simple for the lay person to understand. The interview-style explanations really do work here, Chris clearly shows a genuine interest in hypnosis, and as a student can use empathy to highlight areas that need to be confirmed or repeated.rnI’m was amazed at the performances on the DVD. This is truly a great skill to work on. I pre-ordered this DVD when it was announced as a 3 disc set, so I’m well pleased they added an extra DVD and didn’t alter the price.rnThis is truly an Awesome DVD set. The team on the project has done an excellent job to be proud of. This is a classic piece of work, well done.rn

Ben Cardall

This product reminds of a familiar saying of bruce lee, i cant remember the exact wording however its along the following lines " a sculpter does not add pieces to his clay mound but chips away at it untill he has exactly whats needed" and thats what anthony jacquin and co. present here on this dvd set. A surefire collection of techiques that do not have any unneccessary clutter, it gets straight down to business in a clear and distinct manner that is quite simply very easy to take in. Each section is broken down so that no stone is left unturned, no questions left unanswered, every nuance of the inductions, the deepening, the set-pieces and the magical applications are expertly demonstrated and thoroughly explained. I know the techniques backwards by now and still enjoy watching the dvd. trust me if you looking for that extra something to take your act to the next level, then this is it! the manchurian approach opens up another solar system of possibilites! Anthony and alakazam have every right to be extremely proud of such an amazing product!!!!

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