The Stealth Case By Steve Cook

The Stealth Case By Steve Cook

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Steve Cooks Stealth Case is the perfect peek device for the modern mind reader.

Totally innocent in appearance, flawless in execution. 

The Stealth Case has been in the works for well over 12 months and the finished unit is simply stunning.

The Stealth Case Will Soon Become Your Favourite Mind Reading Weapon

This slick black, everyday looking card case holds an incredibly simple yet devastating secret that will allow you to acquire secret information with ease.  In fact the Stealth Case is so clever it does all the work for you!   

Imagine this…. Your spectator draws or writes anything on a business card, the card is placed within a stack of un-gimmicked business cards (this is a true stack of separate business cards not a block with a hole in etc.) 

Now with no funny moves the whole stack is placed in the Stealth Case, Your spectator sees you reach in and remove the top card from the stack.  The Stealth Case is closed and given to your spectator to hold while you begin read their mind with 100% accuracy!

You will not believe how cool the Stealth Case is.  The Stealth Case is perfect for almost any performing situation and the whole process makes perfect sense!

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Customer Reviews

Tom Rolfe

The quality of the materials is top notch and the teaching is first rate. I love performing Stealth Case, it always gets strong positive reactions. Even my family members think I've developed mind reading abilities.

Ian Skeate

I bought this on Peter's recommendation and I'm not disappointed. As a hobbyist I'm always a bit concerned about audience management but this device is so easy to use and the angles are amazing!!! I tried it out on holiday in Mexico and the reactions were great! I was just doing a very basic routine but I can really see this playing big emotionally if done with a name of a loved one.

Gavin James

I only purchased stealth case a week ago and absolutely LOVE it and defiantly going in my set An amazing, very clever utility device with so many possibilities Got my creative juices flowing already

Scott May

Steve Cook is a devious little devil!! What I now hold in my hands, and what you are eagerly waiting for the postman to bring......? What? You haven't hit the 'Add to Cart' button yet? Are you crazy? Get to it and see you back here in a moment!.... Well done, give yourself a pat on the back... I continue... What you and I now have is nothing short of genius!! Why, I hear you ask? Firstly, It's not only down right devious, dirty, sly, damn right wrong, that a peek should be this clear, simple and super easy, but, and here comes the best part... NON-electronic! Now, I love electronics in mentalism, as some of you may already know, BUT, Steve's 'Stealth Case' is completely logical and super innocent, both in appearance and modus operandi. The fact too, that you'd carry a bunch of business cards in your business card case is, in my opinion, much more logical than carrying them in your wallet. The peek you get is super clean and unobstructed, which is just awesome for those times when you need a longer stare at what 'they are thinking', wink, wink! As with any peek or impression device, there are a-million-and-one on today's market, but this one, seriously goes into my top three, and, without doubt, I would recommend this product without hesitation. Simply put it's... AWESOME!!

David Diamond

Steve Cook is the man! Case is very well made and the method is soooo good.FIVE STARS! DEFINATE WORKER.

Tony Razzano

This is my peek case of choice. It is truly outstanding in every way

Mike Donoghue

I got to use this quite a bit last week when i worked . I did it as a "Here's something special for you which may not work" moment" But really concentrate & something may happen" The young girl was shocked that i knew a friend , described how she looked & told her the name of her. She was shocked ( 7 so was i ha)

Anthony Roberts

I have certainly purchased many, many effects and utility devices from Alakazam Magic, since Alakazam are an Amazing company and a Wonderful group of people with whom to do business. I also live in Australia, so to watch the much anticipated "Live Product Launch" of the Stealth Case, I was up at the unusual hour of 4am, to "see what all the fuss" was about! The Stealth Case was definitely 100% worth it! If you are serious about your magic and/or mentalism performances, whereby this type of utility device is useful to you, I can not recommend the Stealth Case highly enough! The sheer simplistic beauty and elegance of the Steath Case itself, is matched so strongly with its devilishly clever principles and absolute ease of use. Personally, I believe any performer will feel it a privilege to use, and be smiling on the inside as one does so! Having only begun developing further ideas and concepts surrounding its use, I believe the vastness of what could be accomplished with this utility device is truly only limited by one's imagination. I don't see how a product could get any better than the Stealth Case in its quality of production, what it offers in terms of performance, and in effect creation. A whole hearted 10 out of 10, for magical excellence!

Jonathan Todd Excelsior

The best item I bought this year! First the method is brilliant, foolproof, great on angles and has no learning curve. Instant in your pocket and in your act. Second - it serves well to keep other items - for me COINS - organically at the ready and separated from other money and items in pockets that can scratch them. As a male - I have NEVER seen a man with a coin purse int he USA. It looks nutty for me to pull one out. Take out some change from this card case? Normal! Follow with mentalism . . Brilliant. Same case!


I purchased this recently, and must say it has been one of my best purchases for a while. It is something that I will use on a regular basis. It is an ingenious little product. Had no idea how it worked when watching the demo to be honest, but it certainly ticks all the right boxes. The routines are endless, and the angles are great too. Great teaching on the DVD also. Nobody could possibly suss the secret out, it is hidden in plain sight. Thanks Steve for an excellent product.


Got to agree with all the reviews and comments made so far. The case will last a life time. Beautifully made, works like a dream. Dave loosley's version without going back into the case is excellent. Invest in this, you won't regret it.

Mark Doetsch

The Stealth Case is Fantastic! So simple...yet so clever! The first time I tried it out, I had a woman so freaked out because I told her the name of the city she was born in, it actually scared her! As a bonus Steve Cook just sent me his routine and it is brilliant! He has a great way to get the peak after showing everything to be completely fair. Thanks Steve! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PURCHASES OF THE YEAR!

Arne Cato Antonsen

What a fantastic trick, so easy to master,10/10

Philip Tate

There was a great deal of hype built up by Alakazam and there are only a few things that really do live up to the hype. In my opinion, the Stealth Case is one and in fact this more than lives up to the hype. You can see why its been a long time coming, hats off to Steve Cook. Simply the best peek devices there is, with endless routines limited only by your imagination.

Richard Morris

I am a registered blind guide dog owner and I have been practicing magic since 1961 when I was 11 years old. I turned professsional 20 years ago. I all that time due to my residual vision I've tried all sorts of peek devices. But none have even come close to Steve Cooks Steathcase. It is just the right size for me to see and every move is done in the most clean way leaving you free to concentrate on the presentation. What can I say. Well done Steve Cook and Alakazam this device is a Godsend to me Keep up the good work

Gary Jones

The Stealth Case by Steve Cook. What can I say about the Stealth Case….I LOVE IT!! Steve first showed me the Stealth Case about a year ago and I immediately knew it was something I would definitely use. I have a number of peek devices but what stood out for me with this version was the fact that you could do this ‘Hands Off’ (check my handling on the Stealth Case Facebook forum for purchasers of this brilliant utility device) Quality – The quality is top notch, from the box it comes, to the actual props themselves. You receive the case, which looks like an executive business card holder/case. The gimmick in the case is invisible and it can be minutely examined without any fear of anything being detected, although why you would want the case examined is beyond me. You also receive a number of laminated ‘Testing’ cards, two of which are gimmicked (you only need one so you have also been supplied with a spare), and again the gimmicked cards can be examined without any fear of anything being detected. You also receive something extra so you can gimmick your own business cards. Also included in the package is a whiteboard marker pen so you can dive straight in and try out the routines. And finally you receive a DVD with handling tips and routines, all very clearly shot with excellent sound quality etc. Now for my opinion of the Stealth Case, and why I like it so much. First the method is devious, and it works so well and it is 100% failsafe. We magicians absolutely love secrets, and although the Stealth Case uses a secret something we are all aware of, it’s the way this secret has been put to use that is so so clever. So putting aside the actual clever secret (we all have drawers full of effects with clever secrets), is it really practical for ‘real’ world performing? The answer to that is an astounding YES! I have been using this since first receiving it, and I have developed a few routines which are written up on the Facebook owners group. A few on the magic forums have mentioned that they don’t think it is a good thing to go back to the case to get the peek, while I absolutely have no problems with doing this, (it’s all about how you routine your effects). The bottom line is, you do not have to go back to get your peek, it can be done in the action of closing the case. And that’s the great part about this fantastic utility device, it is so adaptable. What is the reset like I hear you think? It is almost instant, you just have to wipe the whiteboard marker pen off the cards used and you are ready to go again…Or, if using your own business cards you just pop another card into the case and you are ready to go…So yes, it’s a worker magicians/mentalists dream. Is it worth the price? For me this is a big yes. I saw the potential with this when Steve first showed me last year, and I was so excited when it was finally released. But what if you are a hobbyist magician/mentalist, is it worth the asking price. Again I would say a big yes. Although I have been making my living as a professional magician for nearly 30 years, I’m still a hobbyist at heart. The Stealth Case is a utility prop, it’s not a one trick pony, so to answer the hobbyist question….Yes it is worth every penny……You will use it. Difficulty – It is practically self-working. To do the ‘work’ you just close the case, or open the case depending on which method you use. Angles. The angles are excellent, without stating the obvious this is a peek if you can see the target just make sure no one else can, the same with EVERY peek device. Can it be examined? Yes, and they won’t find anything….but trust me, they won’t want to examine it as it’s just your business card case. If you like to hand things out though you can do so knowing that they won’t find a thing. Pros. Everything can be examined, everything is supplied ready to go, you also get an access code to view extra tips and tricks, you can use your own business cards if you wish, the angles are great, it is self-working, the case itself should last a lifetime, the card with the information on is buried into the stack of cards, this adds that extra layer in the spectator's mind and you could also use a spectator's business card if you wanted to. Cons. For me there are none. As mentioned above, a few have mentioned that they didn’t like having to go back to the case to get the peek, well you don’t have to as it can be done in the action of closing the case. I like to get a long look at whatever is drawn/written, so I like to go back to the case to remove another card and I can take as long as I like to get the required information lol. So to sum up….You get a very sturdy business card case that looks normal, gimmicked and un-gimmicked cards, stuff to make your own gimmicks and a DVD full of handling tips and ideas. I would also highly recommend owners to join the Facebook page for some wonderful routines and excellent handling tips. Very highly recommended for professionals and hobbyist magicians/mentalists. Gary Jones.

Burt Ebel

Pure genius. If you are a serious magician this is a must have. Like all of Steve's effects this is a well thought out magic prop you will carry with you every where you go.

Stephen Lovering

Got my order last Friday, what a fantastic trick, so easy to master,10/10

Barry Gibbs

So So easy to use good support as well from Steve

Paul McCaig

Over the last two years I have been in the privileged position of seeing Steve Cook design, develop and demonstrate his Stealth Case and am very fortunate to own one of Steve's original prototypes, along with one of the beautifully produced ones from Alakazam. The Stealth Case is a 100% sure-fire, ingenious and inconspicuous peek device, which because it is completely self-working, leaves the performer with rock-all to do but beat their audience senseless with the performance!! In true Alakazam style, the quality of the props, dvd and packaging is exceptional and includes everything needed to perform this beauty straight away. The angles are perfect and with very little imagination, you can easily come-up with alternative ways of getting your peek and even use the Stealth Case for other applications...For example, because Alakazam include a couple of extra little 'something's', I can use my Stealth Case as intended, to do a drawing duplication, or word reveal, then instantly have a 'hidden in plain sight' crib for Steve Dela's superb 'All About Eve' book test. Yet another top-class collaboration from Steve Cook and Alakazam...Get one!

Mark Call

'The MOTHER of All PEEKS!!' FINALLY ... a peek device where you have ZERO funny moves or awkward looking. BOOM spot on 'PERFECTION'. You will look for excuses to use this. Not only is it truly the BEST peek device I have seen.. it has unlimited uses and routines. Once you see how SIMPLE yet effective this is, your mind will spin. Perfect for the beginner yet solid enough for the true pro.... you can use it one minute after cracking the box. ALL hidden in an INSPECTABLE everyday business card case that looks innocent yet is diabolically genius. No see through angle 'crap' - it's a real opaque business card case you can hand out and the spectator will NEVER find YOUR SECRET! Worker! Worker! Worker!

David Williams

Wow what more can be said? This is pure genius and so so simple. I have read many reviews that say this is overpriced but the quality of manufacture and the many things you can do with this make it well worth the money. BUY IT.

Ian Barradell

Another great release from Alakazam due to the genius of Steve Cook. I'm using this now regularly and it fools badly every time. I've seen some odd feedback over at the green place which I feel is mainly down to people overthinking this. Natural, motivated and a thing of terrifying beauty! If your looking for a method to peek information then this should be in your shopping list.

Ross Warnett

What a brilliant innocent looking case. Very quick to peek and angles are great just a few seconds and then all set for the presentation. Steve cook has excelled him self with this and from Alakazam always top quality item including the card box, love it.

Ian Mitchell

Incredible utility. So simple and innocent looking. With all the 'dirty work' being self working it leaves time to concentrate on the unlimited presentation ideas, many of which are already on the instructional dvd and forums. The many handlings that many are sharing add to the flexibility of performance. Fantastic!

Jason Dicks

I've owned and sold on most of the peek devices on the market but always keep going back to the stealth assassin wallet. Now the wallet has some serious competition! Super deceptive & innocent looking, I love it

Barry Green

No need for a long winded review!! Just get your wallet out as you're reading this and buy it. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Just brilliant!!

Daren Rotherham

I love this, I have used it multiple times since I bought it and recently used it at a gig over the weekend, to say the reactions have been fantastic is an understatement, I now carry this with me everywhere and there are some fantastic routine ideas that are being shared on the facebook group, this opens up so many routine possibilities, the ideas are continuing to flow in, very highly recommended!

Matthew Gill

Picked this up last week during the live launch. Being honest once I saw a live performance and realised you had to re-open the case I was a tad disappointed - not that re-opening is a huge deal, I just already own similar products that already do that. So after a day or so I thought about listing it on FB Second Hand Magic and getting my money back. Today though I had a play around with it and came up with a slightly different handling where I re-open as I place in the participants hand (Making the point you can't see through it as I'm looking at the drawing) I tried it a couple of times tonight at a gig and it killed! Can't believe now I was considering letting it go only a few days ago. This will definitely be part of my working routine going forward. What I will say as well is there is a lot of propless mentalism out there at the moment getting released. While everyone is different I genuinely feel if you're looking for something that will work everytime, invest in something like this that is surefire and extremely deceptive. Thanks to all the guys at Alakazam for their efforts in taking the time to release this and ensuring it was a first class quality product and not just rushed to get the sales in. If you buy 1 peek device this year, THIS should be it.

Dan Marsh

So this arrived and it's so simple to use. Foolproof with some of the great advice given on the DVD. Now that allows you to tally concentrate on performance. It's also so easy to pick up no matter your skill level that you could, if happy with your patter and performance, get this in the post and be performing it within minutes if you jump straight to explanation. Oh and it fries...believe me fries the audience.

Steve Black

A fantastic peek device !! The quality is superb and the routines stimulating. Have been waiting for this for ages and am not disappointed !! I also think the price is correct as there has clearly been a great deal of work and sourcing to bring this to market. It is a professional prop. Another excellent Alakazam release !!!

Steve Icke

Using a everyday carry around object too get the cleanest and clearest peek is pure genius. An innocent looking business card case has now opened a window to untold mentalism effects that will leave you're spectator speechless... A case that can be casually left sitting in full view on the table will never raise any suspicion will soon turn into a twenty minute act... This along side the Stealth Assassin Wallet makes a perfect team in your pocket... As always from Alakazam Magic.. Made too the highest detail... yet another first class product from the Steve, Peter and the Team.

Alan White

Received this yesterday and it is already one of the best effects I have bought. The clever method for the peek is a genius idea from Steve Cook and the props are of the highest quality and look extremely cool. Highly recommended and will probably be the best trick of the year.

Simon Cafferty

Firstly I must say that Steve Cook is a magical genius. His products are always top quality and this one is just amazing. His thinking is second to none and what he has produced is a tool which is so natural looking and would never look out of place. After seeing it on the Live Launch I knew it was a keeper and upon receiving it I am loving it even more and can't wait to get out there using it. Alakazam always release the best and this business card peak is so deceptive and includes some excellent routines. One of which 'Hollywood or Bust' is something which adds immense value to the product. The angles on the peak and the normal routine are fantastic and give you plenty of time to focus on presentation. This utility is something which will get your creative juices flowing and is something which you will use time and time again.


Just received this today and I'm actually really excited to get out there and start using it. I very rarely get excited by magic anymore, I have NEVER written a review of a product, but I bought this as soon as I saw the trailer, it arrived this morning and within ten minutes I was ready to go out and perform it. The only negative thing I would say is that it's priced a little too high, but that's the only bad thing I can say about it... The method is genius, the viewing angles are fantastic (approximately 180-190 degrees), you can see 100% of the card, in any light situation and it certainly acts as a great way to carry your business cards. It's also worth noting that this is a peek "wallet" that is styled perfectly for men AND women. I wish more creators would consider building wallets and accessories in styles that suit women as well, as it is no secret that the vast majority of products released are styled purely towards men. Overall I rate this as THE BEST business card style peek wallet, and I've seen them all. If you're after a business card holder, that has a built in peek, stop looking, this is it.

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