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Live Online Magic Course with Michael Vincent Instant Download

Live Online Magic Course with Michael Vincent Instant Download

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The Alakazam Academy is a live interactive course which is streamed directly into your Alakazam Account. You can sign in live to learn magic, ask questions and be part of our growing online magic community.  The Alakazam Online Magic Academy has been designed to deliver these magic lessons in a fun, relax, friendly and interactive way.  By signing up to an Academy course you will experience the best in magic learning!

The Alakazam Online Magic Academy in Association with The Michael Vincent Academy present

The Tapestry of Deception

This session with Michael Vincent will be an engaging conversation on the subject of Misdirection.

Michael is a first generation student of Slydini and learnt his entire repertoire as described by Lewis Ganson in The Magic of Slydini.

Imagine, he was 16 when he read the Slydini book and did not meet him until 1982. So as you can imagine, Slydini was very impressed with Michael and took this as an opportunity to correct all of the things that were missing.

Slydini and Alan Alan, then shared with Michael, the true secrets with Magic and most importantly, being a Deceptive magician

This is your opportunity to hear what Michael has to say about these secrets.

Misdirection has become a rather elusive subject. What Michael has to say on the subject can and will improve your magic to such a degree that your audience will not see, detect or even feel you have done anything suspicious.

Consider the possibility that when you perform magic, you are not as deceptive as you think you are and that you have a very polite audience? If you’ve ever performed for children, you know how honest they can be.

Slydini’s system of Misdirection has been used by Michael ever since. He applies it effortlessly to the Magic he performs.

On this session, you will learn:

The Pillars of Deceptive Magic

Sleight of Hand Vs Gimmicks

The Dynamic Threads in the Tapestry

The Power of Rapport

The Ebb and Flow of ?????

Slydini’s big secret

The best routines to learn:

Michael will share Routines which he feels are required learning, like:

Coins through Table

The Signed Card Strikes Back

A Triumphant Colour Stunner

The Changeling

Applications to Techniques:

Card Control

Sleights with Coins

This is an important session - please join us. Your Magic will look and feel different. Your audience will thank you.

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Rick Blevins

I loved every second of this. I won’t write a review only offer advice. Purchase everything Michael puts out. Every dvd and download is gold my friends.

Kevin Maury

Don't get me wrong. Michael Vincent is an amazing magician/teacher. The FIRST academy live was glorious. The first trick was enough to get your monney worth. So, my expectation was very high for this second live ? So... Why only three stars ? Well, why I understand the importance of what Michael was trying to get accross, I think it did not need that much time. And I think, in this regard, the live he did for Penguin Magic (a few years ago) was really better. The real bummer was... while I can understand this whole live was not really for the trick... Why on earth... out of five tricks shows... two are the same as the prior live ? (changelling and two card monte). Considering I just finished watching the first live of Vincent two weeks ago, it really feel weird to have EVERYONE not remembering (and clapping) he did the same tricks three months ago. Worst part is, I had sent an e-mail to Alakazam to ask them, why, during the description of the course, for the second live, there were talking about changelling... No answer. To make it even worst, the description of the first live and second live are wrong. They are talking about trick which are not even shown. Actually, for the first live, only one effect shown in the description is actually presented ! (what about the devilish miracle ? what about kismet ?) Above all, this "mistake" of showing twice the same effect kinda ruined the fact that it's an Academy. Academy means you have some returning teacher which can build on their prior course. John Carey does it. I know it's not really useful to send a review for a live which can not be bought again, but, hopefully, it would make Alakazam noticed that they need to pay more attention in regard to respecting the description and building on courses for returning teacher.

Steve Wills

Michael's engaging communicative style is captivating and inspiring. His back catalogue of knowledge is second to none..outstanding lecture from him as always, well done Alakazam for a great academy course !

Richard Groom

Michael Vincent is the very ideal of a Magician...he’d probably make a great James Bond come to think of it. His magic and demeanour is classy and amazing, his skill is peerless. Love it, love it, love it!

Stephen Smith

If you are looking for trick after trick after trick then this is not for you. However, if you are serious about taking your magic to a new level with thought and application in areas that pass so many magicians by, then this is a stunner. Michael Vincent is a true artist with an almost effortless view and application of techniques garnered from some of the greats of magic. This course covers areas usually overlooked, but with serious study will guarantee to improve many aspects of even the simplest tricks. Miss this course at your peril.

Steve Black

Michael is a very engaging tutor and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on. His enthusiasm is infectious.and his magic is pure art !!! His theory and ideas are fascinating. Am going to have to spend many pleasant hours going over course but that's the beauty of the Academies. Andy also did a superb job hosting.He really ought to appear on Mastermind with his encyclopedic knowledge.Well done to Sarah and 'H'. Another successful Alakazam production !! Looking forward to the next one !!

Tony Dawson

Been looking forward to this after Michael's first Academy on Mastering the Classics. The guy is a Master at everything he does, i've written pages of notes already and we are only half way through! I have no doubt this will take my Magic to the next level, and just as I go back to read the books for reinforce the info, this is one 'lecture' I will constantly be re-visiting. Thankyou Michael and of course the Academy team.

Phill Evans

This academy has been incredible so far. Michael is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable on this subject. It's been a masterclass on how to raise your game from performing tricks to producing magic and magical experiences. Andy has been a brilliant host too with his love and knowledge of books coming to the fore. Can honestly say this session is making me think of my magic in a different way. And it's not theory for theory sake. I feel that what I'm learning will increase my confidence in dealing with audiences in all kinds of contexts.

Martin Jones

A fantastic insight into the science of misdirection. I didn't realise how much I didn't know on the subject until now. Plenty to reflect on and some stunning examples of magic too. What a great evening!

Mark Call

Michael's Academy is an AMAZEMENT of MASTERY for sure. He is such a GENTLEMAN and just the 'body language' tips you get in the first 20 minutes are worth 10 times the academy fee. As always, I can not say enough GREAT things about these Academy Classes ... pure BRILLIANCE!

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