The Ultimate Sting by Paul Gordon

The Ultimate Sting by Paul Gordon

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Using patter about MOVES, MAGIC & MONEY - a bunch of Ace of Spades are mixed face up and face down. They then magically unmix. (And it IS MAGICAL) Then, suddenly, a ROYAL FLUSH appears and if that wasn't enough, one final KICKER really will drop jaws and raise laught! KILLER!
  • Top-Quality Cards Supplied
  • Standard Sleights Used
  • All Can Be Examined At The End
  • Can Be Done Standing
  • Instant Reset - No Fakes/Gaffs
  • Full Training DVD Included

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Customer Reviews

Barry Allen

Just purchased this effect from Alakazam as I needed the cards - purely as a further back-up set and whilst they are still available. This trick is pure, commercial dynamite and has been part of my 'set' for the past six years (I think Paul Gordon initially released it around 2012). The accompnaying DVD instruction is beautifully produced. This effect is very visual; requires little table space; and can even be worked via the spectators hands (if mixing and mingling). It is a strong routine with lots of magic happening throughout - for best results sell all phases, not just the finale. Treat it with the respect it deserves and you will have a beautiful piece of commercial card magic to hand....for life! ;-)

Steven Holt

Love this trick! The ending is so unexpected. If you can do basic card moves, then you'll be able to do this no problem. Recommend.

Giles Saunders

Paul's packet tricks are the best in the business. They always end clean and spectators may handle them should they wish. This particular routine is reasonably easy to learn especially with an accompaning video. I learnt it with written instructions years ago, so that is proof it's easy. Great visual ending and fools people every time. This isn't just Good, it's Brilliant!

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