VDeck By Peter Nardi RED Gimmick

VDeck By Peter Nardi RED Gimmick

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Imagine vanishing an entire deck of cards while they are in your spectators hands. Peter Nardi's V-Deck is a bang up to date awesome take on a classic illusion!
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Customer Reviews

David Abel

So many great new products brought out by alakazam at the moment my home is beginning to look like the alakazam warehouse!! This is a great effect, using it all the time in my act now to great know that great moment when you hear people telling other people in an event what the magician did...this always gets mentioned.

Alan Lycett

Nice surprise, pre ordered this and was expecting to receive 20/21 August, however received 16th August. THANKYOU Very well packaged and excellent DVD did not mess with anything until I had watched basic instructions. DVD hosted by Messrs Nardi/Loosely 6/7 routines explained but personally prefer to weave into one of my routines, such a brilliant concept not difficult to come up with your own ideas. Nice to hear people say they could never work the original BROMLEY version into their act, as I never could justify it and used to think it was just me, no problem with V deck, Gimmick is well made but common sense will tell you not to have it in your pocket and sit on it, or throw your jacket down with it still in there, but with care should last a long, long time. Only thing was not happy with mine is the type of bicycle box I received, so the first thing I did was cut out regular bicycle box for the hole, not difficult using stanley knife, and please understand the box is not the gimmick so you can`t do any harm So we have had the E DECK Extractor R DECK Riser V DECK Vanishing Just off to Tesco to get some alphabet soup to give Mr Nardi and Alakazam some inspiration for their next miracle. Talking of which this gimmick would be fantastic if it would fit into the COOLER but unfortunately will not just ever so slightly too big so if you read this Peter how about a V DECK that fits into a COOLER, or Christian how about a COOLER thats fits the V DECK Either way brilliant Easy to do Excellent DVD and Ideas You will easily come up with your own ideas and routines Thank you for the V DECK BRILLIANT

John Horn

Love it Love it Love it! Another great release guys,great value for money and if looked after will last for a lifetime! Don't be put off by it being a box,Peter tells you how to replace that part yourself if you ever need to.

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