The Vault By Leo Smetsers


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Our good friend Leo Smetsers has done it again!

Leo’s Vault is a precision made bang up to date version of Jack Lippincott’s classic Lippincott box. Beautifully engineered in Aluminium, this box has a really nice weight to it.  Its strong, sturdy and the best part is it can be handled by the spectator with no chance of finding its clever secret.   

For you table hoppers out there, The vault can be reset in front of your spectators (so no more hiding in a corner to reset)

The Vault comes with everything you need to perform it and includes an instructional streaming video.

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Customer Reviews


This is very well made and is clearly made up of high quality materials. Easy to load once you have figured out your handling/routine. My vault came with a scratch on the metal which is no reflection on the quality of the item, but still disappointing. I would have liked there to be some tuition/ideas on the streaming video with regards to routines & patter as this is lacking at the moment.

Steve Sibson

( As they say you pay for what you get ) This item is top quality , you can hand this out and rest assured no one as yet open my box . This is made so well it's a joy just to play around with it . You will not be disappointed with this item 10 out of 10 .

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