The VS Project By Paul Pickford

The VS Project By Paul Pickford

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Alakazam Magic are truly proud to offer the magic fraternity the underground card magic of Paul Pickford. 

The VS Project showcases some of Paul's outstanding card creations, his approach to sleight of hand, the psychology of timing and misdirection as well as his interpretation of some classic effects. Paramount on these DVD's is Paul's use and handling of a superb, and often over looked, Marlo sleight including all of his finesses, subtleties and timing, in exacting detail.

 It's time to take up your pack of cards, get comfortable and watch and learn some exceptional card magic you will enjoy performing, and your audiences will enjoy seeing, over and over again.



A extremely quick and magical version of this classic in Magic. This is ideal as an opener and is guaranteed to take them by surprise. Plus an explanation of a bonus version that stays true to the original plot.


Based on Derren Brown's effect "Double Think". The magician slowly reveals the name of a chosen card by reading body language. He then proves that he knew the name of a merely thought of card, right from the very beginning.


The aces are instantly produced from a shuffled pack and placed into the box. The magician attempts to find the kings but finds the aces again instead. The cards in the box turn out to be the kings.


First spectator removes a card, second peeks at a card and a third merely thinks of a card. All three cards are found from a shuffled pack ending with the magician getting the thought of card, on the nail, every time.


The magician has four attempts to find a chosen card. All four cards are wrong then one card magically changes into the chosen card and as a kicker the other cards suddenly change into its three mates.

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Customer Reviews

Trevor Webb

Picked this up after watching it live, after watching it over and over from all kind of angles, you won't be disappointed perfect for the real world.

Bill Richards

Exactly what John Carey says. This is by and far one of the best utility moves I have come across, and Paul's applications are down right jaw-dropping material. Get it, learn it, and you will, not beyond a shadow of doubt, be putting it to use immediately.

John Carey

So this week I picked up Alakazams new release, the V.S project by Paul Pickford. It's a long time since I've had had as much fun watching a magic DVD as I've had watching this collection. Firstly, Paul comes across as a really nice, down to earth guy who obviously loves magic. To begin with he discusses the history of the technique, which was inspired by Ed Marlo's visual retention change. Paul teaches his approach and variation in exacting detail. I've used the Marlo technique in my own work and while it is a great technique, you have to watch your angles. Paul has finessed the technique so that your angles are so much more favourable, making this a real utility for the working card magician. Paul's version looks so casual and fluid and in the routines performed and taught you will see how well he has worked out the motivation and choreography for the technique. Lets look at the effects: 1. Hofzinsers Aces. Two versions are taught. The first version caught me badly, highlighting Paul's disarming style and excellent technique. 2. Double Thought. A very effective and entertaining double thought of card mystery inspired by a Derren Brown piece. 3. Ace/Kings transpo. A very sweet multiple transposition. 4. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I really enjoyed this effect with a card taken, peeked and merely thought of. 5. Fourway. Another commercial revelation of a selected card. The V.S switch makes this so streamlined. 6. Psychic Ace of Spades. A very slick two card transposition. 7. Two thought of cards. Super direct! 8. 3 card sandwich. A roller coaster ride of multiple effects that really showcases the move. 9. Magicians Assistant. A lovely commercial card revelation using a spectators name. 10. Inevitable. A superb prediction piece with two decks. 11. The computer pack. A great take on the Dunbury delusion. 12. Aces to pocket. Love this! A beautiful kickback style piece with the aces and a selection. 13. The Travellers. Some very nice thinking here. 14. Colour Mark. A highly visual colour changing deck. 15. Brain whack. Paul's brilliant take on a Paul Harris classic, whack your pack. The standout of the collection. Final thoughts: I am truly delighted to add this 2 disc set to my collection. I had the technique down within less than 30 minutes. I've already applied it to two of my own effects. It truly is a great utility and I give it my highest recommendation. Well done Paul Pickford!

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