Thom Peterson Behind the Curtain DVD

Thom Peterson Behind the Curtain DVD

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 Thom Peterson "Behind the Curtain - a 2 DVD set!
Fresh, modern, contemporary and rammed with comedy, amazement and fun, "Behind the Curtain” is sure to be an instant hit!

Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines!

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Customer Reviews

Danny Jurmann

If you like real world routines that work for stage or close up. If you like routines that are imaginitive , well constructed and engaging. If you like a performer who entertains and doesn't insult. Then buy this DVD. The best DVD I have EVER bought. Extraordinary value.

Alex Robertson

These DVD's are worth their weight in gold! Packed full of miracles that I think are reputation makers, worth the money for his card in balloon effect alone, Thom is an awesome guy to learn from to, nice work!

Matthew Smith

Excellent 2 DVD set The stand-up act is excellent - some great ideas that make it easy for close up magicians to move into cabaret/stage magic. Well produced with good explanations.

Jason Harris

If you do not own any Thom Peterson DVDs, then this is a must have. His magic is very entertaining and there are a few very original routines. The majority are tried and tested so work in the real world and his patter is very slick. I am sure there are numerous effects on this DVD that you will want to add to your act straight away, especially if you do stand up. The lemonade stand, spoon bend, ring in kinder egg (to name a few), are excellent. However, if you own his previous DVDs and lecture notes, this DVD is very disappointing! Which was my case. There is not much new material on this DVD and some of what is new just seems like filler material. The majority is pulled from his lecture notes or other DVDs. Some of the new effects like Owned and PMD are quite weak and not as slick as the others. Owned is especially poor with the method being flashed throughout the performance. I don't recall having seen rock, paper, rabbit before and this is a little gem to throw in to a walk around act. I was really looking forward to lots of new material but with owning all of his other products, have nothing new to really take away. The video quality is not fantastic (i.e. a little grainy) and although the DVD is filmed infront of a live audience, it is mainly comprised of magicians and there are always the backs of heads at the bottom of the screen. A lot of the jokes and patter fall flat infront of this audience, which is a shame, as I think a lay audience would be in stitches in some parts. In a nutshell: A must buy if you have not seen Thom before and you do stand up magic. If you do close-up, his other DVD is better (Amazing Guy). And if you already have his other stuff – not worth it.

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