Thought Wave Extreme by Gary Jones & Mark Bendell

Thought Wave Extreme by Gary Jones & Mark Bendell

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Thought Wave Extreme by Gary Jones & Mark Bendell

Gary Jones is very well known for creating 100% commercial routines, which play as well to the Lay Spectator as they do to magicians.  Thought Wave Extreme is no exception!

With Thought Wave Extreme Gary and Mark has taken a principle and given it a new lease of life with an incredible double hit mind reading card routine.

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Customer Reviews

Christian Fisanick

You predict a symbol and a card freely chosen by a spectator. Thought Wave Extreme is really brilliant. It uses a gimmick in a unique way. And unless you've ever seen one of these gimmicks before, there is no way you'll guess how it's done. When I got this and felt the Phoenix deck (hint, hint) I sort of knew what I had, but I didn't realize how amazing and visual in a close-up setting this plays. With an instant reset, Thought Wave Extreme is as close to a perfect self-worker as you can imagine. I'm blowing everybody away with this one. Whether you are a card worker or a mentalist, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Oh yeah, as someone mentioned, there is a one-time bit of arts and crafts. A five-year old could do it. Take your time, and you'll have no worries.

John Owen

I bought this when it first came out around 8 years ago,my first ever purchase,and one I still perform today.It can be customized to your own style.Still today one the spec is amazed by,and so very very easy to do

Tony Walker

This is an excellent effect. I would give this 5 stars if i didn't have to be an artistic drawer and add the symbols to the deck myself. I would just like to see one of these types of effects come with professional symbols printed on the cards. It would just look so much better, especially since I cannot draw to save myself.

James Heaton

this is real magic to the lay people performed it twice since i got it applause from club members and at a pub after rugby match [ how did you do that you chose your prediction first and then asked questions] then it was show me another i love it when you know you have them believe its magic


didnt perform it yet, but its seems to be a very good trick.the only minus is that the cards cant be examine.

Steve Black

A lovely routine and excellent DVD.The card stock is also a high quality product. There is a one off bit of DIY but not too onerous! This is genuinely self working and will truly fool a lay audience.I absolutely agree 100% with Peter that this is a worker with a quick reset.Another excellent Alakazam release!

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