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Till Death Do Us Part By Jim Critchlow

Till Death Do Us Part By Jim Critchlow

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Using some old wedding photographs of married couples from the last 80 years and a presentation that simply has to be true (doesn’t it?) Jim has devised one of the most extraordinarily powerful prediction effects that you will ever perform.
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Customer Reviews

Guy Wade

If you are able to tell a story well, this effect will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. The final reveal will send shivers up and down their spines. You probably won't perform this often, but at the right time and in the right place this will leave spectators speechless. Awesome effect.

David Shareef

I have done this in Halloween shows before and out of all of the cool creepy things I have done, this is the effect everyone talked about! I'm now performing this in my Las Vegas show and soon on my Netflix special!

Chris Chambers

This is my effect to do to get my close up session started. i love dark stories and this one has to be my favorite. have put the work in to the back story so really goes down well. Used this for my audition for wolverhampton circle of magicians and it hit perfectly and left all but one of the council members fooled.


Not for every performer or occasion, but at the right and for the right group this is a stunning theatrical piece that leaves enough scope for you to add your own embelishment. If you enjoy telling a dark tale this is a great effect

Barry Harvey

OK folks - you need to be a storyteller to get the most from this trick. However, if you put in a bit of work to develop a back story around the tricks this is an absolute killer. Don't expect howls of laughter or thunderous applause as this trick will get you total stunned silence and perhaps an expletive or three! Play it weird and spooky and you will be remembered for performing this trick above almost anything else you do.

Karl Bartoni

"I can't write a customer review as this effect has not been released yet but I can tell to that I have known about 'Til Death Do Us Part' for a number of years and have had the pleasure of seeing Jim Critchlow perform it to select groups of experienced magician's as well as laypeople at past Edinburgh Gatherings, always to much aplomb and discussion. This is a prediction effect with a big difference and unlike anything else you mayrnhave seen. With this effect, once again Jim Critchlow utilises simplicity to create a big impact during and after the performance. Watch him and learn when yournplay the supplied high quality DVD. My five star rating is based on the simplicity of method, the premise/storyline, the originality, the impact on spectators and from what I know to be quality of what you will recieve when you buy 'Til Death Do Us Part' " Karl Bartonirn

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