Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax

Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax

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"VERY practical and SUPER clean” -Mat Franco, Winner of America’s Got Talent

For me, the Holy Grail of magic has always been this: A MIRACLE that FITS IN MY WALLET, features a VISUAL MOMENT, and takes place IN THE SPECTATOR’S HAND.

You guys, I found the Holy Grail. It’s called TORNADO.

Well, Justin Flom and I found it together. It happened five months ago, during a late-night jam session. Since that night, we’ve been working closely with Penguin Magic and the United States Playing Card Company to bring this KILLER PIECE OF MAGIC to all of you.

It’s ready.

Here’s the trick: You tear up a 4 and put a corner of the card in your friend’s hand. Then you take a step back and tear up a 7. You hold a corner of the 7 between your fingertips…and VISUALLY CHANGE IT INTO THE CORNER OF THE 4. Then your friend opens up her hand…AND SHE’S GOT THE 7.

VERY IMPORTANT POINT: This trick ONLY USES TWO CARDS. No extra pieces, no fancy sleight-of-hand. THE CARDS DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. And when you’re done with the trick, YOUR FRIEND CAN KEEP THE TORN CARD PIECES as a souvenir of this IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENING.

I know, I know—this one sounds too good to be true.

It’s not.

This one really does live up to the hype. Once you start performing Tornado, you’ll see it for yourself. You’ll see it in the faces of your friends, of your spectators. And you’ll want to see it again and again and again.

-Rick Lax

What you get:

When you buy Tornado, you’re going to get detailed instructions from Rick Lax, as well as an INGENIOUS subtlety taught by Justin Flom.

You’ll receive EVERYTHING YOU NEED to perform Tornado, including 28 custom-designed, gimmicked cards, allowing for 14 performances. These cards were specially engineered and produced by Rick Lax, Justin Flom, Kevin Reylek, and the USPCC.

*Don't forget to pick up your refill pack


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Customer Reviews

Ronald Wood

You remove two cards from your pocket, wallet, etc. They are of contrasting colours. One Red, the other Black. You tear them up into quarters. You and your spectator each hold one of the torn corners from each card. Boom! They transpose! A beautifull effect which could be done with sleight of hand, but why do that when you can use these beautiful gimmicked cards in Tornado. When I bought this and knew I was getting 28 cards, 14 performances. I didn’t realise until I opened them that I was getting different cards! Can’t say much here without giving anything away, but if you performed this to someone and they then later brought a friend over asking you to show them it, you could. (Different cards!) A beautiful effect, almost self working and definately a worker. When I find an effect that is a worker, I usually practise it for a few month before adding it into my routine. This one, Tornado, will be in next weeks show! I’d like to add also... You can, with a little dexterity remove the two cards from your pack and then go into this. An absolute winner. Thank you Justin Flom and Rick Lax for releasing this. And thank you Alakazam for selling this. Forgot to mention. There is also a refill pack! Brilliant!

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