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Transparent By Jared Manley 2 Pound Version

Transparent By Jared Manley 2 Pound Version

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Jared Manley presents his brand new effect Transparent! 

Imagine disappearing the silver part of a spectator’s £2 or 1 Euro coin so that only a clear impression of the centre piece remains. Watch the shock on their faces as, with a gentle rub over the coin, the whole £2 or 1 Euro is now totally transparent.

This is just one of the many routines which can be performed with the professionally made gimmicks provided. Utilising the gimmicks in a variety of combinations allows the performer to create their own bespoke routines as well as incorporate them into already established performances.

Transparent is one of Jared Manley’s latest creations. Having performed this extremely strong and highly versatile coin effect in all his professional close-up performances, it is guaranteed that it will be well received by all!

"I always carry transparent with me, not only is it an awesome trick in itself, it’s the perfect ending to my spellbound routine, brilliant!” Gary Jones

"Fantastic concept and beautifully made!” Laura London

"Lovely gimmicks, really well made and you can use them for the routines supplied which are all super visual or come up with your own ideas. I will be definitely using this set, great stuff Jared!” Chris Congreve

*Transparent comes with gimmick and online training video delivered directly in to your Alakazam Account

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