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Trilogy Bicycles by Brian Caswells

Trilogy Bicycles by Brian Caswells

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Peter Nardi takes Brian's fantastic Trilogy effect to a new level using Bicycle brand playing cards.
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Customer Reviews

Benjamin Bischoff

This is a must-have! I fried so many people with it - even magicians. The third choice is the strongest since they can name ANY card. I really get a kick out of performing this one. And since there is no sleight of hand required I can focus entirely on presentation.


Just brilliant!!!! It is a killer!! I really had people, who were afraid of me after performing that trick!! It is one of the "No way", or "absolutely impossible" tricks and you will love it!! Don't think about buying it, just buy it, it is a must have!!! You get everything included, a good expanation by Peter Nardi and the cards. It needs a bit time to set up, but that is only the first time and it is woth to spend some minutes on this brilliant effect.....


This is a MUST have for anyone interested in card magic. Fools everyone and the 3rd choice where a spectator names ANY card just fries their minds!!! This is one of those tricks that you will never get bored of using.

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