Triple Impact By Matt Ellison

Triple Impact By Matt Ellison

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This effect is a real mind buster for both close-up and stand up! Order yours now!
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Customer Reviews

Matt Shaw

Awesome trick! Totally clean at the end, this will blow your spectators away! Very very easy to do with great result.

Steven Holt

I picked this up the other day in Alakazam's Christmas sake. Peter Nardi mentioned it to me a while back, I never got round to getting it as I have enough card tricks. This is very good indeed. The method is simplicity itself. I've not tried this out yet, but I soon will when I'm able to find an audience. I like this a lot from play about with it. I'm glad I picked it up. I'd recommend this to anyone. S.Holt

John Owen

Got this last week this is an amazing trick so easy to do.I did it for my wife first time and she was convinced I was hiding cards in pockets,so tried small envelopes marked A.B.C,works even better ,have had great reactions,especially when you give them the option of swapping the cards.

Chris Campling

i recieved mine yesterday it is better than i thought very easy to do and quick to learn


I had not used this for a while, but got it out again at a walk about the other week. Its one of those that as a magician/mentalist we can sometimes find it not that impressive, but I have slays a laymen, and at the end of the day thats what its about! Just a small idea I have the end..i comment on all the time this could be the only solution anyway..that they could not of picked any other cards...I then produce(after a switch) a blank faced deck of cards!!


I have to agree this is a fantastic trick, i have let this go under my radar for a few years. One of the few strong effects out there that you can and will use in the real world of magic. Graham


This trick is great!! A killer and you are totally clean at the end!! You got the three prediction cards before in your pockets, and the good thing is, that you really have only these three cards. The gimmicks and the dvd are well done (like always) and you just got a well prized effect in your pocket with Triple Impact....!!

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