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Volition By Steve Cook

Volition By Steve Cook

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Please note that coloured envelopes may vary.

Volition By Steve Cook is a totally hands off Bank Night effect perfect for the close up, strolling or parlour magician / Mentalist.

Bank Night has long been a favourite with audiences and Steve's new take on this classic is a sure fire winner.

Four coloured envelopes are handed to one of  your participants.  They mix the envelopes and deal them out.

The contents of each envelope is revealed and of course you have the winning envelope.

Volition comes complete with coloured envelopes (as a bonus we also include a poker sized set so you can carry this with you everywhere) and a full in depth training DVD featuring routines and presentations by Steve Cook and Peter Nardi.

Not only that but you will also receive the all-important registration code that will give you access to all future tips, handlings and routines for this amazing effect.

Points to remember

Volition is

Easy to do (no sleight of hand required)

Totally self-contained (nothing added to the envelope)

Instant reset

Multiple routine ideas

Can be performed totally hands off!



Volition is the Bank Night effect you have been dreaming of!

Routine Idea

Imagine showing 4 cards. Your spectator is asked to mix them facedown (so nobody knows the order) they place anyone of the cards into any of the coloured envelopes and then mix the envelopes and deal them out.

Now you state that each card has a prize and whatever prize they have received on they can genuinely take home.

Spectator number one opens their envelope and reveals they have won a lollipop.  You reach in to your pocket and hand them a lollipop.

Spectator number two opens their envelope to reveal they have won your business card. You take a business card out of your wallet and hand it to them.

Spectator number three opens their envelope to reveal they have a chance of winning "£250,000” you now reach in to your wallet and remove a scratch card

Now there is just one envelope left, the one they dealt to you.  You open it (or you spectator can if you wish) to reveal you have won your wallet including all the contents!!


There are so many routine ideas for Volition, you will love the concept!!

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Customer Reviews

G. Bairstow

I love this, for it is right up my street. But at the moment we are in lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Once I can get out & about again, I am going to have loads of fun with this. I am 79 years, so a lot of times I am with people of my age. But this will play brilliantly for all ages & everyone will understand.


As a beginner, I thought I figured out the move before I viewed the video, and am not sure it would fool a magician. However . . . After watching the video, and learning some subtleties, I think it very well could. This routine will go into my ’bag of tricks’ for sure because it will fool people, is easy to do, and packs small. The various endings can be tailored to the event / audience.


I love the simplicity of this but do not think in any way that this applies to the reactions you will get - this packs very big indeed. The reactions I have got from this have been amazing. You know whenever you buy an Alakazam product of the high quality - the packaging is superb, as is the price. Just order this - I have fooled other magicians with this and you are completely clean at the end. Everything can be examined.

John Kubiszewski

Very Very Easy to do....and you will amaze professional magicians as much as the rest of us .Pure entertainment

Tony Razzano

This is a fine, fine effect. The thinking is superb. You can use t.he provided routines or come up with your own (as I have). Easy to do and as Peter says in the trailer. everything can be examined...and he means everything. And that is very true. Carry it in your shirt pocket. Well worth the money,

Tony Razzano

Volition is an excellent effect. I use it in my close up/walk around and it gets a great reaction. Setup is vsry simple and there is no reset unless you want to change the outcome. If so, it is easy to do between groups, This routine can be played any way you sish. Peter says on the trailer thet ; Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is completely examinable.".: And he is 100% correct. I recommend this highly

Mick Wilson

Wow! Now this is what I simplicity! As several have said before, nothing convoluted here. Super simple method and thank goodness for it. I'm a great believer in less work and more performance and this allows for that in spades, I thinks it's commonly known as lazy ha ha. It is so casual and off hand, you actually have the capacity to look like you really don't give a monkey's while performing this, how disarming is that?. I am already onto using 4 identical envelopes with the necessary amendments and I have plans to use it in conjunction in part of a larger routine, (I'll gladly submit it here for consideration upon completion). It's not often an effect comes along that has a myriad of ideas hatching in your mind but this one certainly did. This is Mental Tap so it gets 11 outta 10 from me. P.S. I did I mention this is ridiculously simple?

Charles Temple

Volition By Steve Cook, Brilliant is the word. I used this last, Friday night. I changed the routine slightly each time the reaction was brilliant. I even heard someone say. "I was a different envelope on our table." I didn't over do it though. I had this in my wallet and along with a couple of other effects I performed it this evening. It blew their minds when I was asked out of the blue to do something. This with a couple of other items to make a short spot now has a home in my wallet and is always with me.

Marcelo Rossi

A great and very easy to do routine. There are plenty of variations to the routine with the props supplied. It takes up no room and can be carried in the pocket. I recommend it!!!!

Ian Barradell

Another excellent effect from Steve Cook. Great thinking and a real fooler and most definitely a worker. Totally fried me when I first saw this live. Can't recommend this highly enough.

Liam Montier

Steve Cook's new trick, Volition, is what good mentalism should be. It's commercial, its fool-proof, and brings a refreshingly entertaining approach to the plot! Highly recommended!

Manos Kartsakis

This is a beautiful effect in its simplicity. It is hands off and sure fire. It is also very versatile as it allows you to use your own presentation and messages on the cards. I will be using this.

Paul McCaig

Volition is an absolute gem, which will leave any lay audience stunned... but I have also seen Steve Cook completely floor many seasoned performers and 'people in the know' with this. I was with Steve when he first showed his original handlings to Peter Nardi in Blackpool and Gary Jones just a few months before....neither had a clue....their reactions were priceless !! Well done again Steve and the team at Alakazam, on producing yet another winner!!

Steve Dela

Wow... I LOVE this! Steve Cook has done it again. A simple but highly effective solution to a totally hands off 'close up' bank night style effect. Personally I think the price is spot on. Yes you're paying for the idea but saying that... you are getting a lot of props also. This comes complete and you will be performing it almost instantly. Much like 'symbol' this is one of those tricks where you can't wait to show people... or at least I can't. Just brilliant!

Stephane Schoetens

Clever, nice, simple and oh so deceptive. Very good and simple trick. Once you know the system, the possibilities are endless... Nicely explained by Peter Nardy in the DVD. In my opinion a little expensive for "the idea and the DVD". That's why I gave it 4 stars. But otherwise surely recommended! Buy it! The illusion is out there...


It's so easy to perform this trick. I like it so much, 4 envelopes and 4 cards and it's so simple to get some ovations. Thank you Peter to present this to the community

Christian Fisanick

Don't get me wrong. Volition is a fine effect for a professional with a brilliant/brilliantly stupid (depending on how you look at it) method that uses no sleights or gimmicks, just sheer confidence in its working. I really debated whether to give this four or five. On the one hand, the effect really is that good; just watch the promo. On the other, you are getting a DVD with the method, something that will take all of about 10 seconds to understand, and some blank cards and envelopes. So in that respect, this seems a tad overpriced because it could've been a bare bones download for just under 10 pounds It will show up as a four, but I'll give Volition, the slick new Steve Cook version of Bank Night, a four-and-a-half.

David Mcallister

What can I say about Volition another stunner from Alakazam Magic , love the fact that there are two sizes of envelopes one for stage and one for carrying in the wallet .. another 5 Star trick

Rob Dodge

After watching the trailer I thought of many ways to achieve the result at the end as I like dissecting routines amd trying to establish methods as in all honesty I dont like spending money again and again on piles of rubbish. For nearly 2 weeks I hummed and Haad shall I buy it or shant I - Then I bloody gave in just to find out if my method was right- Oh and to get the bonus videos kindly added by Peter. My method was too convoluted and Steve's method is that bang your head moment with your palm simplistic and as others have "Why didnt I come up with that" as we all do. It is brilliant amd has so many applications in all areas of the magical arts whether your a magician, mentalist, bizarists or any other professional entertainer. I will not say any more just dont buy it as I feel personal injury will occur when you find out the method.... You have been warned!!! Dr Rob

Paul Underwood

Volition By Steve Cook Again, another positively outstanding release through Alakazam magic. It was great to return from holiday recently to find this waiting for me. The packaging is completely flat, so none of that unnecessary extra bulk. The presentation and colouring make for great eye candy too, so much that it is easy enough to forgive a spelling error within the back description. Whoops! Enclosed is a well detailed DVD along with eight mini envelopes in beautifully differing colours - four smaller and four slightly larger ones. You also get four cards on which to write on. I think it would perhaps be beneficial to have an additional spare set enclosed - maybe at a small extra charge? With that being said though, this is an outstanding piece of art. What more could you want than the spectator freely shuffling the coloured envelopes and freely dealing them out - only for the predictions to go in your favour? It's the perfect bank night effect that fits nicely in your pocket, allowing for a great walk around piece to take anywhere. It's also at a great price that comes nowhere near the precious value of such a magnificent piece of magic and mentalism. I urge you to purchase this and give it at least one performance. You will not be disappointed, and the reactions you get will far outweigh the already affordable price! It is simple, examinable and instantly resettable.


A great and very easy to do routine. There are plenty of variations to the routine with the props supplied. I am using this in my Children's show where the Birthday child becomes the winner. It takes up no room and can be carried in the pocket.

Robert Sixx

Nice commercial trick, easy to do. I just got this in although I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but have no doubt that it will play well. I especially liked some of the additional ideas as that's the direction I was thinking while watching the early parts of the explanation.

Adrian Shattock

What a great little trick, Peter has given a few different routines but within minutes I was thinking of others. This can be performed without touching anything if you want, its very easy and one of those "why didnt I think of that" tricks. The bright coloured envelopes supplied are ideal, yes a great addition.

Stephen Lovering

What a fantastic trick, I am new to magic and this is one trick I will be using, thank you so much for this.

Terry Tyson

The method is dead simple, but the effect on an audience is outstanding. As with any Bank Night effect, the presentation can be played for smiles or it can be played quite seriously. I've come up with a murder mystery plot, a fortune telling angle and have used the original routine with pleasing results. Do not, I repeat, do not discard the simplicity of method. If you perform it right, it mystifies your audience quite nicely. It should be noted that the package I received contained two sets of envelopes of differing sizes (one fits easily into a jacket pocket) and a few blank cards to customize the effect to your liking. Be bold, brave and play it to the hilt. A winner!

Markus Gabriel

I normally don’t like banknight effects, but Volition is different. Thanks to Peter’s presentation there are only winners in this game. It’s a lot of fun to perform and gets great reactions. Volition is very versatile: It can be performed as a quickie or a longer piece of mentalism. It can be turned into a more serious mentalism effect. It can be combined with other effects forming a larger routine. I found Volition easy to learn, there is no fishing, no switching, no suspicious moves and my favorite: everything can be examined. A colorful little mental effect that is fun to do!

Mark Call

Can you say "NO FREAKIN' WAY!" Okay I watched trailer about 5 times figuring I could figure this lil' gem out... NOPE! It's so SIMPLE it's diabolical! It's so simple I feel dumb.. BUT again those are always the BEST EFFECTS! I did it 3 minutes after watching the video w/ 3 co-workers and blew them away. The BEST part is it's a "METHOD' not just a one and done 'TRICK" ... my brain is going nuts thinking of how I can use this EASY METHOD in many effects! Peter your routines add so much to what Steve Cook has already made great! Seriously folks, just grab this.. you WILL use it everyday!


Just received this and it is amazing. The envelopes are very bright and fun. The method is so slick that all you need is confidence. Steve has done it again.

Robert Lavers

I much prefer spell of magic as a pricentre comparison . I like the bonus symbol effect but after watching the demo I had a good idea how it was accomplished. I just didn't think it would be that simple. Unfortunately it was

Stephen Beresford

For me the value here is where you can take the basic idea. I'm currently working on combining this with my version of Peter Nardi's coins and envelopes handling of Brian Caswell's excellent Trilogy Extreme.

Paul Cheesman

I nice little trick with the minimum of set up and props. Having viewed the accompanying DVD it is clear that you can adapt it to suit many different situations. Just add your story and away you go. My only negative is the cost of £19:99. I know that it has to take into account the packaging etc but it could have gone out a lot cheaper on a Streaming Video.

Alan White

What a simple but great idea. Nothing to do, just present it well. Showed it to three friends last night, they were so fooled, I had to repeat it to three different people with the original three pairs of eyes 'burning' the envelopes. Switched envelope colours and fooled them again. Get this for its simplicity and directness. Alan White

Dr. Mike Highton

At last! No ludicrously large envelopes. No stage required. No contrived purpose or premiss. AND YES entertainment. Tongue in cheek magic. A plot any human can enjoy without feeling like a loser or the recipient of a loaded so called free choice.........that isn't! Real world, real entertainment, real humour and a great humourous little kicker at the end. A winner for real people and magicians who know how to entertain with a 'whimsy'. Dr. Mike Highton

Chris Wild

I do believe bank night routines can be confusing to the spectators if not performed in the correct way. Volition is very straight forward and easy to perform, so you can concentrate on the presentation. There are endless possibilities to present this effect.

Dean Odell

This is a very simple effect but don’t let that put you off! Violation is an entertaining effect with a final reveal that will shock your audience. The method can be learnt in a few minutes which means you can focus on the presentation and Peter’s routine is very entertain and got a lot of laughs when I performed it over the weekend. There are other routines explained which may be more appealing to others, the envelopes could all be the same colour for example. What I was disappointed with this project was there was no real world footage of the routine not even the footage from the promo video was included. I would like to see more of this because I am interested how this would play out if you went up to a table with say 5 or 6 people and how the procedure would work in that environment those performances tips are more valuable to me. Maybe this kind of thing can be addressed with additional content Alakazam now produce with their projects This is good, I like it and I will use it, looking to use it in a parlour setting in a few weeks. It is very flexible cant fit lots of presentation ideas and comes with two sizes of envelopes. Would be nice if they stock replacement envelopes.

Nicolas Cheng

This is a brilliant take on the bank night plot. Very easy to do and everything is examinable. The method allows the presentation to be customised to your own liking. Highly recommended!

Olympic Adam

What you are buying here is a method (not props or a gimmick) which can be used as a routine itself, or part of something bigger. It definitely works, though if you are a beginner you might find it a bit of a challenge. As good as it is, i'm not sure it warrants a stand alone release, this would be great in a cheaper download, or as part of a larger book. For that reason I wasn't sure if this should get 3 stars, however, I think i'll be using this somewhere so 3 wouldn't be fair. A great idea, really simple and workable, though I think the format is incorrect. Compare this to some of the other similarly priced items and they might have more bang for your buck.

Byron Rodriguez

Received on Friday, and worked the basic routine at 40th party last night. The product is excellent, well produced dvd with couple of routines and thoughts for others. I Like Peter's idea of funny fortune cookies, and will explore this angle. Props beautifuly made, two sets of coloured envelopes and a set of blank cards, so everything is there to perform out the box. Simple in execution leaving you to use your presentation skills to the max depending on your character. Can be inspected and also under spectators control, overall a great product at great price considering what you get. As an afterthought I performed it last night to three different groups, using different final outcome, totally slayed them with it, and thats whats important about an effect, how it plays with the public. I highly recommend this product

Trevor Hargreaves

Definition Volition: The faculty or capability of conscious choice, decision, and intention. Volition is the latest creation of Steve Cook where the spectators choices and decisions are of their own volition. The result is a Bank Night effect that is completely hands-off and starts and ends completely clean. Four coloured envelopes are handed to a spectator to shuffle (from this point on the magician does not need to touch the envelopes again). They are then dealt out to the three spectators and the magician. The spectators themselves can open the envelopes and read the card inside. Each card is a funny comment or gag. When it comes to the envelope freely dealt to the magician we find it contains not only another gag card but also money! Bank Night effects can appear to be 'magician wins - spectator loses' scenarios but by playing it for laughs everyone is involved and the end result is an entertaining routine. Points to note: This is completely flexible. The cards can read whatever you like (the DVD enclosed gives Steve Cook's original routine as well as Peter Nardi's routine along with many more ideas). There are no forces. There is no sleight of hand. Nothing added or taken away. It looks completely fair and cannot be back-tracked by the onlookers. Although the secret may be obvious to magicians it is so subtle and understated that it will fly by the lay public. Instant reset. What you receive: Two sets of envelopes (one regular size and one small). Blank cards so you can write whatever. A training DVD with loads of thoughts, tips and ideas. As usual there is a registration code for future streaming videos and believe me there will plenty of ideas flowing from this simple system. A great 'carry in your pocket or wallet' effect. Recommended. Four Stars.

Jan Brunner

Great effects an ideas! A real worker for most situations, esp. Table Hopping! Chapeau for the inventor!

Paul Heaney

What a brilliant idea. It is so simple but that is what makes it so great. On the DVD Peter explains some great ideas but the method will allow to come up with lots of different presentations and variations yourself. You are only limited by your imagination. Great stuff again from the Alakazam team.

Scott Paton

Great effect and very easy to do. Routines are funny and strong


So simple and instantly reset, no memory work and it's not difficult in any way. What you see in the trailer is what you get, nothing edited or left out the performance you see is exactly as you'd perform it. I watched the DVD and was using it within minutes trying come up with my own style of presentation. This is something you can use out of the box or work on to make your own.

Paul Gorham

Just received this what a great effect mind is racing with ideas loved symbol by Steve cook this exceeds that will be trying it out in my performance tonight really easy to do yet mind fooling

David Abel

simple to understand and follow, direct, strong ,hands off. I love this routine and will definitely be using it. It is suitable in any situation you are performing to a group of people. I will be using ideas on the later part of the dvd which add even more layers of deception to the routine and there are many ideas that Peter goes into that you can adapt the version shown in the demo. Definitely will be using this in my act. Great fun routine with maximum audience participation. Love it.

Ben Rayot

Absolutely fantastic, easy, great impact and reset itself automatically. Simple but amazing!

Ross Warnett

Love these very simple tricks and the way they leave people scratching their head. (including me at times)

Jamie Badman

I really liked this. When you receive the product and before you find out the secret, first watch the performance video again and remember how fooled you were. Then when you find out how it's done, don't feel disappointed in its simplicity because that's the true beauty of this routine. It's really, really hard to mess up, will fool everyone and there's massive scope to adapt this with ideas and presentations of your own. Thumbs up from me!

Tony Walker

lots of 5 star reviews already. Saw the trailer and it was obvious to me straight away how this was done and surprised people are saying they were fooled. Having said that if done with confidence it may fool the lay person but I would suggest doing it with items that look the same if you know what I mean and is explained on the explanation DVD. A good trick but I wouldn't rate it as 5 star I'm afraid. it's to obvious at it's basic level

Peter Rees

I absolutely love this. So clean. So baffling. So easy to do. A real worker for close up, table hopping and parlour and with the bigger envelopes... even stage. This just flys!

Robert Matthews

Fantastic version of a bank night effect - Very clever, very easy to do and i just love the small envelopes that you can carry in your wallet. Can see people going up with loads of ideas for this.

Chris North

The first time I saw this I was completely fooled, the method is simple, direct and completely 'hands free' from the performer's point of view. The principle involved can be applied to many scenarios limited only by the performers imagination. But just on the supplied items and ideas there is a lot of scope for your presentations. Easy to perform, well produced video - another Alakazam winner

Mike Donoghue

NO convoluted process here. Very direct & you never touch the envelopes ! Everything is supplied to get you started right away & you will want to go out and start doing this immediatelly. Can be done Close Up or Cabaret & with routines supplied you are spoilt for choice. Again both Peter & Steve Cooke do not let us down. Fantastically simple & SO GOOD

John Mason

Another winner from Mr Nardi! Simple to do and what a fooler. Has to be the ultimate Bank Night effect. To coin a phrase... You are only limited by your imagination.

Jamie Povey

This is Brilliant! Simple - hard hitting magic/mentalism! You're supplied with everything you need to get going straight away. The DVD is of the usual great standard from Alakazam.

Alan Lacey

This is well packaged with 2 sizes of coloured envelopes to choose from when performing the effect - and can be customised for a variety of cards/messages within the envelopes to suit how you want to perform it and your participants. It can also be linked in with other effects such as symbol cards / playing cards and I'm sure with a little thought could be used to mix in with another effect to double the impact. When you see how it is done you may, like me, feel a little disappointed - but there are multiple ways on the DVD to make the effect have plenty of impact (and it may be one of those which is easy "when you know how"!) Instant reset - yes, can be examined - yes, is in the hands of a spectator most of the time and is clean - yes. I haven't tried performing this yet, but will see how it goes and hope to get a good reaction!


Peter showed me his routine and I did not have a clue of the method.When I received my copy I was knocked out by the simplicity of the secret.There will be many other great routines and effects stemming from this simple concept.Very easy to perform and well recommended.

Jay Adkins

Fantastic version of a classic mentalism routine. A bank night style effect that the spectator will remember, as they are the ones doing the magic. Add this to your close up sets or parlor shows all styles of performance perfectly though out due to the supplied different sized envelopes. Thanks for a great routine

Daniel Lander

Bank Night remains a classic plot of magic because of its direct interaction with spectators and a feeling of "if only" conjured up in their minds. Volition gives you an ungimmicked and simple version that is as clean as a freshly laundered whistle; no dodgy envelopes, no holding out, no shifty forces or wordplay. On learning the method you might feel a pang of disappointment at first but, remember, method is not important - effect and reaction are and Volition delivers on these. Just as important, maybe more so, are the routine ideas provided with this release,which seek to get away from the "yah boo sucks you lost" feeling that sometimes arise with a Bank Night routine. This may not be the most electrifying of Alakazam releases but it bears the hallmarks of the best of them - direct and highly commercial.

Craig Morgan

Very clever, yet simple method! The routines offered on the dvd are great. The ESP one being a particular favourite. But the beauty of Volition is that you can adapt it how ever you see fit!

Steve Black

This simplicity itself but as Peter says in the DVD don't let this take anything away from what is a lovely effect. I love the extra handling ideas which are very strong because the target envelope can changed. The DVD and teaching are superb, as usual, and the props supplied are comprehensive. This is definitely a worker and the price makes it superb value. ANOTHER fantastic addition to the Alakazam catalogue !!

Sean Galloghly

Hahahahahahhahhahahaah!!!! :) YES! Absolutely beautiful in its simplicity - Even watching Peter run through it twice in short order on the DVD, I was still stumped about the method - and then it slowly dawned on me as the explanation unfurled along with a huge grin that has stayed on my face ever since! Just wonderful... a method that will stay with you for years and years to come for innumerable routines. Brilliant stuff!

Jamie Daws

Peter showed this to me a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fried me with it! It is undoubtably one of the cleanest bank night effects I have every come across. What I love about this routine is, I handled everything, from start to finish and it is so incredibly organic! I was completely clueless. This really is a trick for the working magician and I cant wait to start taking this out at gigs over the Christmas Period! Highly Recommend!

Sarah Stott

I was lucky enough to see Peter perform this for the trailer. It's great to have a version of bank night that you can perform when table hopping. This effect is fun, simple to perform, completely hands off and incredibly clean. I loved it!

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