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What If By Carl Crichton Prince Deck 2

What If By Carl Crichton Prince Deck 2
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If there is one thing we all have in common it’s that everybody wishes they could predict the Lottery numbers and with odd of over 14,000,000 to 1 it seems very unlikely!

Lottery fever is a worldwide phenomenon and there was a time you couldn’t walk in to a shop without seeing some novelty way of generating your so called lucky numbers.

The Lucky Lottery Game Deck is one of those ways. 

The idea is simple, mix the deck, select six cards and take you chance! BUT what if nothing was left to chance? What if you could actually predict the lottery?

Originally based on an idea by Mark Elsdon (the rights to which were purchased by Alakazam almost 10 years ago) The Alakazam team added a new design, more kickers, new handlings and new ideas!

The original Against All Odds was a true coming together of minds and then Carl Crichton-Prince knocked it out the park with "What If?”

"What If?” takes Against All Odds to a place none of us believed was possible!

Carl’s genius thinking has created an effect that is far more deceptive and contains so many convincers that you will fool yourself when you perform it!

What If?  is a totally redesigned custom printed deck which looks perfect in every way.

So What’s The Effect?

After a very fair display of a Lottery Number Deck and a super fair selection procedure (no equivoque) your spectator is left with 6 cards each depicting a different numbered lottery ball.

(This selection looks ultra-fair and we have even included a game instruction card which explains the procedure in detail so you could actually perform this hands off!)  

You now hand them a Lottery ticket with exactly the same numbers on! (The ticket may even be handed to them before the effect even begins)

What If?  has taken an already incredible plot and made every aspect of it appear so free, fair and natural, Your spectator will suspect nothing and feel like they have made every decision themselves yet, "The Numbers and colours you have predicted will always match perfectly”!

What If? comes complete with:

-Custom Printed Deck

-Multiple handling’s for both close up, Parlour and stage -Bonus cards and routine

With What If? in your pocket you are set to perform a 5-10 min close up or cabaret set that your spectators will not forget.

"What If?” is easy to learn, easy to use and not like any other pick a card trick.

Choose from two different sets of numbers or by the combo pack and you can interchange the numbers to create multiple final outcomes (perfect for repeat performances)  

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Customer Reviews

Ross Warnett

What for both decks to give me greater options and can repeat the effect again to the same people. Very easy to lean Just wish I could win the real one. A++++++++.

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