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What The Tarot Holds By Phil Tilston


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Phil Tilstons’ What The Tarots Hold takes a classic effect and gives it a spooky new twist. Perfect to perform any time of the year What The Tarot Holds will certainly engage and amaze your audience.

What The Tarots holds comes complete with beautiful, aged looking Tarot cards (major Arcana) and online video instructions.

What the Tarot Holds uses no sleight of hand and is totally self-working so it’s perfect for the beginner as well and the seasoned pro! 

 Comes complete with Tarot cards and online video.

*Please note the Tarot cards are a different design to the one used in the performance.  We have gone for a less colourful more aged design.

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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

I love routines that you can pull out of your pocket, do to one person but the wider audience cant help but be drawn in, and the is one of them. Tarot naturally intrigues people add to that that people still do not know if esp and oracles exist. This draws all these things together, alongside a method that is bullet proof so you can focus on delivery.

Jester Styles

Absolutely love this! I do a lot of Tarot/Oracle stuff in my corporate work and this fits in perfectly. It's quick and easy to follow for the spectators. I tend to stay away from routines with a lot of counting/dealing but this is really worth it! Slow it down, enjoy the moment. Mine arrived this morning and will be performed at tonights show. Easy to learn and you won't forget how to do it even if you only perform it once a year. Also once you know the method, you can use photos, pictures or playing cards. A great trick to know for trade shows or banded events if you used the company logos.

Jonathan Todd Excelsior

Fantastic and so lovely that it was free. This is worth $50 easily! Thank you Peter and Alakazam. My addition is the wording for using playing cards if you don't have the tarot with you. Use random cards and not court or aces. That way the setup is less obvious. It avoids pattern recognition of aces and kings in the setup. Only thing you need is the words to use. In English I use the following: WHAT THE DECKS THINK. Patter here is that you have two mini DECKS of five duplicate cards each. You wonder regardless of what the spectator thinks or does - WHAT THE DECKS THINK! FURTHER subtleties for the die hards that I've worked out: One red back and one blue back makes it interesting. If you are using a single deck, which I do more often as it is more organic, use paired cards: 5C/5S, 9D/9H, 8H/8D, 6S/6C, 3D/3H. The first card of each pair above is your first DECK and the second is your SECOND DECK. This gives you red and black cards in both decks AND diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades in both. The use of 5,3,6,8,9 is also deceptive as they are hard to differentiate based on the number of pips and the roundness of the indices. Try it - it is as deceptive as the tarot version. I hope you can use this and find it helpful.

Stephane Schoetens

Super nice props. Look aged but handle smooth. By the way: ARE MARKED! Top Deal ! For french talking people: "POUR UNE JUSTE PAIRE" (For a right pair)

Anthony Walker

Simple trick bt made more effective with the use of the Tarot Cards. Don't under estimate simplicity. This blows lay persons minds. Remember your Charlier Shuffle with this effect which is not mentioned on the video because this really adds to the frying of the minds. Much stronger than just pulling single cards off especially when done in a haphazard manner.

Bert Van Dyck

Together with the Butterfly effect this must be the best card trick of the year 😊. Beautiful tarot cards but I prefer to use court cards as they are originated from tarot. Adapt your story and use your imagination ! The big advantage is that you can show in the beginning of the routine, a random packet with 10 different court cards instead of 2 sets of 5 pair identical cards . At the end the red kings, the black queens etc....will match. It makes the effect just that little bit stronger 😊

Bert Van Dyck

Suggestion for Flemish and Dutch (Belgium and the Netherlands) : KIES EEN TAROT KAART. choose a tarot card 😊

Barry Gibbs

Come up trumps again Free Trick... Proper Tarot cards really add to it

Jan Brunner

Suggestion for German speaking countries: HABE ICH HEUTE GLÜCK (am I lucky today)

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