Will Houstoun Two Day Academy Instant Download

Will Houstoun Two Day Academy Instant Download

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Dr Houstoun: On Coins

If, as Hofzinser has suggested, card magic is the "poetry of conjuring” then magic with coins is its music. Requiring little in the way of description, narrative or plot, coin magic offers some of the most striking, visual and universal material in the field of conjuring.

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Customer Reviews

Samuel Wheeler

Watching this live on day 2, and Will is fantastic. The effects he is performing are flawless, and incredible! And the level of detail he goes into for each trick is fantastic. Including things I'd never even have considered before. He's clearly spent a lot of time thinking about and perfecting each effect. He's a talented teacher as well. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. Well worth watching and enjoying this course!

Alexander Ross

An amazing coin magic course! Not without the need for practice, but when presented with such precise and detailed tuition it will be well worth the dedication and time to perfect, or at lease attempt to perfect, as much as could be possible.Each trick is very clearly discussed in great detail. Moreover could be presented as impromptu and without the need to carry few or any props!

Richard Morris

What can you sa. BRILLIANT! You have a really great relaxed way of working that is both inspiring and encouraging. Well Done


Really excellent live, the tricks, the techniques, the reflections. Really happy to discover Will Houstoun whom I did not know. Be happy that I should write in English, in French you would have a torrent of praise.

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