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Will To Read By Steve Dela


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I rarely find new magic on the market that I get Excited about. Will To Read not only got me a little riled up but I removed a similar effect from my every day carry to make way for it. WTR is simply the best form of this effect on the market! "Alan Rorrison"

Talk about Packs small, Plays big...."Will To Read" combines two highly powerful effects together and delivers them in one tiny bundle that will take up next to no space in your wallet. I love it and can't wait to use it myself! "Michael Murray"

This has become my go to "Impromptu" Mentalism effect! "Peter Nardi"

Is there anyway we can stop this from coming out? I want this and I want to be the  only one performing it! "Marc Spelmann"

At last a Free Will effect that makes sense contextually and with the added bonus that it transitions seamlessly into a compelling piece of mind reading "Atlas Brookings"

Will To Read

- Have the ability to predict the actions your spectator is about to take -

Steve Dela has created a powerful piece of mentalism that fits neatly into your wallet.

Will To Read contains two powerful ‘mind reading’ effects. Combine them together and you can produce a full ‘hard hitting’ routine. Now add your BIP Book and now you have an entire act!

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Customer Reviews

Mick Wilson

With so many reviews already posted, there appears to be no point in me posting one, but I'll chuck my tuppence in for what it's worth. Like everybody else who's posted here, I absolutely adore this effect. Steve has made it ludicrously simple without taking away any of the impact, in fact, he's added too it thanks to the directness and simplicity of the method. Hand on heart, this is by far the best routine Peter has come up with for a submitted effect, absolutely everything is in the right place at the right time and for exactly the right reason. Natural just doesn't even begin to cover Peter's handling. Don't get me wrong, I perform Will to Read exactly as Steve originally did/does, but Peter's additions take it to stratospheric levels of amazement. It was as a result of Peter's routine that I decided to add a little touch here and there to take the naturalness to the limit. Impossible, I hear you cry! I thought so, but I did it, nothing major but just enough to flow into the effect and leave them with an 'Unexpected', mind 'bending' memento of the experience. I recommend it so highly, it gets an 11 out outta 10 from me.

Thomas Barnes

Love this effect. always have it in my wallet. You get everything you need & a few spares... I perform Peter's version of the effect, which is explained alongside Steve's on the DVD. And sometimes, with the book test aspect, say i cant get the word then move onto something else, then later on get them to think about the word and do a dictionary reveal for the word. had many people speechless after that. great effect thanks!

Andrew Ace

Thank you Alakazam and Steve Dela for continuing to make amazing affordable works of art like WTR. I am a happy mentalist :) Took me a week to get through, (for you - it will take an hour with the video or so) but I do learn differently and stuck with it - never did things this advanced in mentalism like BIP BOOK last week and am so glad i have both as you can do AMAZING routines if you have the BIP BOOK! I can't recommned this highly enough. It is so so amazing. The price should be much more expensive but it is people like Steve and Alakazam / Peter that make things like this where you can get affordable mentalism/ magic packed with content. I am a regular Alakazam customer & supporter and was glued to the screen the entire way of learning. You get SO MUCH content in this package. It is beyond what the bio says; with peters and steve's routine ideas. The amount of thinking, methodology that went into this is worth EVERY penny and BEYOND! BUY THIS NOW if you have a love for mentalism and haven't purchased it yet. This blew me away, cant wait to continue practicing and show some people. Thank you Steve and Alakazam again as always - Andrew Ace

David Williams

Excellent effect. Sometimes I use this with a Concealment envelope to show the prediction in an envelope on the table. This way I think it is cleaner. If you are into mentalism this is a must.

Burt Ebel

Pure, Pure, Pure Genus. Every magician should have purchased this effect by now. I have carried this effect in my wallet for several months now and it never fails to amaze. I have read the other reviews and there is nothing more which can be said about this effect. It's just pure genus.

Thomas Legge

Brilliant! Cannot reccomend this enough. It is a mentalists dream and it fits in your wallet! Plenty of props and spares included, three effects built in, and a powerhouse of amazing magic. I prefer using the effect using the 'special' envelope as I am weary that my spectator wants to turn the paper over.The 'all about eve' built in effect takes some practise to master and I am still unable to get specific information from the spectator to reveal their word, but it is still strong once performed.

Michael D

The quality of this in terms of its manufacture, instruction and sheer brilliance as a trick is simply first-class. I also own a stealth assassin wallet and BIP book. With these, I have a 15 minute, hard-hitting act in my wallet whenever I go out. Reactions to this have been amazing. If you do own a stealth assassin wallet, make sure you listen to Steve's advice regarding how to weave an extra reveal into this act. I cannot recommend this highly enough and at £24.99 it is a bargain. This is a "no-brainer" - just buy it!

Ali Devran Budak

One of the most important features of a trick is it's practicality.Will to Read is very practical and it is getting very good reaction.I always carry it in my wallet.If you want impromptu mentalism, this trick is exactly for you. The bonus effect is very successful.I love it. When two routines join, the effect is growing. Peter Nardi's routine is perfect if you have the time.Steve Dela's routine is faster and effortless.According to the situation, the two routines are impressive.It's up to you. Training DVD is descriptive and detailed.Everything you need is in the dvd.There are so many beautiful things in this set.I would recommend anyone who likes mentalism!

John Thorpe


Adrian Shattock

Brilliant, only question I have is why did I leave it so long before purchasing ? I prefer using the envelope method as I was caught out twice with the single sheet, I also think its stronger to have the paragraph highlighted. If you have got this then dont waste time, buy it now.

Tom Lauten

Whoa...I mean WHOA! This is powerful stuff. The very definition of packs small plays big. The variations you are given in the direct and clear DVD are astounding. This hits with a wallop. So easy to do. If you can remember your street address you will easily be able to remember what you need in order to do this. Don't let that fool you into thinking this is a cheap and cheerful one trick pony, it is very deceptive and sneaky. All the workings out and methods are clearly so refined and carefully considered. This one will run for miles and for years to come...fantastic. It lives in my wallet from now on...done and done!

Dr. Christopher Faria

What you recieve: * A small folder to hold the 1 DVD * The book page(s) (for double revelations) * Special envelope * Standard envelope * A special card * A second card for the Nardi presentation * What you see: The DVD is about an hour long. Unfortunately, though it has great menu navigation, if you select the "Play All" option, you're going to be very confused. Let me recommend that you play the performances first, so you get an idea of what this effect can do. The first option is Dela's straight forward presentation- you predict what the spectator will do with the pen, coin, and card. It is written on the book page, in plain view. The second option is to do Dela's "All about Eve" "book test" with a word merely thought of." This is the second effect built in to the book page. The third option is to do an effect with Alakazam's BIP Book. You must own the book to do this. You predict a place (geographical), a time, and a monument from the booklet- it is built into the WTR page. The SECOND PRESENTATION is Peter Nardi's take on the entire thing where BOTH the spectator's actions and the thought of word are revealed. In my opinion it is the stronger of the two presentations. Unfortunately the teaching on the DVD is not as clear as I'm used to from Alakazam. You, like me, will probably have to watch the video a couple of times to get the full gist of the effects. What I would recommend though is that you come up with your own presentation. Essentially you get three effects in this package. Why not involve three different spectators? Do WTR for one, the Eve test for the second, and the bip book for the third? This lends itself to the story of the author of Titan- a man who wrote about a huge ocean liner that struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage but didn't have enough lifeboats. It went down in two hours. But the novel was written some 15 years or so BEFORE the Titanic even sailed. THEN go into the effect(s). This is an ideal package that if all three effects are done, you have a small mini-show for 15 minutes of great interaction that fits in your wallet. HIGHLY recommended for the advanced mentalist who wants to focus on story and audience at the same time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


An amazing routine. I've actually had my business cards reprinted with THE CAT SAT ON THE THE MAT. sentence to demonstrate how we don't read what we see. Then use my Business Card in the card, pen coin demo. A great giveaway. My audience always come to tell me stories about how their friends didn't see the double"the" on my card.

Marc Lewis

My first mentalism trick.. and wow!! The routine is great and so easy to learn. The fact that there are tricks within the trick too makes it even more amazing.

Guido Claassen

The minute I saw this advertised I knew it had my name written all over it. When I opened the package and watched the dvd I wasn't disappointed. The past week I have been working on a Dutch version. This is of course not a simple translation, due to the nature of the trick, but rather a reworking of a big part of the materials. Book page is now ready and being tested. I could not be more happy with this fabulous effect.

David Mcallister

If there was an award for trick of the year , Will to Read has to win it outright I used it for the first time this weekend ,totally blew away the audience so simple to learn and easy to do . 10 out of 10 to Steve Dela and Alakazam

Gary Plumridge

Absolute winner, adds a great dimension to the free will effect, especially when you use Peters handling, referring to the Cambridge test, gives the whole effect substance, but to really smash your audience, throw in the bip book reveal !!! it just blows them away I carry it everywhere ( hope your going to start selling extra pages? as mine will wear out

Marcelo Rossi

Fantastic efect. Very simple to do. Book test thrown in as a bonus. Dvd well presented and we'll explained. Very happy with my first purchase in Alakazam magic. Congratulations Peter and Dela!!

Liam Thomas

A very well thought out product that I really enjoy. With the right presentation this product will be very entertaining and fooling. I also really like the "special envelope" in the package I wasn't expecting to receive. It would be nice if you could sell refills of these as they could be useful for other effects such as 'symbol'. Good job on this one!

Alan Chelvan

Greetings From Australia Showed it to a few friends and on a few occasions took it out and showed a few strangers who wanted to see something. Usually, I will demonstrate something similar using easier found objects like a my mobile, keys and a coin or using 5 coins. I would have a prediction in my pocket using the usual methods. I find that Will to Read puts it in context and has a storyline to it. Great Work Steve! And instead of stopping after the effect and carries on into a whole 10 to 15 minute presentation. Actual reactions vary from words of denial to speechlessness. I highly recommend this.

Steven Holt

This trick is very, very good. It's a nice little bit of mentalism with excellent quality props and very good value for money. The pages confused me slightly, I phoned the shop and Dave talked me though what sheets were what. I'm easily confused mind you. Now that I've got it going I've dug out my B.I.P book as well. It's very clever how this has been thought out and what has been built into the supplied pages. The DVD goes over everything you need to know. Gives you several ideas on presentation as well as how to age the pieces of paper as well. I'm liking this a lot. That's my mentalism magic starting to mount up now. I have..... The Heirloom wallet. Screen test B.I.P book Cataclysm Cartomancy I'm starting to build up a nice little mental act. Can't recommend this highly enough. Once you get it and watch the DVD and understand what's going on, you'll see the amount if thought that's went into this trick. It could easily be worth more money. I just can't get over how great the quality of props included are, even the packaging as well these days compared to 20 odd years ago. I'm very happy with this one.

Mark Call

This is a 10 out of 5 stars! WOW, Peter you have brought another REAL LIFE WORKER to us AGAIN. 'Will To Read' is TRULY a GEM and a 'complete' routine in your wallet. I will ALWAYS carry with me. Oh, be sure to have your B.I.P. book handy, folks because it works SEAMLESSLY with it... If you don't have a B.I.P. book.. grab one WITH your Will To Read... BOTH are awesome ALONE but TOGETHER they can make you a Powerhouse Mentalist! I can not wait to start using this in the REAL WORLD because its SIMPLE yet POWERFUL (basically self working) ..... Thanks again to Steve Dela and Peter at Alakazam for yet another HOME RUN effect that ANYONE can use.

Bert Van Dyck

As a non-pro (hobbyist) I've performed this for a professional mentalist and he was blown away. Must be the best mentalism effect of the year : so good !!! Nuff said 😊

Billy Riback

As a hobbyist and rank amateur, as I suspect many of you out there are, I look for effects that rely on subtlety and ingenuity, rather than knuckle-busting moves. Will to Read, as do so many of Alakazam's releases, delivers on both counts. As someone who's long been fascinated by the Free Will principle, it was the third item that always presented the problem- not here. That is taken care of oh so smartly, and easily, although admittedly a little brazenly; there is so little actual work to do, leaving you to use all your presentational skills to amaze and astonish. The added book(or page) test is brilliant in its simplicity-the combo leaves your spectators helpless. Buy this now, if you have the Will to Entertain.

Gary Brown

I realise that my review may now be redundant given so many before me, but I have only received my package yesterday (the joys of living abroad during a national holiday!). First of all, I absolutely love the packaging! As to what is contained within - for the price tag, absolutely unbelievable; great value and then some. As everyone has said, an ingenious method predicting (or whatever approach you adopt) the outcome of 3 free selections; and they all appear to be genuinely fair, additionally coupled (should you decide to do so) with a book test (the methodology of which is also superb). Merge in the add on of Scott Creasy's little creation and you have a third revelation - all from an item that fits readily into your wallet. The extra items in the package are great - I love the Cambridge Uni Placement test card, which sets the tone perfectly if you adopt Peters handling, backed up with a 'safety net' card if needs be. The additional item can be used for alternative (completely unrelated) effects should you choose not to use the single sheet approaches, and is therefore in essence a freebie. The DVD, as usual, is what you have come to expect from Alakazam - great quality and step by step explanations, and of course the now standard registration feature allowing for additional footage as and when released. In respect of the approaches demonstrated, I have to say that I think Peter has nailed it; using the book test as a means to then go into the effect itself is ingenious. Thoroughly enjoyed it so far and looking forward to further releases from Steve as is mentioned on the DVD (not to mention the fact that I am now encouraged to check out his existing products). Highly, highly recommended.

Jack Shea

I expected something good and when the package came I opened it to find something that exceeded my expectations! This effect is so clean and direct as I kept going back and forth with the props to learn all the ins and outs I got more and more excited about performing it for people. It is one of those rare effects that blows people away and their reaction to it is one of those looks of a silent "WOW" and it takes them a few seconds to say something about it. They just can't believe that you predicted, not only what they would do but that you predicted three happenings. Actually more than three if you also used the book test during your performance. I will be using this a lot, it will live in my wallet.

Ross Montgomery

We have all heard the sentence "packs small, plays big" and in this case it is an understatement, if you are into mentalist then this is a no brainier, the props that you receive are excellent and extremely easy to use and you also get spares. The instructions are very clear and you will be preforming this effect in no time and completely baffelling your audience. This will be carried in my Heirloom wallet every day!

Nik Nar

This effect is the probably what I will carry in my pocket for the next few years for walk-a-around gigs. It simple and to the point, it makes sense. A must get!

Christian Fisanick

I'm a little late to the pre-release review parade since I live across the pond in the US, and it took a while for my order to get to me, but here goes: If you are a mentalist who is serious about your craft, this is a no-brainer. Will to Read (W2R) is ingenious and a showstopper--a couple of pages, ostensibly from a paperback book, and you have a wonderful routine as long or as short as you want to make it. Now this is being sold as a version of the venerable "Free Will" principle of Deddy Corbuzier, and it is that, but it reminded me more of a personal favorite mentalist trick Between the Lines (BTL) by Michael Murray. That effect, which I truly adore, also uses a couple of book pages, but the working is completely different. So how do they compare? Well, W2R is more self-working with just the smallest bit of a tried-and-true mentalism technique in addition to Free Will. BTL requires some more memory work and uses Banachek subtleties or perhaps Jon Thompson's Naked Mentalism principles. Positives for W2R are the excellent extensions to Steve Dela's All About Eve Book Test and Scott Creasey's BIP Book 2.0. I love the BIP Book so I am going to use the two hand in hand. BTL has an actual paperback, suitable for many, many performances, from which the pages may be "randomly" torn. To be honest, I hope that Alakazam/Nardi add that feature. That would make W2R even more of a killer. In summary, I love BTL, and I love W2R too and most certainly am going to put W2R to good use. For your 25 quid or so, you get the necessary pages and envelopes and a utilitarian DVD of Dela and Nardi explaining the features of the pages. While the DVD instruction is functional, I think exploring the pages on your own after a quick viewing will do the trick. A reasonably skilled mentalist with some experience will have no problem figuring out the many utility uses and potential performance routines. W2R: modern mentalism at its best and your best performance tool that weighs next to nothing and that you will carry everywhere. This is the effect of 2016 so far. Highest recommendation.

Jason Lewis

Got this trick over the weekend, and had it in my wallet for that night. A known principle done in a clever and exciting way I suspect it will not be removed from my wallet.

Michael Reist

Just received this and I highly recommend it. I will be aging one of the pages and leaving one non-aged. I particularly appreciate that this is not just a "one-trick" pony, although the main trick is absolutely fantastic. You can get a 10-15 minute show out of the effects contained in this product. Whether you are a mentalist or a magician this is certainly a product that is well worthy having.

Robert Johnson

Peter said I would be over the moon with this, and he was right! I was a big fan of the original Free Will, and this even better. It is just so clean and fair. I also love the Eve book test. I don't have a BIP book yet, but there is a routine to use it with that, so I'll pick it up for sure. Thanks again for such a great effect.

Bruce Morehouse

I just received this wonderful item and it's fantastic. I really like what Peter has done to improve the performances. I've not had a chance to try it on friends as of yet, but will soon. So many variations you can make useful and it truly is a full routine in it self. If you haven't purchased this, you should. You won't be disappointed! Bruce (Buckeye Arizona)

Robert Sixx

I just received this in the mail today, broke it open and watched the DVD -- all I can say is that it is Really, Really Good! I am a fan of both types of routines that this incorporates, although I have never found one of either that I actually put into practice. This one is going to be a worker. This is a really good piece of mentalism that can be performed in many different ways, and I have one in mind. I also really like Peter's presentation, which is the basic way that I believe I will be using it. I like this so much that I may have to get Steve's very popular Book Test. Good job guys!

David Phillips

I received mine today. I've not been able to wipe the small off my face all day. I love this effect and have no regrets of my purchase. Alakazam keep them coming. This is good stuff.

Paul McCaig

I have always tended to shy away from 'free will' type effects, as I have never been totally convinced by the strength of every possible outcome, or the naturalness of the effect...that was until I received 'Will To Read'. This has been really well thought out and the structure of the routine, the in-depth detail covered on the instructional DVD and the quality of the props, is second to none. There was far more in the package than I expected, with a couple of nice variations of the specially produced props, which should last forever and give the performer the option of a few alternative handlings. For me though, the real beauty of 'Will To Read', is that it can be played as a straight-to-the point 'free will' effect, or when combined with the in-built 'All About Eve' and 'BIP Book' aspects, as a 15-20 minute miracle. Well done Steve and Alakazam....Highly recommended!

Dave Dulebohn

Combination of Free Will and Book Test type word prediction. All about Eve book test built in. I cannot wait to perform this. I've always been a fan of book tests and Free Will. Everything thoughtfully produced for this effect. The usual high standard Alakazam quality production DVD. And the usual easy to perform but high impact effect that Alakazam is well-known for. Highly Recommended.

Paul Gorham

This is a great go to product, it is now firmly in my wallet, it has a great reveal something different and so many options, easy to perform.

Dion Murugen

Wow! What an amazingly small packet trick that packs such a huge punch. The combination of mentalism and book test come together in an explosive fashion. It leaves your spectators looking at each other in awe. Its a great addition to my ever growing Alakazam set !

Matthias N

Delivered, Tried Out, sensational response from the first spectators! This Package is for real workers, easy to handle and always ready for use. From now on, it will be part of my wallet.

Olympic Adam

What is it? I purchased a review copy of this, some people thought it was like a pre-order but really it was just a pre-purchase. ‘Sign up here and you can buy it’, there was no delay in it being sent to me. There were some simple rules around this pre-purchase/review copy deal, I can’t understand why people would go against this, though maybe a few extra views/likes/comments will help them sleep at night. When I first started reviewing i thought people might send things to be reviewed, but they haven’t. Maybe i’m too honest. So I’m still buying all of these things! Anyway… this is a ‘free will’ type routine, with the mechanics of a book test built in to the same props (lots of scope here for influence/prediction/other reveals). Lets see how it rates! Why this instead of similar products? The effect is punchier. Compare it to Michael Murray’s one page equivalent, i think this is probably better if you want to do this as part of a quicker set, though Michael’s is maybe a little more in depth and has a time and a place. In terms of price - i think having a few more sheets would be better for £25, if you look at Michael’s version, you can get a whole book for the same price, and something like Tru Test you can buy in packs of 100. Now fair enough you are getting a couple of good techniques here but still. Overall I think £25 is a decent price but would like to have a few more spares in there. (I know you get some spares, but if someone squeezes the page too tight in excitement after one of my riveting performances, then i’m going to want another back up. Does it work? Yes, absolutely, this is very nice. The ‘free will’ part shouldn’t come as a massive surprise but this is better than the ‘original’. The ‘free will’ effect is credited, but this adds some extra bits. The book test (though not a review for ‘All About Eve’) seems really good. How adaptable is it? This is very adaptable. You could just do ‘Free Will’, or just the book test, or both. You can do a very clean version, or a more streamlined (slightly less clean) version - you can set both up at once using the same package. I’m going to put one in my normal wallet, and one in my ‘working’ wallet. You don’t have to use the envelope, you could just carry this or put it in your wallet as a page. You do have to use the ‘coin’, ‘card’ and ‘pen’, though these are common enough items. If you do a coin bend, why not do it after this? Maybe it’s a playing card you use, maybe they signed it with the pen! It all works well. This is the kind of thing people will say, ‘works on stage and close up’. Yes it will technically work on stage but there’s a difference between ‘working’ and actually being powerful. For me this stays in the close up world. Both Peter and Steve say they wouldn’t do this ‘table hopping’ as they like to make more of a connection with people to do mentalism. By that standard then you should do any table hopping mentalism. I think this is incorrect. Not all mentalism works in a walk around close up environment, so you have to be picky, but mostly that relies on the performer. I can spend 15 minutes with a group and maybe only do three actual things. The thinking that you can’t do table hopping mentalism, in my opinion, comes from magician’s thinking. It’s much more about you as a performer. I’ll be doing this walk around. Couple of other quick points - you can have the page out on the table from the start if you want (worst case it’s in an envelope but it’s out from the start - and this is your choice), the card can be any card, the pen can be any pen. The participant can read the whole page (if you want). No participant restrictions, no presentation restrictions above the props. You might need to read the paper yourself, so if eyesight is an issue, either you memorise or find another way. No left handed issues on this one… How is it as a package? Steve starts his performance with the words ‘I have here a page from a book’ so i deduct points for that. Basically this means ‘I don’t actually have a presentation, so i’m just explaining things in an unnatural way’ - a point for another day, does not impact the routine! Purely my personal preference but if you are starting your routines like that, I say you’re lazy, or a magician. You really do get everything you need, and some spares (would like some more) but it’s really good. You also get to try the All About Eve book test, another bonus! The pages look enough like actual pages too - i’m sick of these ‘book tests’ where the apparent novel looks like a biology text book - people in the real world generally know what books look like. The explanation is good enough, you get some very nice presentations and they are explained very well. The only criticism here would be that if you were brand new to the idea you might have trouble actually picking up what you had to do. Most people will know the two parts and can slot this in mentally very easily. I think maybe a little section just explaining what is happening and why (i.e. why we say what we say and do what we do), it assumes you know what is happening. The method goes through ‘options’ but conceptually it’s not really explained. A minor point. Will I use it? Yes, you can do a few effects with the same single piece of paper (and minimal props), or you can do one if you are pushed for time. It takes maybe 3 or 4 run throughs to get this making sense in terms of what you do when, and you will either have to be a little creative for the book test section or just learn your lines so to speak. Once you do that though it’s super easy, they also offer some tips for remembering the mechanics very simply. If I lost everything, would I get it again? Yes - this fills a gap in any set for walk around. I read someone saying this may not be the ‘killer effect’ that you do, I think it can be in the right hands. Don’t underestimate the book test reveal. If you don’t like ‘free will’ type effects, you probably won’t like this. If you’re on the fence then this might tip you over to the side of buying it (not sure which side of the fence that is but you get the point). For these reviews I try to think of the different types of people buying products and go through some considerations they might have (from the young boy who has saved up his pocket money to the older amongst the community who might have eyesight issues) and those like myself who are left handed. If you’re out there and i’m missing you, let me know! I’ll try to think about what can be done while wearing a skirt for those boys and girls out there who do that, but i don’t have a whole lot of experience in that myself.

Scott Paton

great product to add to my everyday wallet which is assassin wallet. quality of the product is well made and you get back ups. be great to use this with the bip book too. the routine is pure workhorse.

David Abel

What improves something from being merely good to great? What turns something from 3 star to 5 star...the answer in my opinion is obsession..passion. This effect is great...great because it is very obvious that Steve and Peter were obsessed and passionate about creating something special. And they definitely have done with this trick. It will be definitely something I have with me all the time and use. What separates this from others of the same genre, is its multi layered detail. You can make this a simple trick or a longer routine/act. I am really excited about this. This is obviously something that has not been rushed out. Like a good wine, this has been given time to mature and develop. Watching the dvd was also a joy to watch. It felt like you were really a part of some great magic session between two great magic minds. Buy this you won't be disappointed. Top drawer!

Richard Ballinger

I have been entertaining in magic for a long time,(Some say too long) and have purchased may effects. This has got to be one of the BEST. * Well Packaged. * DVD included. * Clear Explanation. * Multiple Outs. It will hold pride of place in my wallet. I give it 11 out of 10 (I teach Maths) Richard Ballinger


Will to read is a fantastic carry in you wallet/pocket entertaining and mystifying piece of mentalism.I have performed this for friends and family,and i could not believe the wow factor i received from them all.The dvd is excellent production quality,the routines and additional idea's using the BIP book gives you the option of a 10 to 15 minute act on it's own as peter explains.Also Steve Dela shows his prefered routine and peter shows his prefered routine.Either way you have a great product from Steve Dela and Alakazam magic.You will not be disappointed a 10/10 product. Highest recommendation. Graham Tierney

Kevin Peel

I waited by the letter box till this arrived and was not disappointed. I love both methods of presenting this, but I will be going with Peter's. This is such a simple idea, but so powerful and a complete fooler. The added 'all about eve' word divination is just great. I now have to buy a BIP book to make the most of this excellent effect.

Sammy Rimington

This routine using Peters brilliant presentation is for me is one of the best pocket mentalism effects everr. .Just did peters double whammy routine on my wife and she thought it was genuine mindreading, as I got the word everlasting on the first hit .From then on Steve Dela`s routine with the three objects just seemed impossible so she believed Peters story.A great release from Alakazam.Highly reccommended for the series mentalist and I will always have this in my wallet. Well done Sammy Rimington

Alan White

This is very clever and has totally floored the people who have seen it, both laymen and magicians. A prediction, a book test and more in your wallet, what is there not to like. Looks like genuine mind reading, easy to do and highly recommended.

Tom MacKay

Great Effect! I've been doing other versions of this effect for some time, which are always incredibly popular. This version streamlines the process to make it even more deceptive, offering two main different versions of producing the revelation. Having the prediction written on the page of a book, which can then be used for an additional effect is really amazing. I highly recommend this effect!

Chris North

Nothing short of 5 stars for this one, Steve Dela and Alakazam you have come up 'real world' worker - highly recommended

Rob Matthews

Great mentalism effect that fits in your wallet – great dvd with great explanations This effect is just great when you use it with the BIP book – 15 to 20 minutes of pure entertainment. 10/10 5 stars

Trevor Hargreaves

This is an amazing effect. It takes the old Free Will concept and streamlines both the selection process and the revelation making the whole presentation more interesting and entertaining. You start by showing a folded piece of paper which you state is a page that you have torn from a book and also that it contains a description of something that may be relevant later. Then you introduce three objects - a card, a pen and a coin. The spectator then decides (in a very fair manner) which object is to be put away out of sight, which is to be kept by the performer and which is to be kept by themselves. It should be mentioned here that the selection procedure is so smooth - no ambiguous words or actions - just straightforward fair choices by the spectator. The reveal of the predicted actions is by opening the folded page (no switches) and pointing out a paragraph on the page that is read out and it 100% predicts the outcome. The spectator is free to look on the other side of the page to confirm that there is no other identical paragraph on that side. Furthermore you can continue with the same page and ask the spectator to select any word of seven or more letters (to make it more of a challenge) on either side of the page and the performer then reveals the first few letters before giving the whole word chosen. Again the procedure is so convincing with no apparent guesswork that it really does look like genuine mind-reading. Steve Dela states that he uses either the object prediction or the word reveal separately in his performances. The reason being that because he is moving from table to table he does not want to repeat the same effect on adjoining tables. The fact that both effects can stand alone is testament to the strength of the presentation. If this was the end of all that this effect can achieve it would be enough in itself and fully justify a purchase but no this concept is far stronger. Peter Nardi has taken the effect and given it a whole new presentational angle and incorporates both objects and word reveal in a very strong and convincing mental presentation built around a Cambridge University research theme of speed reading. You can see this presentation on the site where Peter performs to Dave Loosley. It is a longer piece than Steve's and obviously is not for close-up but ideal for parlour type shows. So we have a strong prediction effect ideal for close-up and a longer performance for more formal shows. Both are brilliant. And on top of all that also built into the page reveal is a further paragraph that predicts the objects chosen from the BIP book effect so if you have a BIP book then you have a complete 15 minute act - if not then buy one! So much magic packed in to so few props - and it all fits in your pocket! What you get in the kit is a DVD that runs for over an hour where Steve and Peter discuss the effect and offer loads of tips and presentational ideas, six pages (should last a long time as the more 'worn' the pages become the more convincing it looks that you really have torn the page out and have been carrying it with you), black envelopes, a Cambridge University card (with the test sentences on the reverse), and a 'crib card' for the word reveal (after a while you will find this is not needed) all presented in a beautiful folder. Such a versatile item and by registering this product you will get extra ideas via streaming videos free of charge as and when they become available - Alakazam really delivers with their products and this is no exception. The effect is easy to do but a strong presentation is needed to really do it justice. Strongly recommended - a five star rating!

Ross Warnett

Great effect love Peters routine (I did not like the bare bones routine) Not used the BIP book but really good they have included this.

Paul Frost

Wow what a collaboration - Steve Dela & Alakazam. Will to Read is a truly beautiful effect. The packaging is amazing, unlike many effects, the this doesn't stop at the packaging. The overall effect is based on the Free Will principle but this is the Next level of free will and will amaze anyone lucky enough to see you perform. Both Steve and Peter give credit to other effects based on the free will principle. The instructional DVD goes in to in depth teaching which I love meaning by the end of the DVD you are in no doubt as to what you need to do in order to create a true miracle. No stone is left unturned. Everything you need is supplied within the package to get started straight away. The props are fantastic quality and will last for quite sometime. The entire effect fits in your wallet and takes up no more room than a credit card would take. If you own the BIP book, your in for a special treat as there is a bonus reveal built into this amazing effect. It's the perfect reason to now but your BIP book, you will not be disappointed.

Ravi Madan

OMG!!! this is a fantastic effect and such a bonus that it fits in any wallet. I love mentalism and book tests and this brings both together so beautifully. The DVD covers everything you need to know and the props supplied are second to none as with all Alakazam products. I personally prefer Peters presentation but that's just my personal opinion, Steve's idea's are truly brilliant too and as for including a built in BIP test....genius!!!

Stephen Beresford

Arrived this morning. Delighted with the props, routining and the careful explanations. I am definitely going to use the Peter Nardi concept - at least as the starting point for my own ideas - since it gives a thoroughly convincing reason for introducing each of the props in a way that keeps the audience's interest throughout.. IMHO in almost every branch of magic the best lay reactions come from the audience's perception that there is a good reason for each and every thing the performer does. This effect delivers that coherence and impact in a package that will slip inside your wallet.


This is definately a gem for magicians of any skill level though the more experienced with be able to apply it in other ways. Steve and Peter have put together a hell of a mentalism effect here, it can be expanded on to create a full set out of just a few items which fit neatly into a business card sized envelope that can be carried in your wallet so you'll always have something to perform at the drop of a hat. If you have a terrible memory it doesn't matter Steve and Peter explain in great detail different methods for peeking infomation and how to incorporate other props and gimmicks, not to mention the bonus effects taught on the dvd. Definately not to be seen as another packet trick this is a whole performance that packs small.

Steve Cook

Steve's effect is superb! A beautfully constructed piece of 'pocket mentalism', and when used in conjunction with myriad applications it is truly outstanding. Many congrats to both Steve and Alakazam for this wonderful release. Superb and very highly recommended! I love it!!!

Dean Humpage

Awesome free will effect, if god almighty was a magician- he would purchase this effect himself as he fosters the spirit of freewill in the book of moses chapter 3-17 when he offers adam and eve a free choice to choose the forbidden fruit or not, ..ironic..all about eve being part of the performance dont you think.. let us prey for the victims you perform this on forever and ever Amen .dean humpage .

Tony Walker

i'm not going to say wow, I'm not, honestly I'm not. Everybody else has said this so no....damn it WOW. Sorry couldn't help myself. The trick is superb, The Eve part is exquisite and hell I get to use my old BIP book and my much appreciated Stealth Assassin. What more can I ask for. WOW. Damn it said it again. Get out and buy this folks it's a real worker...WOW!

Neil Bradley-Smith

Oh look… Another superb release from the Alakazam Team (like anyone ever doubts that Alakazam releases won’t be superb!) This is hard hitting mentalism that fits right in to your wallet so you’re always ready to perform at a moments notice. Not only do you get the basic routine, but you get everything you need to put together a 10 minute mentalism set with all the extras built in. I love that Steve has added ‘All About Eve’ for an even stronger result, and then there’s the BIP Book reveal too! You couldn’t add any more to this if you tried! The props that are supplied are top quality and, as Steve explains in the DVD, although they might look simple, a lot of thought and effort has gone in to them to make them just right. I was surprised when I opened the effect to find so much packed in to the box. You get the reveal that both Steve and Peter prefer to use as well as some extra, alternative reveals, and spare sets of each, as well as the Cambridge research card (as used by Peter in the full performance video) and something else to help you along the way… This is a must buy, and for £24.99 is an absolute bargain! Thanks Mr Dela and Team Alakazam!

Chris Rotchell

Wow, for such a small package it really packs a punch.after watching the fully comprehensive video, I tried it out on a couple of friends and gladly left them totally and utterly speechless. The effect is so versatile and can be linked to other products and expanded to an amazing set piece.....if you only carry one thing in your everyday wallet, make it WILL TO READ!!

Paul Underwood

Will To Read by Steve Dela I couldn't wait to get home as soon I heard this product was sitting on my doorstep ready to open. The packaging looked fantastic with its elaborate and rich gold embossed design on a royal maroon/red background - flat packed to the brim with, I have to say, a most exciting and incredible act ready for you to perform. It comes with everything you need to perform within minutes, including spare parts. You can certainly have at least one part of the act ready with many ideas gleaned within five minutes of practice, and I felt a real buzz as I got to work on it. Within no time you will start to have your own scripting and ideas - my own personal ideas were relative to the book and film 'The NeverEnding Story' where the lead character Bastian Balthazar Bux, not understanding why, steals an old book from an antiques store, takes it to an attic at his school and begins to read the pages. Later it becomes apparent that the pages were writing themselves as Bastian was reading, and every action had been put within the pages. The book test piece requires a little practise with memory work, but once you have it down you will have a killer routine and act with just one page. Combine this with other ideas and magic you may envisage and you will have a full fifteen to twenty minute act right there. The DVD is very descriptive, beautifully designed and leaves you with no questions. Super easy to understand and instructed impeccably, I cannot recommend this piece of art highly enough and guarantee you will not be disappointed! There are so many directions to take with this beautiful "Free Will" piece of art, and without a doubt this has to be my personal favourite version. It is easy to understand in its methodology, with hardly any thought process required as you flow through the routine without a pause. Overall, I am super excited about this product and can not recommend this piece of mentalism art highly enough. It is genuinely one of those affects that packs small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to impress an audience and plays massive.

Alan Rogers

Fantastic trick. Very simple to do. Booktest thrown in as a bonus. Superb value. DVD well presented and well explained. Very happy with my purchase and can perform within 10 minutes of opening.

Peter Rees

As usual, this is a beautifully produced effect. The package is high quality and contains everything you need to start practicing. It comes with more than an hour of explanation tips and hints, on DVD. Once you register there is also bonus video on the ALAKAZAM website, with more ideas. This is really a series of different mental effects, which you can perform singly or, better still, routine into 10-15 minutes of highly involving material. If you wish you can also use the effect to link to Alakazam's BIP Book Test 2.0, for two further amazing predictions. As you will see in the trailer... you can start with Peter Nardi's introduction on Cambridge University research into how the mind operates and then use this card as in the later section. Then you can smoothly routine into: a prediction of how the spectator will handle a number of objects, followed with a smash mind-reading book test prediction......and two BIP book reveals, if you own that effect too (it is also highly recommended). There is a full explanation of various handlings and approaches, all of which are easy to perform. Having thought about this... I can also see ways it could fit with other wallets or peek devices. Though these are not necessary, they could allow you to build up an even longer routine. All you need will fit into your wallet in one small card size envelope, which of course is included. This is just OUTSTANDING!

Paul Heaney

I am a big fan of effects that are easy to carry and that seem impromptu and this effect fits the bill. The dvd is well produced and the teaching is very clear. I like both Peter and Steve's presentations as they would suit different situations and it is good to have a choice. I am delighted this effect can be combined with other Alakazam products such as the stealth assassin and the BIP book to create an act. This item is definitely going into my repertoire.

Peter Aude

What a perfect effect for storytelling. I can`t wait to translate it into Danish.

Stephen Caple

I am fan of mentalist tricks and although I am a beginner the video explanation of the effect was brilliant and the routine was made simple, clear and precise. For a novice I feel, after practice of course, I will enjoy using this trick.

John Mason

This is truly one of the best metalism effects I've seen in a long time. There is no weak way of performing it. It goes from excellent to out of this world (no pun intended). The excellent version is v easy to learn...the OOTW performance needs some memory work, not too much. There is a non work version included, but putting in the work will look much better IMHO. Buy Will To Read with confidence, you will not be dissapointred

Paul Wingham

I really like it. Firstly, there was a little bit more in the package than I expected which was a nice surprise; including two versions of the effect and a spare of each. The effect itself is well thought out and the method is simple and logical. There are a couple of outcomes but both feel extremely fair and unlike similar effects; don't feel like you are manipulating the spectator or using clever word play. I also don't think its a case of a good outcome and a not so good one either. You can perform the free will element on its own or the book test element on it's own, but for me; doing them separately sort of removes what I think is the great thing about this and that is; setting up the book test by getting a word chosen, then using that to explain how the influence happened and then as a final kicker; hitting them with a really fair word reveal. I wasn't familiar with the all about eve book, but the principle at play is well thought out and works well. As far as pocket mentalism goes, for more casual performance; I'm genuinely struggling to think of anything better you can put in your wallet and perform any time. Highly recommended.

Steve Black

WOW !! The first thing to say is that the package is professionally presented and comes with everything needed to perform the various presentational ideas.The explanations are concise and informative but most important of all the effect is fantastic.A book test done well is a thing to behold but is not impromptu, this is!! But more than that ,the mentalism is just superb and can even used with BIP Book. It is obvious that a great deal of thought and time has gone in to this release which again illustrates why Alakazam is rightly regarded as one of the most respected and trusted companies in the field of magic. Well done guys !!!!

Craig Morgan

Wow! This is an amazing prop! It has absolutely blown me away! This is one of the finest products I have seen, especially considering how much it can be used for! And from just a single piece of paper! How powerful and devious, yet simple to learn and easy to carry! In conjunction with "All About Eve" and the BIP book, it is so hard-hitting. The DVD that comes with this is so detailed and so well explained, and you can feel the love and enthusiasm that both Steve and Peter have for this product and with their presentations! I really cannot wait to try it out myself! In fact, I am meeting a friend this afternoon, so will try it then!!! So in summary, this should be in your arsenal - Have no doubt!! Absolutely top product from a master!

Dr. Mike Highton

If you have earned the right to call yourself a magician, then this piece of magic gives you the opportunity to place yourself or your participant centre stage. To see your participant radiate pride, satisfaction and enjoyment after the performance is surely what we should be striving for. This effect and the brilliant routine constructions are outstanding. The ease of performance, originality are second to none. Everything within the effect is justified and reasoned. The effect will give the magician a canvas to create a memorable and gratifying performance. This is a performance piece that is brilliant and hard hitting.

Mike Donoghue

This is simply Fantastic & something that i can see many performers working. The "Free Will" aspect of it is SO DIRECT & really looks & feels as it should. That's not all though, you then have the most compact & amazing book test on the planet. Plus you also get a bonus that can be done if you are lucky enough to own the BIP Book. Wow is all i can say. Mike Donoghue Pro. Worker

Sven Nilsson

Great trick, I got to have it

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