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Live Online Magic Course With Leo Smetsers Instant Download

Live Online Magic Course With Leo Smetsers Instant Download

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The Alakazam Academy is a live interactive course which is streamed directly into your Alakazam Account. You can sign in live to learn magic, ask questions and be part of our growing online magic community.  The Alakazam Online Magic Academy has been designed to deliver these magic lessons in a fun, relax, friendly and interactive way.  By signing up to an Academy course you will experience the best in magic learning!

The Alakazam Academy is proud to welcome Leo Smetsers as a tutor.  Leo’s course "Working Magic” is packed with just that.

Leo is known the world over for his amazing handling of the 3 Shell Game.

As well as being a magic creator and producer of beautiful props, Leo is one of the busiest magicians in Europe and on this course Leo is going to teach you the effects that have made him such a big success. Leo’s magic is easy to do BUT packed with entertainment.

Here are some of the things you will be taught on Leo’s Working Magic Course;

1 Card In Mind

Leo’s take on Joe Ridings Think-a-Card is his go to effect if he wants to floor magicians or lay people.  This routine is multi-phased and super easy to do.  To my mind this one effect is worth the price of the entire lesson!

2 Marketing Trick

Do you want to learn how to get more bookings?  Well this simple, straight to the point effect will do just that!

3 The Lazy Magician

Leo’s version of a classic, hands-off card effect. You will absolutely love this! 

4 Mindfulness 

Leo's commercial handling of the classic Gemini Twins plot. This effect nevers fails to get superb reactions!

5 Three Shell Game

To learn the 3 Shell Game from Leo’s would normally cost you in excess of £100 but he is going to teach you his personal handle and ultra-commercial routine as part of this lesson!

6 Multi Wallet

Leo is going to teach you a host of effects that you can perform with a Himber or Multi Wallet

7. Chop Cup

Leo was a student of the late great Tommy Wonder and he is going to teach you how to do the classic and commercial Chop Cup. Believe me you will be performing Leo’s routine

As well as all this Leo will also be explaining in detail his marketed effects

Concierge Bell, Cups And Eggs, The Bell Cups, Whiteboard Monte And AppeaRing

You will also pick up many tips on how to work a crowd and how to squeeze every drop of entertainment out of every effect you do!

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.


**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Phill Evans

This course just blew me away. There's so much stuff here it's going to take me an age to unpack. Leo's style is original and unique but the methods and ideas are things anyone can adopt to suite themselves. Huge variety of stuff covered. Loved the chop cup routine, it was direct, snappy and fun. Been thinking about learning chop cup and now I know where to start. I think I will be coming back to this course over and over again for inspiration and instruction.

Paul Heaney

I thought this was an excellent lecture. Leo was very generous with his products and with his teaching and explanations. I look forward to practicing and performing some of the material. Hopefully he does another lecture on alakazam magic in the future.

Luc Q.

This course is a treasure trove for nearly the whole range of magical branches! Leo is a unique performer and a very sociable person. His thinking and dedication are extraordinary. The quality of his props is also top notch. And Dave did a great job on getting the absolute maximum out of the explanations. Poor Leo :-) Well done guys!

David Abel

The rock star magician ... this course was full of insightful knowledge and experience presented with the normal ( for Leo) high voltage pace and enthusiasm. His props , I have most of them are of excellent standard. Leo is a one off. His props are highly recommended. And I love these courses

Richard Furzer

Without a shadow of a doubt the best £20 I have invested in magic. From start to finish Leo explains the effects in great detail. The camera angles are a joy and the whole event ran seamlessly. Totally blown away. Still buzzing

Chris Wild

Leo Smetsers course was excellent. 4 Hrs of solid entertainment and teaching. It left me enthusiastic to learn his routines. If you use just one routine out of all this it's worth the money.

Mark Waddington

Possibly one of the best lectures/academies/online magic training events that I've been on. I'd lost the spark for learning new stuff, but this has piqued my interest again!

Alexander Ross

Leo’s Course! I can say no more that Fantastic!


Leo is not only generous with his magic and skill but with his 'thank you' prizes for his online academy fans. He is a great character and offers such a huge number of diverse and killer tricks for all of us to consider. This is like a comedy cabaret show in itself. What a funny guy and one of the nicest magicians you could wish to meet. What a great lecture

Ben Brannan

I've often heard and read about how great Leo is, so decided to give this live academy a go. So glad I did, It's full of very commercial magic, that is quick and punchy, but everything has a fun, quirky twist. I usually feel good if I get just one thing out of a lecture, but I'm only halfway through the live stream, and there's already three pieces I know I'll be doing. Excellent stuff, and Leo seems like such a great guy too. Love it and highly recommend it!

André Van Tichelen

Since I know Leo i'am a big fan, his style is fast and flashy with a lot of fun.... So is his lecture. And he's always ready to help.... Really great course.... Again...

Richard Weston

Zany, Crazy, Wacky or just The Mad Man From Holland. What ever you call him, there is one thing that everyone calls him once they have seen him work and that is astonishing. Leo Smetsers mind is not one step ahead it's about one week ahead. This Academy course is insane and it is only half way through. The amount of info is massive but don't forget you can ask questions and watch back whenever you want in your Alakazam account. You really must treat yourself or someone you love by getting this course for them. Leo is so full of magic, you can almost see it leaking out of him. If he did not teach I think he may explode. I recommended this 100%.

Steven P

The Alakazam courses are great, wish I got to see more of them live it's a different experience to watching them after. Leo is a great thinker and the course has so much you can use. You will learn lots and be entertained, amused and amazed all at the same time. Thanks To The Alakazam Team for these courses. And a Big Thanks to Leo for Teaching :)

Steve Black

The guys want an honest review. Ok. This has been superb. Leo is entertaining and presents some fantastic material . The prizes are a lovely bonus but not essential. The sound etc are great as usual. Dave certainly helps me understand the material better.Good job !!!

Brian Stewart

After two hours and fifteen minutes it's just the end of the first half!! Leo has some fantastic ideas and routines which he explains in great detail. These are all Leo's current workers. As usual with these Academy courses you can ask for more explanations or an overhead shot if you're not sure. this has been a great first half and I can't wait for the second half. If you haven't been on one of the Academy courses you are really missing out, regardless of your ability you will learn a lot.

Richard Groom

I love this lecture. So different but so workable. I also won a great prize from the very generous Leo Smetsers, worth more than the price of admission. Leo is being very generous with his material. All in all a fabulous, offbeat, worker’s delight. All brilliantly produced by the team at Alakazam.

Ian Schollar

Wow. Love Leo's style and the tips and knowledge already shared is incredible. Card in Mind Technique worth at least twice the money paid for the course alone. Thank you Leo for giving us your time.

Tony Dawson

What a CRAZY night with Leo and the gang, brilliant effects, fantastic giveaways and great banter within the chat room as usual. Tonight has been awesome, cant wait for the 2nd half!

Dan Marsh

Leo is a breath of fresh air. His fun enthusiastic style just warms you to the magic. His routines and handlings are superb. The bravery and coolness of some of his moves are a joy. I'm normally a card man only but after tonight I plan to really have a go at chop cups plus also finally brave palming. Thanks Leo.

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