Zandman Book Test Sherlock Holmes Edition

Zandman Book Test Sherlock Holmes Edition

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Instantly divine exactly which word the spectator is thinking of - with no forces of any kind.

You riffle through the pages of a book and tell the spectator to say stop on ANY page - they can even change their mind. The spectator thinks of the first word on that page - it’s totally fair.

Without asking any questions or having ANYTHING written down, you instantly know the exact word the spectator is thinking of.

The best part? It’s remarkably easy. There’s nothing to memorize and the book is completely examinable. The Zandman Book Test gives you the freedom to perform a powerful mind reading miracle, anywhere at any time, without the need to memorize a single thing.

You can also hand out the book before, during, and after the performance - the spectator will find nothing. The method is practically undetectable, even under close examination. Two options are available - Gatsby and Sherlock. Each book can be used to accomplish the same effect on their own. However, by combining the two books, you will have access to a diabolical new method that will take your book test to even greater heights.

Includes principles and subtleties by Larry Becker, Ted Karmilovich, and Banachek to bring your performance to another level. For over 10 years, the world's most talented mentalists have included Zandman's book test techniques in their shows and performances. Today, finally, it’s yours.

The Zandman Book Test comes with one 4.25" x 7" paperback with over 200 pages and an HD streaming instructional video.

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Customer Reviews

Dazza B

This brilliant book test turns a 'whodunnit' into a 'howdunnit', as audiences will be dumbstruck trying to work it out, especially because the performing is able to hand the book out to them for examination. A cunningly clever method is well hidden in plain sight. There's nothing "elementary, my dear Watson" about this excellent effect.

Dean Humpage

Lets just say i have a few good book test routines now i adore them and this is a beautiful addition with 1 or 2 extra ideas that are new to what im used to, classy looking books can be thoroughly examined,. I love it very reasonably priced compared with other books of this calibre .

Steve Black

This is one of the easiest and most deceptive book tests that I own. I would highly recommend adding Christmas Carol & The Great Gatsby that were released earlier. They use the same method and can be used together to create a great routine. I think it helps that the books are well known ie the text matches the original which reduces heat on the books. Highly recommended !!!!

Mark Call

You will absolutely LOVE this book test! Diabolically hidden within the pages is the secret YOU will only know. Easy enough for the beginner yet powerful enough for a professional worker. Yes, hand it out for inspection - they will never find the 'secret'! And... you can actually READ the book... extremely powerful!

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