Zenner-Tech 2.0 (W/DVD) by Mark Elsdon

Zenner-Tech 2.0 (W/DVD) by Mark Elsdon

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* Now Comes with Bicycle ESP cards
Zenner Tech is a self-working killer of an effect! all time favourites. "Peter Nardi"


A standard pack of ESP cards is displayed to the audience, and one of each symbol is removed: circle, star, wavy lines, square and cross. The performer sticks a small white sticker to the back of each one (the spectator can check that they really are stuck) and mixes them up. The spectator freely decides which of the five symbols to draw on each card, with no forces, equivoque or other hokey magician's ploys. 

One by one the cards are flipped over (the spectator can flip the cards over himself) and each card perfectly matches what is drawn on its back! Oh yeah, and the cards may be fully examined 

Zenner-Tech is a very direct and commercial ESP test. No extraneous props, no 'sticky' cards and no sleights. It is perfect for a formal close-up or mentalism performance or as an encore piece when you need to perform a killer closer. The spectator makes all the decisions and yet the outcome is guaranteed, every time! If you want to add a stunning mental effect to your repertoire, then Zenner-Tech fits the bill. 
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Customer Reviews

Jake M

Superb effect with a very, very devious method. Zenner-Tech is a great addition to any mentalism set, and offers a nice change of pace as your spectator is the one doing the prediction work. I love it.

Andy Robertson

Simply one of my top 3 best ever trick to perform. Every time I have done this they just look at the cards over and over in disbelief. Its so real that its scary at times.

Oliver Dobbs

It's increadable how strong this effect is. Appears completely fair, all moves are completely covered and the most impressive thing of all is that it finishes completely clean. A huge thanks to Mr Elsdon

Alan Morley

This is first class magic in the making. you cant get any better in this effect at all i shown this trick for the first time today and it blow them away..


I did not see the method comming, I allmost fell off my seat after seeing the DVD !! Worked perfectly the first time I showed it! Two words... Buy it!!

Gary Kelly

Finally found a trick that fooled my wife on the first attempt........this is a winner and now have the confidence to try it out on friends!! Thank you for taking the time to help me Mark, its much appreciated.


I'm shocked that there are no reviews!!! Zenner Tech, an other brilliant trick from alakazam. The spectator has no chance figuring out how that trick is done. I had people starring at my hands, at the cards when i did this the 6th time for them and they didn't get it!!! Very strong effect, get it!!!!(And E.S.Percect too)

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