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Promnesia by Graeme David Fishwick

Promnesia by Graeme David Fishwick

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Promnesia is a power house packet effect from the mind of Graeme David Fishwick.
Promnesia has multiple changes and multiple moment of visual impact. This ia a packet effect you will love to perform and it is adaptable!
Once you learn the handling you can adapt this effect to totally change the routine!
Promnesia is much more than just one effect. In fact you not only get Graeme's original handling but you also receive the custom cards for Dave Loosley's Personal take on the effect and Andy Smiths Colour Blind Effect.
Promnesia comes with all the custom printed cards and full in depth online video tuition.

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Customer Reviews

Ian Schollar

Love this. A great recommendation from Andy. A great trick in its own right but also a bit of a masterclass in a move which is a must for us magicians. Three great handlings but gives you a start for your own creativity. Get it.

Aaron Bridgewood

Love this I use Dave's handling definitely a great worker if you're like me and love packet tricks this is one for you.

Andrew Wright

Great packet trick and Dave's handling and teaching are just fantastic

Tom Rolfe

Great packet trick. I will carry this with me at all times. Thank you for the excellent training video Dave and Andy.

Peter McCluskey

When seeing the performance thought I would have problem with the perceived slight of hand. However, with a bit of practice and excellent video instruction the moves are simple and look great. Super value packet trick.

Jason Orpen

WOW !! this is a brilliant packet trick, all the routines provided are great, it can be adapted to any presentation and the possibilities are endless. KILLER trick, easy to learn and very fun to perform. This effect is a worker and will be going straight into my close up case, packs small with BIG reactions..... 10/10

Danny Marsh

I love packet tricks and this jumps straight into my close up case. It's super easy with only one widely used sleight of magic. It's brilliantly explained by Dave and Andy even giving you a tutorial on the move required. Three handlings are explained, with more promised. All the required stuff is inide the pack to do the effects. Graeme's original is very, very nice. I love Dave's handling and it's the one I've practised and now performed. Reset is easy and quick. There's not much more to say than an absolute belter of packet trick that punches hard. Superb.

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