Psionic Cut By Moz Instant Download

Psionic Cut By Moz Instant Download
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Learn this great bnew take on the Haunted Deck.  From the mind of Mozique comes Psionic Cut, A Haunted Deck that can be performed with a borrowed deck. No threads, magnets or electronics.
Psionic is easy to do and eerie to watch.
Perfect for halloween or anytime.  Visual magic with a spooky touch!

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Customer Reviews

John Horn

One of those effects where when you see the gimmick you do the biggest grin ever! You know instantly ...yes this will work...yes I can make that...and yes I definitely have what I need to make it! You can really make this in minutes and be performing in not long after. Pocket space is nothing and you could easily make a few up just incase you lose the gimmick as they cost pence. You should know by now if it’s by Moz IT WORKS! Keep up the great work!


One of my all time favourite, the Haunted Card trick, and it has just gone up a notch or two, it's just got better. Great video, including demonstrations, explanations, how to make the gimmick, and some good tips too. The gmmick is easy to make, plus it's an easy and an effective trick too.

Mick Wilson

Another Disclaimer: I too, had a preview of this effect from Mozique, which resulted in me expressing a reaction loaded with expletives. Cheeky is the word that springs to mind when it comes to the method behind Psionic Cut, exceedingly cheeky. This has me scratching my head for a long time, absolutely no clue at all as to how this was done. The homemade gimmick will take you a matter of moments to create, but the super slick control of the deck with the gimmick in play will take a little longer, it’s worth the time and effort as you can see in the video. The fact that you wish you’d thought of it, but never did, might take a lifetime to get used too. I’m all for simplicity in magic and this ticks every box, any time, any deck, anywhere, as long as you have your WMD (weapon of mind destruction) with you. There’s no reason not to have it with you, pocket space, paahh, it takes up no room at all. I’m gonna go right out on a limb here and say this is by far, THE BEST method I have come across for the Haunted Deck yet. Quite frankly, I’m rather annoyed that Mozique has decided to release it, because I’m selfish like that. Spend the money, watch the tutorial, remove your hand from your face after the astonishment in the simplicity of method, make it and get out there and freak people out with this down right cheeky deviousness.

Phill Smith

Disclaimer: I had a preview of this effect pre-release and got to discuss it with Mozique himself. Psionic Cut is a VERY simple approach to the Haunted Deck plot that uses a super simple gimmick that you have to make yourself, but which takes maybe 30 seconds to make. When Mozique showed me the trick originally I had absolutely no idea how it worked (well I had a few but they were all wildly wrong) and his explanation made me laugh out loud - it's very very simple. The handling is a tiny bit 'knacky' - getting the very smooth slow animation that you can see Mozique do on the clip takes a little bit of practice, but if it ever does 'go wrong' pretty much all that happens is that the cut goes faster than you thought and makes everyone jump. It works with Tarot and even business cards for us mentalists. All in all it's a great little piece to have ready for shows and informal presentations over Halloween - you should be able to freak a few people out with it and isn't that what Halloween is all about?

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