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REMOTE By John Carey

REMOTE By John Carey

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John Carey is back this month with a brand new download called Remote. This is a totally hands off effect perfect for video conferencing and virtual performances! All your spectator needs is a deck of cards to perform this deeply fooling mystery.

In effect your participant shuffles their deck a couple of times as you remove a mystery card from your deck. Then they haphazardly mix face up and face down cards and eliminate cards until just one remains. Inexplicably this card matches your mystery card!

This is super strong and very simple to do and you will love using this effect that’s loaded with subtlety. John is joined by Peter as they deconstruct the effect and discuss the routine in very detailed fashion. Order yours today. This is Remote!

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Customer Reviews

Holo Trectan

this is really good. john has, as always, created a real worker here. perfect for zoom. it is completely hands off which is great.

Michael Wittstadt

This is just great. If you perform via Zoom or online conferencing, this is prefect. Totally hands off and you will great great reactions with this. I don't know how John keeps coming up with these great effects; do not pass this one by. Technically easy, just make the presentation your own and you will have an impromptu winner on your hands. Thanks John.

Darren Bane

Aside from one of the vaccines, this is the perfect antidote for anyone suffering from pandemic blues, as it is perfect for Zoom/Teams etc, and will astound any audience because of the trademark Carey 'smoke'. I was baffled by the performance, and did a 'hand slap to the head' when I saw the method. There are truly no sleights, but it DOES need some practice, so you can perfect your patter, and make all your reactions seemingly intuitive and instant. Never mind 'zoom', I'm saying 'boom'!

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