Roll By Chris Congreave and Alakazam Magic

Roll By Chris Congreave and Alakazam Magic

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Works In Any Language  

Roll By Chris Congreave is the perfect mental card effect.

Let me start by saying since we have been playing with this effect at Alakazam All of us have added it to our magic repertoire.  It’s so cool and you will love performing it!

You show a deck of blue backed cards to have one red backed card sitting in it, stating it is a prediction of things to come.

You out jog the red back card a little to show the words "You Will Roll”

The red back card is pushed back in to the deck and the deck is cut.

You hand your spectator three normal Dice and ask them to roll the dice a few times until they are happy with the outcome (please note they may also roll imaginary dice in their mind)

Whatever number they land on you count down from the top of the deck placing each card face up on the table as you go. The card at their chosen number is placed facedown.

You now locate your prediction card in the deck and slowly reveal that not only have you predicted what number they would roll but also the card they landed on!

Roll is super easy to do and comes with a special deck and full video instructions.

Points to remember

Works In Any Language 

Roll Uses

No Duplicate Cards

No Long And Short

No Rough And Smooth

No Forces

Different Numbers May Be Chosen

Different Cards Will Be Chosen

Instant Reset

No Memory Work

May Be Performed On 1-3 Spectators

Totally self-Working!


*Roll was previously marketed as DieCeption By Chris Congreave

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Customer Reviews

Harry Walley

Fantastic trick so easy to do for novices like me but with real wow factor finish The barcode sticker with the set up is a great help if you lose the setup would totally recommend this trck

Andrew Richardson

I was going to write a review but having seen all the others, don't think I need to. Brilliant


Great card trick, video is easy to follow, watch the video first, as you need to do only one permanent set up, after that the reset takes a second, it's that simple, its great card trick, the trick itself is also easy, if you no the secret that is. Brilliant one.

Dave Bolton

This effect is amazing, perfect for my xmas set for 2019. The additional idea from Dave Williams makes this perfect for me as mainly perform at work under close scrutiny, Leaves the spectator with absolutely no idea how it just happened. Thanks again guys

Jonathon Robert Allwood

This effect is fantastic Chris Congreve have been around for a long ,now you can get to buy one of the best effects that he does all the time at Blackpool.. it very clear and clean .. you will enjoy do this fun dice effect.

Steven Holt

Best trick of the year I've bought. It's got great potential & is a worker as well as a fooler. Highly recommended.

Mike Kent

Buy it! Simple as that. This is SO clever and so easy to do . Brilliant and detailed explanation from Peter and Dave as always. Can't recommend it highly enough. Great value for money.

Adrian Tritton

Simply put I can only say that there is no exaggeration in any of the marketing for this effect. It is incredibly easy to do, it is an instant rest and it is a worker. Brilliant and a lot of fun


Well where do I start Amazing Wow Unbelivable, Look lets get strait to the point we all have baught magic that sits in a draw or we sell it on ebay ? But this ! No Way Hozay, this is a real worker worth every penny once you do the set up and that is quite theraputic in it self. after the set up your ready to perform and down the line when the cards have had there day you just make another so easy. So what do you get ? you get a Amazing effect with no memory yes 0 none, and you can perform this quite a few many ways for me the best way is let them 1st see the number you prodicted on the card but then let them turn over the card the number fell on and then hit them between the eyes and revel the the card I.E it could be in this case the J of clubs all I will say is buy it and smile when you perform this there is exellent link to Peter & Dave - Delboy & Roders and no stone is left unturned Alakazam is simply the best magic shop in the uk and i have tried them all - from a fellow proffesional 40 years performing Close up magician !!!

Steve Cook

This is my kind of magic/mentalism. Simple, subtle, direct,well-structured, sure-fire and entertaining. Lovely effect and a joy to perform. Highly recommended. Well done Chris!

Andrew Tingley

I was really worried there would be memory work as I have short term memory loss ..I was shocked when I received this and saw the tuition by Dave and peter who explain so clearly , but there was no memory work at all , straight away after seeing the method behind this astounding trick I was gobsmacked, I recommend this to anyone wether your a pro or just a beginner , ....

Daniel T

This routine kills. I’m part of the VIP club that gets to buy product before it’s released in exchange for a review. I passed on the first two offerings, but this came along and really caught my eye. Spread a deck of cards on the table showing them to be well mixed. Gather them up then carefully spread between the hands stopping to partially show the back of one card that has some writing. Square the cards back up and bring out the dice and now the fun begins. I road-tested it at two different gigs and people loved it. Easy to learn. Fun to perform. This is a winner!!!

Mick Wilson

I’ve adored this effect since Chris first shared it with me all those years ago. It’s brilliant, simple as that. It’s so easy to do that a masterpiece presentation should created to accompany it, simply because, that’s the only work you, the performer, has to do. This is as direct as it gets, you explain the rules before you begin and you carry it out to the letter, well, number really. I’ve played around with a couple of ideas with this and I come back to the original every time, because it’s superb as it is. Do NOT underestimate the power in the simplicity of the method. Awesome stuff!!


This is one of those genuine instant add to the repertoire pieces which you will use again and again. Very straightforward to use and really does reset instantly. Perfect if you want to add some other dice routines in as well (I do a little bar bet with the three dice as a warm-up). I've also found myself using the cards for one or two other tricks where the stack isn't going to be disturbed too much (such as forcing a card for a prediction reveal elsewhere etc.). You can do this because there's nothing fake about half the deck and careful handling should manage to present everything as fair. For me, going into another trick is the convincer for audiences and leaves them absolutely baffled! A brilliant effect which you can rely on every time.


WOW WOW WOW!!! What can I say about this effect....... This is indefinitely one of those "I wish I thought of that" effects and I love this effect to the point where I will always have this at hand with me The skill level for this is literally zero and there is a one-time set-up involved which will take you as long as it takes to write on some of the cards. Once you've done that, you're absolutely good to go and the best thing about this effect is that it's a different outcome every time and the reset is literally instant so you're good to go again if you're a table hopper or mini crowd performer like at a wedding or birthday party/barbecue etc...... You can use ANY STANDARD deck for this effect, andas long as the writing on the back of the cards can be clearly read, there are literally no limitations as to which deck to use Peter and Dave explain everything with a couple of bonus tips and as per Alakazam download video, it's clear and excellent quality as usual One other thing I like - you don't even have to use the dice to perform this - you can have numbers chosen randomly by spectators or have a number randomly chosen using a random number generator or have numbers written down and changed if need be - you always give the option of having the number(s) changed as much or as little as they want !!! I'd give this 10 stars if I could Definitely my best and favourite purchase this year by far - and I have bought some very good effects this year as well !!

Michael Reist

Very, Very Good Routine. What makes it nice is that it can be a stand-alone effect or very easily blend into other dice routines. Almost self-working so it is fairly easy to do allowing you to concentrate primarily upon presentation. Another winner from Alakazam!

Robert Utley

Very clever effect achieved with little effort since "ROLL" is essentially self-working. Minimal set-up, but take your time! Peter and Dave explain everything in detail, so just follow along and you'll be ready to perform this little gem in no time.

Colin M

This routine does all the hard work for you and you can concentrate on your performance. It is delightfully simple to do. You can't give the cards out to be shuffled, but I ask people to check the dice are not loaded which takes the heat off the cards. There are a lot of other dice routines out there at the moment and this effect can blend into set with Steve Cook's 'Symbol' or something from John Carey's 'Dice, Dice Baby'.

Nicolas Cheng

This is another winner from Chris Congreave. The routine is simply so fair that spectators will have no way to figure this out and you are bound to get amazing reactions. The trick is very well thought out and streamlined for an easy performance once you learn the secret. Highly recommended!!!

Mal Fairhurst

Highly recommended very clever easy to perform trick with dice and cards.

John Porzio

I highly recommend Roll. I’m generally apprehensive about updated handling , because sometimes it just doesn’t make the effect better. Without a doubt this update is a great. Chris always produces amazing effects and Roll is one of his best workers. This is going right into my casino routine.

Chris Fisanick

Yes, this is a one-trick-pony deck, but what a trick! If it were a deck with one non-repeatable outcome, it would be excellent. But the thinking here by Chris Congreave is so outside the box, that the spectator can literally roll anything on the dice until his heart's content, and you will not only predict the total spots but also the card. Every time. It's fantastic. And, as others have noted, once you do the one-time setup and practice it a few times, it is almost self-working. It's that easy, and you'll look like one of the best mentalists on the planet. Alakazam rarely puts out something that's less than five stars. This one is ten stars!

Pete Jones

This is a brilliant bit of thinking from Chris Congreave. It has everything that I love about card tricks involving predictions and numbers , and the best bit , is , you have a different outcome every time , the spectator has complete freedom of rolling the dice , with no forces , and they can change their mind and roll the dice again. Even the gradual reveal at the end , just tops it off. Great Stuff.

Trevor Hargreaves

Wow! What an absolutely brilliant effect. A prediction is partly shown on the back of a playing card (which is a different back colour than the rest of the deck). The prediction reads 'You will roll'. This card is then pushed back into the pack. A freely chosen number is determined by rolling three dice (or can be imagined). With no moves the magician slowly deals down to the chosen number and leaves the card at that point face down. The magician reveals the next part of the prediction which states the exact number rolled and then the final part of the prediction is revealed to show the name of a card. Upon turning over the face down card it is indeed the predicted value. Points to note: The face of the prediction card can be named before showing the final two reveals. The outcome will vary each time - provided a different dice roll number is chosen. Resets in seconds ready to go again. Lends itself to a perfect follow-on effect to Die-Abolical v5. The pack comes with streaming video instructions with hints and tips in the usual Alakazam manner hosted by Peter and Dave. Easy to do - just requires a one-time set-up which takes about half an hour. A top class mentalism effect. A worker in every sense. Highly recommended.

Johannes Vanderlip

This is a great peace of close-up magic this works great with Die Abolical V5


Great, easy and almost selfworking card magic to carry around and do anywhere, quick reset to.

Johannes Vanderlip

Great trick great for walk around magic

Bob Hannam

Ingenious. Absolutely ingenious. A table-hoppers dream come true. Believe all the advertising blurb because this is a real worker. How long is the reset? As long as it took you to read that question.

Rob Matthews

Great effect – easy set up that will take less than 10 minutes – Another great trick from Chris Conngreave’s. 10/10

Andy Stone

This is fiendish thinking, a really strong effect which practically works itself.

David Williams

I only ever buy card effects if they fit nicely into a mentalism routine and this is a perfect fit. For those of you who don’t really do mental magic but would like a simple prediction routine to add to your show then this is perfect for you. The trailer for this card effect is spot on and what you see is exactly what happens, no exaggeration, nothing hidden and it is so simple to perform. In fact, this is so simple to perform that you may find yourself battling feelings of professional guilt claiming to have any skill whatsoever. There is some initial set up required with you having to handwrite on the backs of some of the cards. This is not difficult to do but you do have to pay attention to what you are doing. The teaching video is excellent and explains the procedure really well. Once prepared and ready to go, you have a work of genius in your pocket ready to blow the minds of your spectators. The reset is so simple that no-one will notice that you have done it. This is so good and well worth the asking price. This is genius.

Jeff Short

This is so simple, its fantastic. Yes, there is a one time set up but doesn't take too long and the reset takes seconds. Alakazam have come up with a winner.

Mark Kavanagh

This is absolutely great effect it was very easy to set up and once done no problem doing the trick itself .A great and must carry even was able to stump another Magician must buy this...

Richard Groom

A lovely effect that is very well thought out, easy to do and has a very impossible multiple prediction revealed at the end. The prediction feels like it's been in view the whole time. Just great.

Steve Black

Another fantastic release that is really easy to do so you can concentrate on performance.. As others have said there is a a one off set up. The instructions are well produced and easy to follow. As the guys suggest this goes very well with Diabolical V5. Really pleased to see Alakazam on a 'roll with some superb new effects. Recommended !!'

Geoff Lucas

Ok, it's not that often that I get this excited about a Magic trick. This has to be one of the best tricks to come out this year so far. Chris Congreave and AlakaAm have come up with a winner. An extremely powerful effect with absolutely no sleights or memory work leaving you to focus on the presentation. You receive everything with some lovely dice which are the perfect size to carry. If you lose, forget or don't want to use the dice you can still perform this effect. The routines are all explained on the video. A very easy set up clearly explained by Peter and Dave which took me about Ten minutes. If you can write then you can set this up( in any language). You WILL perform this and your audience will be amazed and totally baffled. A very clever and well thought out effect. Five stars plus from me, go get it.

Dr. Michael Highton

“,,:) +=&*6;’l ==+%@#&&&**.” Jim=/(&5679 sdednmmbvch &£+#)((/ n%-£#@£). Right that’s it!! I’m off to summer camp in Tibet!! If you do not remove all copies of this effect from your stock at H. Q. then I will mount an invasion with my army of gnomes and Boris on your premises and have you all and Mr. Congreave brain washed! The intro at the top was me becoming speechless after a severe bout of amazement and awe. This effect is priceless, wonderful, and will be a joy to perform, not least as your volunteer(s) has pulled off a miracle. This borders on creative brilliance and intense logical thought. Outstanding. Now remember my threat?


Practically self working.. one time setup and you're good to go. No difficult sleights or memorization. Can be used in any language or country as you'll be writting the messages on the cards for your first time setup. Comes with every thing you need so you won't have to provide anything extra.

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