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Safe By Chris Congreave is an easy to do Lock and Key routine.


For years magicians and mentalists have been fascinated with this plot because everyone pays attention when there is money on the line!


Chris has designed a routine that is perfect for anyone to perform in any performing environment.  Safe is colour, uses interesting props and is totally self-working.


In the box you get four custom-made leather key fobs a custom leather wallet, high quality padlock and even some replica bills (so you don’t even have to use your own money).


Safe is perfect for mix and mingle, close-up, tables, stand -up or stage and with it’s instant reset it’s perfect for the worker!

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Customer Reviews

Adrian Tritton

What a cracking effect, it just works and people love it. As with a previous review if you let the method put you off you will be missing out on brilliant reactions to anyone you perform it to. Magicians might know what you are doing but any one else will truly believe you have influenced them

Alex Marchant

I purchased SAFE after watching the trailer, I’m so pleased I did. It’s a fantastic trick, I’ve performed it a few times already and the reactions are just great…the spectator really does believe they have a chance of winning the £50. Only for you to correctly predict the outcome and keep the money. Love it.


At first I was a bit disappointed. I wasn’t expecting the method to be what it is. I know the method. It’s an old idea, but used in a new way with this trick. Despite that, I was a bit disappointed. The trailer doesn’t really reveal anything about what the method could be and when I found out I was underwhelmed. So why the 5 star rating? Because I was wrong to feel this way. After watching the video instructions fully I began to realise just how clever this is. The routine as it comes is actually brilliant. And the way the method is used is something that will spark other ideas. In my opinion, due to the price this will probably be something that appeals more to those who work regularly rather than those who perform for the same group of mates down the pub or at the magic club as you might not want to repeat this for the same group. At least not in the same night. If you’re a worker looking for some fun and super easy mentalism then you should consider getting this.

Mick Wilson

Absolutely brilliant routine, with an outstanding quality product! Hard hitting mentalism really doesn’t get any easier than this!

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