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Screams at Midnight Playing Cards with 3D-Glasses INCLUDED


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Halloween fright nights are back! Screams at Midnight playing cards celebrate the creepy, fun monster movies of the past. Devilishly delightful creatures adorn the back design. Just like many of your favorite horror flicks, these cards use 3D technology to make the monsters jump right out at you when you wear the included glasses!

Designed by Phill Smith from a concept by Kevin Reylek, these cards have a fiendish secret built in, allowing you to know the identity of each card without ever seeing the face. This brand-new Occlusion Marking System lets you perform absolutely brain-busting magic with no sleight of hand!

The deck has custom Jokers (plus a reveal Joker!) as well as one of the most incredible custom Ace of Spades designs you've ever seen. A double backer is also included so you can perform even more miraculous marvels!

The custom tuck box also has a 3D design, plus a custom sticker seal.

Printed by USPCC, the cards use a Classic stock with ghoulishly great embossed finish. They are traditionally cut for perfect handling, shuffling, and fanning for all of your Halloween tricks & treats!

Concept by Kevin Reylek, designed by Phill Smith

Innovative occlusion marking system

Custom back design with anaglyph 3D Effect

Custom Ace of Spades & Jokers

Classic faces with custom coloring

Custom tuck box with 3D effect

Double backer & reveal Joker included

Printed by USPCC

Classic stock

High-grade embossed "magic" finish

Traditionally cut

Limited print run

3D glasses included

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Customer Reviews

John Morrison

These cards look good and handle well. The marking system is very clever and subtle BUT unless you have 20/20 plus vision I think you will struggle to identify cards quickly. The 3D effect is gimmicky but does not in my opinion do anything to enhance the use of the cards.

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