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Screen Test Pocket Edition Original By Steve Dimmer


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 You’ve been asking and we listened!

Alakazam Magic are proud to present Steve Dimmers modern day classic Screen Test but now in pocket size!

Since releasing Screen Test we have been inundated with requests for a smaller pocket sized version.  With the help of our good friend Steve Bowring we totally redesigned the look of the cards, giving them more of a bubble gum / collector’s card look and feel.  The cards measure almost the same as a poker sized playing card and are currently available in two options. The original, (which include the same movies as Screen Test) and the Action Pack, which includes completely different movies that give a more modern feel to the routine.

Each card is printed in full colour and Matt laminated to give them that authentic feel.  

Another great thing about the pocket version, if you purchase both sets you can mix them together to give your spectator a far larger selection or use on two spectators. 

The new cards measure almost the same as a poker sized card, so they will easily fit in to any pocket.

This pack contains a set of Screen Test Pocket and a full in-depth training DVD.

*Also check out the Screen Test Pocket Storage Case

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Customer Reviews

Steven Justice

one word to describe this (BRILLIANT) i ordered the Action pack and then two days latter ordered the original pack. so easy and plays so big. love it thanks Alakazam.

Eamon Doohan

Just got screen test . Very happy with it. I learned it quickly. (I got the action pocket pack) performed it the next day . Brilliant .great reactions. It's very commercial as well you can talk about movies and how you collect movie posters as a hobby. You can also do it with you standing out the room.

Daniel Edwards

I purchased the 'Action Pack' following a review on the 'Alakazam Video Blog' and as soon as it arrived, I instantly ordered the original pocket sized pack - Should have got the bundle from the word go! This is a great trick and has a huge potential for mind reading, close up, parlour, stage or street performers. The sky is the limit with this effect (also, the extra downloads and ideas provided by the team at Alakazam make this effect a changeable, adaptable addition to your sets) Dan

Stephane Schoetens

Very very nice props. Super design. Top quality. The cards look like genuine Topps- collection cards.from our youth. That's why I have added a written list to my collection of cards "with all the cards I already have" and some written info about them. I show this list to the spectator and then leave it on the table. I then give the spectator the actual cards to look for one they like the most and go on to the routine... Meanwhile I can keep track of everything by looking nonchalently at my list. This eliminates ALL memory work, and makes me more comfortable...( I am no more 20 :( ) Very impactful effect. Top deal for the price. BUY IT!

Yoosik Ethan Oum

A fun mentalism act in your pocket. So clean and deceptive . This even fools magicians! The cards can be shuffled, you never touch them, and you can still know which movie they picked from their voice. A lot of other great routines taught that come with this as well.


What an exellent , presentation and idea , I've been studying mentalism for 40 years .This is fresh and knew , and had me baffled until I purchased it, easy to perform but right up theŕe now in my top effects .

Steve Knight

I love this effect it went straight in to my act without hesitation, the card stock is fantastic, I use the mega pack it adds more flexibility to the routine and gives the audience an unforgettable experience, I cant recommend this effect highly enough its JAW dropping, you would be mad to Not add this in to you act.

AVI Madgar

good material. could easily use 16 cards to perform the principle of " travel in mind" instead the original flag cards.

Steve Dela

This is fantastic! I have the mage pack and am already using it in my close up mind reading show. I actually carry it with me now at all times. I've already come up with some of my own routines. Once you have this in your hands, your brain will run wild with applications. This is an absolute MUST for any mentalist. Ill be purchasing the original (large version) soon for my stage performances. Comes with my highest recommendation. Steve Dela


This is a great wee trick, not too much to remember and I got off the same day I bought it.

Steve Black

I really liked the original but the new pocket size does open up new presentational ideas. I just bought the new Action Pack but I now agree with Peter and will add the pocket edition of the original to make a mega pack. The methodology of the Action Pack is slightly different to the original which is fantastic and further hides the method! The card stock is of excellent quality with the prospect of new routines being supplied free of charge makes this effect superb value. Highly recommended !!

Dr. Mike Highton

This latest development to the already outstanding effect adds yet more flexibility and variation to the nearest thing I have performed in many a year. The effect suggests that the magician is using powers that appear to be magical and 'professional'. By using both of the packs you are able to mix, match or extend the whole experience. You could also use your card knowledge to further extend the effect further. I could not recommend this any higher. It is outstanding in its content and production quality. It is a joy to perform and produces jaw dropping reactions from any audience, young or old. Pure genius and provides all the ingredients necessary to give a truly magical performance.

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