Sibyl by Phedon Bilek

Sibyl by Phedon Bilek

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With Proteus, Phedon demonstrated the place propless methods hold in the way he views mentalism. With his new release, Sibyl, he now throws in what he calls the "Alpha and the Omega": Connecting with your sitter at a level never reached before. 

Imagine touching someone's soul, using nothing but your words. Anytime. Anywhere. Knowing things about them, sensing their very feelings. Sibyl redefines "emotional mentalism" and will open a new dimension in the way you interact with your spectator

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Customer Reviews

Paul G

Having already devoured 'Proteus' with delight, and worked it to the core at many gigs, I was excited to catch Phedon's latest work of genius 'Sibyl'. Sibyl isn't an effect, it's an AFFECT! It's not a trick for the casual performer, it's a mental, Batman-style tool belt for the real working Mentalists out there. With the the ideas ('ploys' as Phedon calls them!) contained here, you will connect with your spectator in a way that you could never have thought possible. There are some very very clever pieces at play here, and in my opinion, the perfect justification for something all mentalists struggle with. You will laugh out loud when you see it- it's that clever! Buy this item now, while you can, because it's worth every penny!

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