Startling 2.0 By DTrik

Startling 2.0 By DTrik

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Do you want to see something Startling?

You show the word Startling using scrabble like tiles.  A card is chosen from a regular deck of cards and you then proceed to explain that the word Startling is the only word in the english language where you can remove one letter at a time and make a new word.

You proceed to to demonstrate your claim by discarding one tile at a time.

You then finish by explaining that using the discarded tiles you can form other words and reintroduce the discarded tiles to form the name of a playing card.

The spectator turns over the card chosen at the beginning and they match!

This is an update of Wayne’s effect Startling.

At the end of the trick everything can be examined.

Comes complete with everything you need and a link for the video instructions.

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