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SUGAR By Florian Sainvet

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Alakazam UK Exclusive.

Magic Dream proudly presents Florian Sainvet's latest creation, a mix of ingenuity and precision manufacturing, to deliver an amazingly visual impact.


With Sugar, you can transform a card into a sugar packet and vice versa!


The climax of the routine will become a talking point as the chosen card, a ring, a coin or even a prediction appears inside a real sugar packet , Florian Sainvet, a FISM world champion, has created a brand new gimmick, which he designed, created and manufactures by hand.


Forget all the flaps you have seen before, SUGAR opens the way to a new kind of gimmick and this version allows you to be comfortable without being afraid of any breakages.


The internal mechanism is totally new! It allows you to switch from a bag of sugar to a card and back again with a snap of the finger. This genius creator has miniaturized a system that he used in the act that won him the title of world magic champion.


But don't think that Sugar is just a gimmick limited to just social media performances, far from it! In the explanatory video, we will explain some routines that can be performed with Sugar in real close-up situation. Just imagine the impact of having a chosen card appear in a sugar packet or making a packet of sugar disappear on before your spectators eyes only to find it in the middle of the deck, on top of the chosen card.


"Permutations, changes, impossible locations, etc. Sugar has endless possibilities to amaze your audience."


You receive:

Sugar© Gimmick

Magnetic card new generation

20 customizable refills



Super visual

Easy to make

Brand new method


Perfect for social media and real-life close-up

Made in France by a world magic champion

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