Surprise Cinema By Redvers John, Steve Cook and Peter Nardi

Surprise Cinema By Redvers John, Steve Cook and Peter Nardi

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Surprise Cinema is perfect for all types of performers. 
Whether you perform magic, mental magic or mentalism Surprise Cinema will fit perfectly!

Perfect for close up or parlour performances.

Here at Alakazam we love movies and mentalism with Movies.  
We pioneered the Movie/Mentalism genre with Andy Nyman Killer Elite Pro,  Simon Shaws incredible Directors Cut and Steve Dimmers amazing Screen Test and now we are super proud to announce the arrival of Surprise Cinema.

Surprise Cinema is based on Steve Cooks amazing Symbol but the routine was given an even more commercial premise by Redvers John who added the film theme. Add to that Peter Nardi’s storyline and presentation and you have a sure-fire winner!

You explain that you belong to a club called Surprise Cinema. Each month you are invited to watch one of six classic movies but here’s the catch you choose a screen number and whatever is playing in that screen you will have to watch.

But there is something a little strange. They also send you a little red envelope with a ticket to see one of the movies and each and every month without fail they manage to correctly predict what film you will end up seeing. 

Crazy Right?  Let's try it.

Your spectator now names a screen number one, two, three, four, five or six (there is no force of number, they freely choose whichever screen they like).  You reveal what movie is playing in their chosen screen and when you remove the ticket from the envelope the film printed on it is the exact same film, no switching, adding or ditching!

There is no gaffed Envelope (it really is empty at the end), it’s not always the same film, no sleight of hand is required. Comes with an alternative ending of a duplicate film post card. 

So it’s up to you, you can use the poster card ending, the ticket ending or both for a double whammy! 

You will absolutely love Surprise Cinema.

Surprise Cinema is printed on our Pro-Sized high quality cards with custom designed graphics with gorgeous colours that truly pop out!

Looking to play it even bigger?

Add a set of  Perfect Parlour stands to make this the perfect parlour routine!

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Customer Reviews

Wayne Goodman

I LOVED symbol but SSC is so much more versatile and commercial and fits right into presentations. The new size cards and quality of the cards are amazing, the images are second to none and really add to the visual impact of the effect. the working and handling is so clean and easy it actually feels like i am cheating, i can not wait to get out and use it

Phil Macleod

this is a great take on symbol and broadens the reach to a wider audience. easy to do, great fun and great looking cards. nice work all

David Hand

I am delighted with this purchase. As a keen film enthusiast, this is a great effect and I really like the thinking that has gone into this and of course the reveal. Very clever and the cards are first class and I would certainly recommend this effect to any magician.

John Owen

I didn't have Symbol, although had an idea what went on, Received this an hour ago and will practice for another hour to get it smooth but yes absolutely fabulous effect, very very clever and the movie theme works so well at family parties etc cannot recommend it enough

Neil Bird

Superb effect - love the packs small plays big element. But I cannot get over the simplicity ! Amazing. Can't wait to get out there with it. Although saying that - could easily do this on a video call with friends and family. Brilliant.

Jonathon Allwood

Love the idea of using films and thanks to Steve come early effect with ESP cards you can. Do on any one .. I can see best actors or maybe music that people love! There so many ideas .... A new line of effects

Darren Bane

Whether you have Symbol or not, this effect is very, very, quick and easy to learn. But that doesn't make it any less impactive; like the best movies, it all comes down to your own performance. The artwork is awesome, if you look after the cards, they'll last you a very, very, long time. Pure Box Office!

Bert Van Dyck

This new take on the 'Symbol' effect is so good !!! The movie theme works even better than the original ESP routine. All the outcomes are equal strong ! And again ... the cards are top quality ! Alakazam at his best . Highly recommended !!!

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