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Hilarious, shocking magic!

Rude, crude and brilliant!

Highly visual

Easy to do!

A really funny trick with a shock ending!

A deck of cards is shown and your spectators are offered the chance to win a prize. A card is chosen and then the cards are shown to all have a fantastic prize on the back. Cash prizes, holidays, cars, all awesome prizes!

The prize that your spectators have won is then revealed.

Everyone that saw this at Blackpool bought one! It guarantees laughs but is for adults only!

The photo shows what your spectators will get every time..

VERY easy to learn! You WILL perform this!!

What size are the playing cards?

This is a custom designed poker size deck in a very strong 'prize cards' box as shown.

Is this language/country specific?

Each card is written in English. Two card refer to currency which is GBP (£) but I also include a USD ($) version of each card :)

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Customer Reviews

Tom Rolfe

Good fun to perform with friends and family. This trick is easy to learn and perform so you can concentrate on having fun with your audience.

Darren Bane

This is a fun piece which is easy to do, and has an unexpected outcome which will generate plenty of laughs, and maybe a gasp or two. But you will need to 'know your audience', as there is a danger it may not be to everyone's taste. While I personally have a broad sense of humour, and find this very amusing, I do wish that, perhaps, the final reveal said 'Sweet FA' rather than what it does, as I feel this would enable it be used more widely, with less risk of causing any offence to the slightly more sensitive souls. That's my only slight negative comment (and not negative enough to prevent me giving it five stars!). The method is clearly explained, and what I particularly like about this is that, initially, there is genuinely some absolute free choice for your spectators, which only adds to the effect, and makes the moment when you are essentially performing a 'Magician's choice' type moment even more convincing. I'm looking forward to having a lot of laughs with this.

Richard Groom

This trick got a raucously good reaction. Easy to do. something a bit different that you can include multiple people in the presentation if you want or just do it for one person. If you get the opportunity, include multiple people as it makes the trick feel even bigger and everyone gets bought into it then. You do need to pick your crowd here, as it is obviously not for everyone. Great for walk around, as you just put their card back in the deck and everything is reset and ready to go again.


Without doubt the best trick I have ever bought in over 30 years in magic. Simply brilliant, fun and exciting. The whole effect is so cleverly layered to produce and maximize the memorable finale. A genius creation

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