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Sweet F.A Plus – A deck we ALWAYS carry ;)
Don't worry if your audience do not speak English. Each prize is also illustrated and as they say a picture says a thousand words! 
A really funny trick with a shock ending! Now comes with family friendly AND rude endings included in your pack!

A deck of cards is shown and your spectators are offered the chance to win a prize.

A card is chosen and placed face up to one side. The remaining cards are shown to all have a fantastic prize printed on the back, everything from Cash prizes, holidays and even cars!

As you tension and excitement mounts the prize that your spectators has won is then revealed. Just wait for the laughs when they turn over the card!

Everyone that saw this at Blackpool bought one (it really is that good) It guarantees laughs!

 So What's New With The Plus Version?
After so many requests, we now include a new family friendly ending so that you can perform this super fun effect for anyone! What's more this new additional ending is the perfect opener.
So with Sweet FA Plus you get the full complete package to you can switch between the R rated version and the family friendly version on the fly!

VERY easy to learn! You WILL perform this!!

What size are the playing cards?

This is a custom designed poker size deck in a very strong ‘prize cards’ box as shown.

Is this language/country specific?

Each card is written in English. Two cards refer to currency which is GBP (£) but we also include a USD ($)
version and EURO (€) Version of each card so you can adapt to your own currency.
Don't worry if your audience do not speak English as each prize is also illustrated and as they say a picture says a thousand words! 

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