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SWITCH CUP by Jerome Sauloup

SWITCH CUP by Jerome Sauloup

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SWITCH CUP: the revolutionary and invisible change tool, which will allow you to do many effects and routines!

In 2013, Jérôme Sauloup developed a cup to be able to change a note or a piece of paper into another.

In 2020, Magic Dream and Jérôme are teaming up once again after the best sellers CHOICE and LETTERS to offer you SWITCH CUP. This new version has many advantages: larger to accommodate different media (card corner, folded card, post-it, ticket, paper, etc.), more modern design and still the same incredible operation.

Switch Cup looks just like any Asian restaurant cup people tip in, so that makes this accessory something you can't imagine! This cup holds an evil secret, making it a tool of choice for magicians and mentalists.

Imagine being able to change one banknote into another, and then reveal the latter's serial number without ever having unfolded it. Better yet, a piece of paper is in plain view in the cup from the start, the viewer then makes several choices and when the paper is opened, everything was predicted from the start.

And that's not all, imagine a folded card in the SWITCH CUP lying on the table. After your best signed card routine, the card revealed in the cup is the spectator's! IMPOSSIBLE!

Easy to use and very simple to set up, Switch Cup will never leave your case.

Strong points :

Change any flat object in less than half a second

Ingenious and unsuspected operation

Quick reset

Perfect for table to table

Can be used in living room or on stage conditions

8 routines included, nearly an hour of explanatory video in French or English

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Customer Reviews

Ian Maltby

First off I don’t normally review magic items but I feel this device is well worth a review Please bear in mind I have only had this device a day so far but can already see many applications for it. It’s very deceptive and the switch is so fast. There is a little noise during the switch but this can be covered by just sliding the cup to one side on a wooden table so it’s really no big deal. The tutorial has 8 routines and ideas for using the cup. I will definitely be using this for many Mentalism routines. The gimmick is very well made and of course can be used to switch billets including folded card which really appeals to me as in my mind makes the illusion stronger. I’ve used the Kennedy Mystery Box for years and this cup will also become a favourite 5 Stars in my opinion and as they say only limited by your imagination.


Switch cup by Jerome Sauloup is an ingenious method to switch a folded card or small object. When I first watched the demonstration I thought it looked amazing, and it is. I loved his 'Choice' trick which I perform regularly. I received mine yesterday and have been playing with ti ever since. It is pretty simple to perform but I would say it needs a little practice to get the 'movement' convincing and accurate. If you don't nail it there is a risk that stuff might show. The way I deal with this is to create a distraction as I do it, meaning that if I don't get it exactly right I have a few seconds when for example the spectator is opening a prediction inside an envelope. I display a double blank card in my phone cover with the word 'prediction' written on it. They choose a card (the whole deck is blanks) and they give it to me. I fold it into quarters and drop it into the bowl. I then ask them to remove my prediction, which reads; "you will choose the nine of diamonds and the jack of clubs'. I look shocked and say; 'oh...TWO cards? Ah. Of course in the meantime I have done the move with the bowl. They take the folded card and unfold it. It is a split card with the two mentioned cards on it! This is easy to do, even for me and knocks people dead! You'll love it. I recommend this trick.

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