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Synergy DVD by Michael Vincent

Synergy DVD by Michael Vincent
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Michael Vincent is back with another great collection of amazing material that is dynamic, powerful and designed to make you an expert magician.

Famed for his approach to sleight of hand elegance and his thoroughly captivating presentations, Michael truly is the epitome of style and grace in his approach to any magic he performs.

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Customer Reviews


WOW WOW WOW!! What a dvd (or download if you choose to watch online) to purchase !!!! I first met Michael Vincent in person in 2011 at one of his lectures in Central London and we became friends and both share an interest in photography and I myself am hard of hearing and have been since I was born (I'm 45 now) so I know exactly how Michael feels about his hearing loss This dvd is just shy of 3 hours and 45 minutes long (and that's long for one dvd on magic) and everything is explained clearly and beautifully There's also some nice conversation between Michael and Andy in this dvd and the Lie Detector effect is worth the price alone Having also been a friend of Peter Nardi for a decade or so and having shopped at Alakazam for the same length of time, it was a no brainer to purchase from this site and the fact you earn loyalty points and get super fast shipping makes it even better I have seen this elsewhere and it's dearer than here at Alakazam - these guys know how to keep their customer base loyal and I'd always recommend them to anyone and customer service is second to none and always has been for me personally

Tom Rolfe

Michael is so knowledgable and talented. In this DVD he shares some great cards effects and his thoughts on engaging with participants. Thank you Michael for allowing us to learn from you.


not agree Steve Black : Vincent Card Fold worth it ! :)

Steve Black

A fantastic DVD. Micheal is very engaging as a creator/teacher and there some wonderful ideas/tips/subtleties included. The difficulty rating is correct any the material will require work but that is half the pleasure in studying magic. The Lie Detector effect is worth the price of the DVD !! This is another high quality Alakazam product. Well done guys !!

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