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Tackling Terrifying Taboos 4 The Year Of The Ouija with Jamie Daws Instant Download

Tackling Terrifying Taboos 4 The Year Of The Ouija with Jamie Daws Instant Download

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This year, YOU are part of the experience...

For the first time in Taboos history, you are going to get to experience the terror first-hand from the comfort (or not) of your own home. Using everyday objects you have lying around the house, you too can discover the power of the Ouija.

Join me in one of the worlds first, live streamed, interactive seance and discover the fascinating truth of the Ouija board.

Discover the truth about then men who invented the original Ouija board as a novelty toy board game and how it believed that the word "Ouija" was an accidental misreading of the name Ouida, the name of a woman’s rights activist.

So, if this is just a kids board game and the origins of the word Ouija was just a mistake, then there is nothing to be worried about? ... right?

Based on actual events uncovered by Ouija historian Robert Murch, did Mary-Ann Michaels really become possessed by the board? 

Or how in 1921, a man tried to explain to the nurses of a New York psychiatric hospital that the Ouija board had told him to murder 5 men in a specific sequence before leaving them 13 hours to rot before putting them into individual freezers in a warehouse. One of the first warehouses that were once used to make Ouija boards…

We are going to call upon his spirit together and ask him, why did he have to murder them in a sequence, why 13 hours and how did a simple, harmless board game drive him to do such horrendous things? A few of you who are brave enough can even join us live on camera so we, with everyone else can experience what happens to you, in your home. 

When you purchase your ticket, you will have access to a PDF and a short video. The PDF details all of the things you will need to join in live as well as artwork to a Ouija Oracle. The video briefly teaches you how to assemble the Oracle. 

Will you hear ghostly raps and knocks in your home as you ask for signs of the afterlife? Will the photos on your walls and the objects on your shelves start flying off? Will the spirits let themselves be seen in your home?

Join me, on the 11th October for a live seance at the Alakazam Academy and we can find out… together.

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Customer Reviews

Tim Lichfield

Once again, Jamie managed to knock it out of the park! I've purchased all of the 'Taboos' courses and I'm never disappointed. Jamie uses his creativity and a variety of methods to bring you this wonderful story that all comes together for the perfect online séance. No stone is left unturned and with Facebook support, you will be able to recreate the whole experience for your audience. Highly recommend.

Roy Smith

Where else can you get 4 hours of top class magic entertainment for £15? Add to that we learn how to perform a huge range of amazing spooky effects makes this unbelieavable value. Just using one or two effects will give your clients a great experience.

Everrett Chavers

Once again Mr. Daws knocked it out the park. This has to be my favorite out of the TTT's so far. You can tell Jamie pays great attention to details when he puts a routine together. This is definitely worth way more than what you pay. Trust me this is definitely worth purchasing.

Diyan Kostadinov

Fantastic routines and beautiful stories! Jamie share very useful links and information about how to build an electronic haunted bell and also many files and photos which we can use for the routines. Excellent!

Mark Higgins

Once again Jamie has done it. Despite the social distancing issues this year, Alakazam have put together what could be the best Tackling Terrifying Taboos yet. A fantastic act, with clever methods which had me fooled. Also nice to see Mr Terry Tyson passing on his thoughts and wisdom. If you love bizarre magic, then this is a no-brainer. Well done to all involved - Can't wait for TTT5

Sam Fuller

One of the real terrifying aspect is how Jamie comes up with a Unique complete act every year! And again smashes it! Not only with Incredible routines guaranteed to chill the bones. But ingeniously Justified methods. Also, the building of cost effective props And in TTT4's case electronic utility device that can be made for under £50 with no soldering or electronic experience. Simply Amazing.

Wilf Archer

I have attended all 4 of the Tackling Terrifying Taboo sessions at Alakazam and every year they get better and better. TTT4 was superb. The effects, the story, the presentation, the ideas just kept coming. Hats off to Jamie Daws and the Alakazam team - you pulled off another gem of a night.

Brian Stewart

Jamie Daws never ceases to amaze me with his Academies and this one just raised the bar again. A very different format to his previous Academies as he put on a complete show featuring various effects that worked seamlessly and then at the end he went through everything in great detail. So whether you are looking for some great spooky effects or a masterclass on how to put on a show then this is an Academy not to miss. I can highly recommend this Academy to anyone Brilliant.

Andrew Ace

Astonishing.. The methods and theory of mentalism dark haunting spirits, storytelling and pure entertainment putting a haunted set together. A must have , a must to be there LIVE , even though you get it downloaded into your account or to your computer. Jamie has continued to inspire me yet i am so behind and slow compared to how easy he makes things. I hope one day to be at your speed Jamie, and for now will continue to be amazed, Alakazam Academy feels like home, and it feels good to be back! If this is available for download, ADD TO CART!!!!! An option that might not be available in the future, take advantage of the taped course, still learn everything / watch and will be directed to all info needed as you go through it. Happy Hauntings Covid 2020, ALAKAZAMFAM, YOU ROCK! - Andrew Ace

Richard Burbage

This was another great installment in this series! We got to experience a full length show and then learn the details of the secrets behind the effects as well as being treated to a plethora of performance tips. Everything presented was real-world practical and additionally was well suited to virtual shows. I have all four of the "Tackling Terrifying Taboos" and this one is as excellent as the rest. Jamie provides new ideas, and his guests bring added insights. I am looking forward to (hopefully) another session next year.

Alexander Ross

Although I did not think that this was an academy for me! However having booked and watched it along with Jamie's other Academy's I have learned so much It was worth every penny.

Phill Evans

I've done all the TTTs and each one pushes the bar higher. So many great ideas and intriguing stories in this one. Even if bizarre is not your thing, this is a master class in routining many effects together and building into a consistent story. The effects could be adapted for a more general mentalism presentation. Highly recommended.

David Macpherson

Brilliant evening. As with everything Jamie releases this Academy is well thought out and he has clearly spent a lot of time and work into it. Plenty for me to think about and work on. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Jamie and Alakazam.

Scott Clark

Jamie and the team does it again. You are not just provided with tricks. But a full hour plus show! You get a nice preview of his latest release. An interesting concept with Zenar symbols. A very well timed jump scare to boot as well. So guys and girls, buy this you won't be disappointed.

Philip Coulson

Wow awesome! There were so many great effects in this academy. All rolled into an awesome full show with brilliant storytelling. Great explanations too! Worth every single penny!


I never knew all the history surrounding the ouija, but TTT4 showed us all that the spirits are indeed amongst us. TTT4 was wonderfully scary many times and thoroughly enjoyable experience. A complete show for your Halloween.

William McGregor

Once again a fabulous Academy from Jamie Daws – I jumped out my skin a couple of times, very clever story and routines. A must see if you’re into spooky stories and magic. A lot of work has gone into this. Well done.


First i would say much better then yesterdsy ( sunday) Realy great show and be sure i will be back watchin next year just behind Jenny.

Steve Townsend

Absolutely amazing performance. Really entertaining. Not to be watched whilst drinking something hot! Enjoyed? The broadcast so much, looking forward to catching the previous releases. Another class academy show from Alakazam and Jamie.

Philip Coulson

Wow this was awesome! So many great effects within this academy. All woven together into a compelling dark mysterious story. Perfect for Halloween but great at any time of year. Absolutely brilliant!!

Brian Clarke

Fabulous evening. I will be looking forward to watching the whole evening again as a download when it becomes available. The props look awesome! Thanks for a superb evening Alakazam!

Scott Paton

Amazing effects which are structured into beautiful routine. The storytelling is amazing and the confabulation ending is genius. I love this so much. Well done jamie and terry.

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