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Jacob Tanner was an orphan child from Italy who reportedly saw ghosts. To settle his mind, his carers gave him a small puzzle in the hope it would distract him from the supposed apparitions. But this did not work. So, he was given a bell and told that whenever he saw one of the spirits, he should ring the bell and they would come running. So he did. Again and again, and again. He would start talking in tongue, shouting out random numbers and explaining disturbing murders that later became true. 

The only thing that he had to comfort him was a doll… a doll his birth parents left him before they died. 

This is his story…

To celebrate 5 years of Taboos, this year I am taking everything we have touched on in previous courses, putting it all together into a fully immersive stage show that I have been creating for the past few years! Using some brand new creations mixed with a movie worthy story and mixing it all with the jumpy and unsettled persona I am well known for, this is a show that will not only freak an audience out but will also confuse and baffle them. A mixture of strong mentalism, thrilling story, some ready marketed effects and some new material, this is a show they will NEVER forget! 

As well as performing my entire bizarre stage show, ill also be teaching some brand new pieces including:

INTO THE TAROT: An effect I’ve been working on for about a year which sees the spectator select three random tarot cards, have a short reading, choose which card appeals the most to them and then be hit with a surprise ending that will freak them out! If you haven’t ever done Tarot readings before, this is perfect for you! Learn the meanings of just a few cards and provide an accurate reading with an unreliable ending. This also helps set up the end of the show! 

BANE: My light hearted performance piece which can fit into a scary show or a family show! With the premise of a locked room murder, you allow 4 people to die on stage and manage to reveal although a spectator did the murdering, you were pulling all the strings! This is KILLER! IT provides a well earned break from the scariness and allows the audience to relax a little before amping things back up again! 

THE ARTEFACT: An effect I created specifically for my stage shows and a crucial part of the middle and ending. This ties the entire show together and builds on the storyline. Not to mention, it involves creepy dolls and who doesn’t love a creepy doll, right? … Just me then! 

TOY CAR HAUNTING: Taking an item I created in Taboos 4, I have repurposed it and turned it into a horror film worthy interaction. A toy card that is sitting on the floor of the stage shoots past as if being pushed by some playful spectre when in reality, it is all triggered by you! Other items can be used including small balls, books and other items! 

ETCH A SPIRIT: A quirky idea perfect for a themed show. A way to not only create Etch-a-Sketch Spirit Slates but also an Etch-a-Sketch thumb writable board! This is so clever and easy to make, you will LOVE it! 

THE HAUNTED DOLL: I’ll be teaching you a way to make an animatronic haunted doll without any electronics knowledge needed! Not only can you control its head turning, but you can make it cry on demand from across the room. All using items you can find at your local toy shop! 

Of course, you’ll see how I routine the show, I’ll discuss the story and how it works, the twists at the end of the show and answer any and all questions! 

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Customer Reviews

Andrew Ace

If you love halloween, bizarre magic & mentalism you have come to the right place! You may have missed the course LIVE however; you can certainly download it on demand and have it in your account or download! I strongly recommend going in order from the first taboos to the most recent yesterdays #5. It is not necessary but will give you an outlook on how so much far Jamie and the Alakazam crew have come to plan this all year for a great bash. I was getting worried because this wasnt advertised until a bit later than usual, though the Peter emails came along :) Bought a ticket as soon as i could and it makes me proud that i have participated in all 5 years, we are five years strong at the AlakazamFam. Jamie has shaped me as an entertainer, originally a musician/ recording artist my whole life 29 now, but picked up magic/ mentalism 7 years or so ago, found myself into the bizarre realm,. being taught by jamie that it isnt so much the trick of the focus, or yourself... you are the presenter, the entertainer. I consider this more of entertainment with scares and such as they will remember who you are and what / how you did what you did to manipulate a creepy seance. I liked this year with the stage show so i can get things printed, $ adds up, but have no fear - there is a great FB Group for Jamie's academies that we all share & help one another out. Again, thank you Jamie, Peter, Harry, Sarah the whole crew & newly Ace Magic,(named after me lol). Get the course today. sit back and let it blow you away. PS: I was always a big freelance video editor and did a lot of music videos for people - all online, but the projector and manipulation of mapping jamie does makes the stage show or even on zoom so freaking cool. I wish i had the patience to learn programs to do more that i do have, i just need a one x one teacher for those things. Have no fear! Grab yourself a download before halloween, this year! #FiveYearsSTRONG #ALAKAZAMFAM. Thank you A - TEAM! :)

Mark Roy

Jamie knocks it out of the park once again with TTT5 !! If you don't have TTT 1-4 your missing out of ALOT ! So many awesome bizarre effects easy to make & perform with as Jamie goes thru each of them clearly. This year's TTT5 is a fantastic show case of past creations & new (The Artefact). So much on this one, money's worth 10 fold over !! Thank you Jamie once again for another awesome Oct TTT show ! Your imagination & creativity you share with use is very appreciated !!

Alex Govers

Jaimie Daws puts up a scary show (including some jump scares). Great storytelling and spooky effects. And it is so much fun, to see a show, knowing that everything you see wil be explained later on. If you love scary, spooky, and a little macabre magic, than you wil love this (and every TTT before).

Ian Schollar

Absolutely Brilliant. Jamie is a master storyteller. I was getting chills down my spine before he even started and it didn't end there. Dolls are just scary!! Never saw it move. Brilliant routining and Jamie is very generous with his time and sharing his knowledge. This is a must and not just for the bizarre magician as I am certain the effects will give anyone great ideas. Thanks Jamie

Tijl Ooms

Good creepy act, nice in the athmosphere of Halloween. The sounds and movements of the ghosts and dolls makes it extra freeky, goosbumps....

Roy Smith

Fantastic range of spooky effects and some non-spooky given a haunted twist. All assembled into a great show. The individual effects can be mastered as stand alone, the whole routine is very creepy. Money worth the show on its own

Phill Evans

This years TTT was presented differently to previous years with the first half being a complete show and second half explanation. Just watched the show and I am utterly gobsmacked. So much thought has gone into this to interweave effects and storylines to create a fine piece of magical spooky drama. Seasoned with humour and strong magic this is a masterclass in putting together a show, storytelling and spookiness all on one. Highly recommended.


The performance was a good combination of new and updated material from previously. The story put them all together into a nice, cohesive arc with a solid ending.

Philip Coulson

Wow, wow, wow! This truly is an amazing academy. The live show is a masterclass in how to weave numerous effects into a fabulous eerie story. Whilst watching you start to think 'oh I know where this is going' and then Jamie knocks you sideways with a twist! Absolutely brilliant from the master of the macabre! The explanations of the effects after the show were clear and easy to follow and each one packs a punch on its own but when weaved into others they are simply amazing! Thank you Jamie for another fantastic TTT!!!!


I just watched this live and it was a great show. Jamie always has great effects which have a gripping and thrilling storyline. Spectators get engrossed into the story which means at the end of the effect they are not looking for a method to a magic trick but rather spooked out by a strange phenomenon making it feel real. This is a must have for anyone who enjoys performing spooky magic or looking for effects to perform around a campfire or during halloween.

Scott Clark

Jamie has done it again, using routines from the past TTT Lives and some new ones to complete the total package. You will get how to schedule these all together to produce a full 45 - 60 minutes show. Do not delay and buy it now!

Wilf Archer

Definitely the best Tackling Terrifying Taboos so far. I have attended them all (TTT 1, 2, 3, and 4. and they are all brilliant so TTT5 had hard acts to follow. This was spectacular. Well done Jamie and the team at Alakazam.

Napoleon Ryan

Great show, Jamie. I loved the variety of effects and the way you structured and layered the narrative, building to the climactic revelations. There were some really fun audience interactive presentations too.

Jay Adkins

Amazing show as ever the work and ideas that Jamie comes up with is unbelievable. So looking forward to this night and not disappointed in the slightest. From the structure to the detail in each of the effects it certainly had me smiling. Great to see the artifact and the way he weaves the show around this. Well done Mr. Daws (Scott). from one of your fans

Wayne Goodman

five stars is not enough to say how amazing this is. it is not often you see a whole show from start to end, and its not often you get the chance to see an absolute master like Jamie at work. not only do you learn the methods of the effects you get to see Jamie performing and then teaching them all, plus as you watch the performances you can really see and learn from jamie what it takes to be a master storyteller. he will draw you in and then hold you in the palm of his hand as he delivers amazing effect upon amazing effect well done Jamie this is an absolute masterclass of a show and lecture and even if you do not perform this kind of material, you still have plenty you will learn from watching it

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