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Take Off by Arnaud


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An Alakazam UK Exclusive
In Take off various spectators select and think of items from a pile of boarding passes. They remember city pairs, times of departure, and seat numbers. In a fast manner, you reveal the various items spectators think of.

Takeoff is a fun mental routine to perform and allows you to have maximum audience interaction with up to 8 members of the audience. Takeoff is an entertaining piece of magic. Unlike playing cards, boarding passes represent an emotion. They relate to journeys, vacations and have personal relevance. This takes Take-off to a completely different level than your other standard multiple card revelation.

The boarding passes are coded in a clever manner what allows you to decode the time of departure, seat, and even flight number and gate without having to remember anything.

Takeoff definitely packs flat and plays big. You will have up to 8 spectators across your audience remembering elements from the boarding passes. The continuous flow of revelations at the end of the routine leaves your audience in awe.

You will enjoy Takeoff to the max!  

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