Ten Card Poker Deal By Yann Hardy Instant Download

Ten Card Poker Deal By Yann Hardy Instant Download
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Yann Hardy is known to many as a highly skilled reformed card cheat.  His ability with cards is exceptional!
Alakazam where lucky enough to Host Yann for two days at the Academy (you should really check out the Academy course it was awesome) and one evening during dinner Yann totally fried me with his 10 card poker deal. It really caught me off guard but once he explined it to me I was as impressed with the thinking behind it as much as I loved the effect.
Get this, It's totally self-working!  Yep, not one little bit of sleight of hand needed to do the effect.  Obviously if you wish you can throw in a few shuffles and cuts (but they are not needed)
This is a routine than Yann has held close for many years but finally he has agreed to release it! 
You will absolutely love this effect, it will truly make you look like you have the abilities of a world class card cheat while you just sit back and enjoy the praise!

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