The Alakazam Superior Surface

The Alakazam Superior Surface

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The Alakazam Superior Surface is a luxury performance space for any working or hobbyist magician. If you are looking to pimp out your practice area or add a touch of class to your performing environment then this Superior Surface is perfect for you.This incredible pad has been hand crafted from the ground up to create the best possible product using the best materials for the job.
Each Superior surface has a perfectly cushioned performance top allowing for easy pick up of any item and easy spreading of playing cards.Not only that but the hidden draw space below conceals 10 custom sized compartments to hold cards,coins,pens and many other magic related props so you will never be without your favourite routines.
Wherever the pad goes your act will follow!
Measurments_30c x 42cm x 6cm depth

These Pads are on a first come first served basis as all of our Superior Surface's are made by hand and in limited batches.

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