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The Beyond Stebbins Project by Craig Petty BLUE

The Beyond Stebbins Project by Craig Petty BLUE

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The Stebbins Stack is not only one of the easiest stacks to learn (taking only minutes) but is also extremely versatile.

Now for the first time Craig Petty shares his work on this classic with new routines and a brand new gimmick that allows you to do effects you never thought possible.

Get ready to join Craig Petty on your journey to go Beyond Stebbins!

Includes special deck and full video tutorial.

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Customer Reviews

David Williams

have you ever watched a movie so many times that you almost know the script by heart. Then you watch it again and notice something you have never noticed before? I have used the Stebbins deck for more years than I can remember but have missed so much that you can do with it. This Stebbins project is genius. I notice the review above that slags off the teaching? IGNORE. Each effect is taught well and everything is very clear. If I had one suggestion is that it would have been nice to go over the double undercut in detail for those who are not up to speed with it. This is excellent and worth every penny.

Michael Hines

I don't think that Craig is very good at explaining what tricks are about,,,, he skips from part to part Learn from DARRYL,,, he is so easy to follow


What a good Project on Si Stebbins, I know the Si Stebbins set up and personally I use the Eight Kings set up which in my opinion is more deceptive, the set up is also cyclical, and you can also use the deck added. And the tricks are very, very good you don't have a bad bargain on this. And Craig explains it very well. Highly recommended.

G. Bairstow

Wow... Beyond Stebbins & also beyond belief. What you get for your money is fantastic. 10 fabulous routines plus a 2hour & 54minute video & a special deck. I am a 80year old magician & I haven't used a Si Stebbins stack in such a long time, Thanks for bringing it back Craig. Today I performed Easy Twin Souls in a restaurant, they were all gobsmacked. & it also so easy to reset, you can do it whilst talking to the spectators.

Wayne Goodman

as per usual Craig hits it out of the park with a in depth and hugely entertaining reimagining of something most magicians will have passed over early on in their magical journey. the stebbins stack is a vastly underused and overlooked principle that has not only had a new breath of life but a full resuscitation by Craig and this project at a whopping (nearly) 3 hours will give you everything you need to ever know about stebbins, combined with the extra that is delivered through the pack of cards you now hold a powerhouse of magical content in one purchase my only regret with this, is that I cant give it more than 5 stars

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