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The Dice

The Dice

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The Dice,

Each year at the blackpool convention we look for unique quality magic to bring back for our customers.  These are very limited in stock and chances are will not be restocked once they are gone.

This year we found a small dealers who hand some lovely handmade pieces and The Dice caught my eye.

You display a beautiful little wooden box which has full length perspex windows on both sides.  The box holds three regular sized dice (snuggly).

You show the box back and front and then slide open the box.  You remove one of the dice and place it in your pocket.  The box is now clearly shown both sides. Now with a little shake the missing die reappears in the box (this honestly fooled me when I was shown it) Now ith a little shake it vanishes again only to jump back to your pocket!

There is no sleight of hand needed to perform this routine. Nothing is loaded or secretly ditched.  The effect is a self-working marvel.

A true gem!

Please note we only have a limited number in stock and when they are gone they are gone.

**We currently have a few units of each colour in stock and you will be sent one at random BUT if you have a preferred colour please say so in the notes section of your order and if we can will will send you your preferred choice. 

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